RAW 2/11/15 Review

I do apologise that I missed last weeks blogs. I saw both of them but completely disagreed with everyone who said they were both really good. I didn’t even get to the final matches of either without wanting to scratch my eyes out. Oh well another week and I WILL get these done. Hopefully.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Dolph Ziggler vs Kevin Owens

Cesaro vs The Miz
Winner : CESARO

The Lucha Dragons vs Sheamus & King Barrett

R-Truth vs Alberto Del Rio

Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks vs Paige vs Brie Bella
Winner : PAIGE

Team Rollins vs Team Reigns
Winners : TEAM REIGNS (DQ)

Roman Reigns / Seth Rollins

There isn’t a force on Earth to stop Roman Reigns? Now I will probably have to go back to the time period where the PPVs seemed to come at us thick and fast just after Wrestlemania but I’m sure he had a few chances then and failed each time. The force that stopped him was…. Seth Rollins.

I turned off last week because I knew from the beginning that Reigns was going to be number one contender, just like I know the next person Charlotte will face will be Paige and I don’t need to have the whole silly pomp before it. Just name them number one contenders because no one believes they wouldn’t be.

Then again Reigns was much more interesting on the mic then Rollins. And before I get accused of anything I like both Rollins and Reigns I just find their stories recently boring and uninspired. Reigns more so then Rollins but mainly because they completely messed up the character of Reigns during his “hell like” feud with Wyatt.

By the way the matches for tonight were announced. GUESS WHO is in the fatal four way for number one contender for the Divas championship? I realised I am good at predictions so congrats to Paige.

Dolph Ziggler vs Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens wins by pin fall

Kevin Owens goes right to Ziggler’s leg which has been the focus of Breeze’s attentions recently. Owens just beats the shit out of Ziggler but it also means that Ziggler ends up hopping about the ring so any time he stops Owens it ends pretty abruptly as he can’t stand.

Nearly half way through the match Breeze arrives with full entrance and everything to go and sit in his VIP section. They now have Summer Rae coming down with a phone….  I felt the whole thing was a little pointless and we truly need to actually do more with Tyler Breeze because this isn’t good enough for him. Plus really… Just get rid of Summer in this whole thing and let her join the actual Divas!

Breeze caused the distraction needed to have Ziggler thrown into the barriers and once more grounded by Owens. I mean at the end of the day Ziggler had hardly gotten any offence going he’d just sent Owens out of the ring so not sure why they picked that moment to bring Breeze down. It didn’t really change anything as Ziggler was still hopping.

Not that they really needed a distraction but once more Breeze distracts Ziggler by taking a selfie outside ring side, turns around and gets sent into a Pop-up Powerbomb.

After the match its more of the same with Breeze attacking Ziggler.

Survivor Series Look Back

They give us a look at 1987 in general as well as the first Survivor Series elimination match… I realised then that I’ve never actually seen the first SS so after RAW is finished I am going over to the WWE Network to watch it. Specially because I love the Honky Tonk Man. Though I also got the result in the flashback so sad times.

Seth Rollins / Kevin Owens

So Seth’s first team mate manages to be someone who already has fought during the night? Good times.


Pete is back in a week or so until then I am, for the betterment of everyone’s health, going to just ignore anything to do with the Divas that just so happens to have anything to do with Paige. If WWE surprise us with another Divas story I’ll talk about that but yeah…

Becky Lynch / Brie Bella

These two are the most adorable. Why can’t we have more of them two together? Becky is so cute! She’s like the female Kevin Owens and so excited to be fighting people. I love her. I’ve always loved Brie. Adorable!

Cesaro vs The Miz
Cesaro wins by submission

So Cesaro is going to be the first person on Roman Reigns team yes?

I am so happy to see the Cesaro section signs back in the audience, and in full force too, because it was kind of sad seeing the steam run down on him. Come on WWE do something with him! Stardust is at ring side with a periscope (not the app) watching the match.

Watching Cesaro can be so much fun. Right off the bat he’s just using his athleticism and strength to really light up the crowd. Then there was a upper cut train which still makes me twitch a little. Miz managed to turn it around by throwing Cesaro into the ring post and took complete control of the match which suddenly became more about Stardust at ring side with a Periscope and the Ascension covering his ears to Cody chants then the match itself.

I missed when Cesaro reversed his luck but he did and took The Miz on a 20+ swing before getting his first televised win via the sharpshooter after the Big Swing unless I’ve missed something? I have loved the addition of the Sharpshooter after the Swing in memory of his tag team partner Tyson Kidd but unless I’m mistaken it hasn’t really worked out till now but its the perfect ending to the big swing.

Great win for Cesaro though. Have I ever mentioned how much I adore Cesaro? Other then the uppercuts?

The Wyatt Family

The Firefly’s in the audience are awesome. He’s got the best entrance in the whole company.

This is possibly the greatest thing I saw on TV for a long LONG time but then again I love wrestling when it goes crazy and the whole lightening, fire, death of Taker and Kane thing just made me really happy. Even the small video they had of Taker and Kane that then kind of went strange and disappeared off screen. Everything about it was perfect and what a rivaval for Bray after being misused in his feud with Reigns.

I loved it.

Lucha Dragons vs King Barrett & Sheamus
Lucha Dragons win by pin fall

What a mismatch. The thing is I WAS spoiled to the result kind of. I knew the Lucha Dragons had a “big” win because it came up on Twitter in the “What you missed whilst away” section. The second Barrett and Sheamus appeared I felt like hitting my head against a wall violently. They had a chance to do with Barrett and Sheamus what they were going to do with Rowan and Harper before Rowan got injured.

Then they lose to the Lucha Dragons.

It isn’t that it was a bad loss, Barrett and Sheamus took early control of the match using their brutality to put a halt on the Dragons, when the Dragons could they used their speed to confuse Barrett and Sheamus and get a upper hand. Barrett and Sheamus dominated the whole match as you’d expect, I also think it was the wrong Dragon to have beat Barrett and Sheamus because Kalisto is just so small that in reality Barrett would have just picked him up easily and chucked him somewhere, plus its like Dani Pedrosa in MotoGP, Kalisto just doesn’t have the weight behind him to sit on Barrett and make me believe that Barrett would struggle to kick out, it wasn’t a move that would knock someone out so yeah. And yes I did just basically compare Wade Barrett to a Repsol Honda bike. I’ve been a Repsol Honda and Dani Pedrosa fan for many MANY moons and he’s cool enough to be one of their bikes.

I just want to see something good happening for Sheamus and Barrett that lasts longer then a week or so. And please just call them Euro Trash and get it over with! I love that name. I want a Euro Trash t-shirt!

Zeb Colter / Jack Swagger

Jack is worried for Zeb, I’m so happy that Jack is back and I damn well hope that he gets a title shot and more TV time. I miss Jack Swagger so much.

Well the story is going that Jack doesn’t believe Zeb believes in his whole Mex-America stuff so wants to know what’s happening in the sweet way only Jack Swagger can do things. He’s interrupted by Del Rio who basically does the abusive parent thing of “don’t you come near my poor little Zeby-poos again ya big mean wrassler. Always looking for trouble him.”

Which kind of makes it look suspect really.

Then again the great nation of Mex-America could do with a bit of Swagger.

R-Truth vs Alberto Del Rio
Alberto Del Rio wins by pin fall

Wait wasn’t the title renamed Mex-America Championship? How dare they not get the name of the belt right!

Del Rio needed to find his feet in the match but he didn’t have it his own way in the early stages. There was a much more sensible and pretty hard hitting R-Truth in the ring with Del Rio then we’ve seen for a long time.

In fact actually the whole match was R-Truth’s, even when Del Rio was on the offence he looked weak compared to R-Truth. I loved Del Rio’s match last week, was a bit bored of him at the PPV when he won the belt and once again just don’t see what he was doing in this match. Not that I don’t think R-Truth is good because I know he’s brilliant when given the chance but seeing right now R-Truth is no more then a jobber

Survivor Series 2005

Once more we get a look the events of 2005. And of course Team RAW vs Team SmackDown at the Survivor Series. Baby Orton makes me want to watch this Survivor Series too. I have a feeling today is a Survivor Series type of day. Specially after finding out that I might not get Orton on my TV again until midway through next year… I mean how can I survive another 6 odd months without Randy?! By watching Sheamus and Barrett being beaten up every week? Bugger off! Anger! Sadness! Baby Orton…. Wibble.

Seth Rollins / New Day

New Day join the team by basically annoying Seth Rollins. Then Magical Unicorn Number 3 returns! Happy times! HAPPY HAPPY TIMES!

Sasha Banks

Yes the universe has been cheering We Want Sasha and I just KNOW that Sasha won’t be the number one contender. I have blue versions of those glasses which have LED lights in them by the way. I brought them when I went to see The Hurricane wrestle at Pride Promotions right here in Plymouth. Thought I’d just say that….

Fatal Four Way

See above. I watched the match which was a good match. Not talking about it though. I might come out in a nasty rash. Either that or get some fanboy bitch at me about why I can’t be happy that the Divas Division is once again going stale.

Survivor Series 2014

More, more, MORE!!! So many facts. So many fun things. I’ve seen Team Cena vs Team Authority not that long ago, or at least I’m sure I did. Then again I might just watch it for the love of Stephanie’s face and Ziggler being adorkably cute!


Have I mentioned I’ve become more of a fan of Charlotte’s when I realised that the reasons I disliked her were unfair? Seeing that I thought she was great in the ring and on the mic anyway but held a grudge because I’ve always disliked her father and got annoyed at her doing the woo’s and the swagger walk and all that… I’ve turned a corner. You go Charlotte.

New Day

Before their match of course New Day need to talk.

Everything about them was just awesome! Xavier Woods is my hero. Quick thing. I HATED Woods in TNA as Consequences Creed. There was something so annoying about him and I felt like him and Lethal at one point was just being thrown in our faces when other established teams were treated so badly. In WWE there is not a single thing I dislike about him. I MEAN THE MAN PLAYS FINAL FANTASY ON A TROMBONE AND NAME CHECKED THE LAST UNICORN!!! The man is like the coolest guy on earth.

The other two are just hilarious and I love the Unicorns and I’M GETTING THE UNICORN T-SHIRT!!!! *Ahem* OK.

I loved Destiny Childs Survivor too.

I’m a bit over excited about New Day. I’m in love. With all three of them.

Team Rollins vs Team Reigns
Team Reigns by DQ

You know the stupid thing is I KNEW that the Uso’s were back on RAW and yet I didn’t think that Roman might get his cousins to join him. I’m shocked at my own stupidity. Even more disappointed that I completely forgot about Dean Ambrose. Why am I so stupid?

So Seth Rollins/Kevin Owens/New Day vs Roman Reigns/The Usos/Ryback/Dean Ambrose.

Xavier Woods was down and out in seconds.

What I loved though was that Owens and Rollins got in on the “Unicorn Stampede” first with Rollins joining in the stamping in the corner and then with Owens having the assisted cannonball at the end. This is kind of what I love about these things. After the first elimination Team Rollins took the momentum of the match for a while before a hot tag to whichever Uso WASN’T in the match took the momentum and completely dismantled New Day getting rid of Kofi in the rush.

Baring in mind the Uso’s hadn’t tagged anyone but themselves in its obvious that their elimination of two of New Day is setting them up to be the number one contenders for the tag team belts. I can’t be too sad, I’m no Uso fan (though I think they are amazing but we can’t all like everyone) but it’ll be a new challenge. With Kofi and Xavier out  Big E took out one of the Uso’s before a Pop-up Powerbomb levelled the scores and both Uso’s had to hit the back.

I’m sad we got no Xavier at ring side cheering his team on!

The match got a little hectic on the outside before a ad break, when we came back we get to see Roman Reigns beat down for a bit.

The match was actually pretty brilliant for the main event of RAW.

Then again I’m a bit disappointed with the ending. Its still like they refuse to let anyone just beat Dean and Roman. The match didn’t go down to a one-on-one, Seth didn’t look bad either as he was DQ’d for using a chair and used it to great effect, but both Ambrose and Reigns were left at the end and it once more just made me feel like WWE just don’t want them two to lose even if it makes a better story if they do. Sometimes being on the back foot is a good thing.

And please get rid of the Superman punch which is the one worst thing I’ve EVER seen in my life and which is really starting to piss me the hell off.

My Thoughts :

Much better then last week. The Survivor Series style match at the end was great even if I don’t like the  ending.

Sad times that Barrett and Sheamus seem to be losing steam as a team.

Its about time that Stardust actually did more then sit at ring side though. And please have Tyler Breeze do something other then sit about at ring side with Summer.

A good RAW all over really.

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