Doctor Who : The Woman who lived

A two-parter that really didn’t feel like it needed to be a two-parter at all. “The Woman who lived” is the second story to feature Maisie Williams.

You can tell by me not writing this review earlier that I didn’t enjoy the episode at all. I wrote part of a review before now, got a little upset and emotional about how much I disliked it, remembered the weeks before where I hardly wrote about the episode and decided to take a break. Today I re-watched the episode with a fresh mind.

In doing so I was able to see some positives as well as some negatives.

The story I disliked, not the story of Me which was interesting but the actual story itself. It would have been interesting to meet Me, to see within her life, to hear her sorrows and dive into the life of someone immortal stuck in our own history. The Highway man stuff, the Sam Swift guff and the Leandro bits just were pointless. The guest cast were OK at their best and terrible at their worst. The episode thrived not having Clara bogging it down but went nowhere interesting either.

One thing I hate about this season is that it has gone back in time a few times and never got the feeling of the time period they are meant to be in right. The first episode with its cast screaming dude and looking and acting more like a LARP group then anything else. The very British Vikings that acting so un-Viking like that it was scary and now this one which wasn’t AS bad but had Rufus Hound cracking jokes before he hung.

My main problem is that the underlying story and themes were interesting but bogged down in a stupid story that we just didn’t need. Its difficult to care about anything when you have such poor acting and such poor stories being told.

Maisie Williams was actually given a character to play though and she excelled at it, I loved everything about her. She was funny when needs be, she had great chemistry with the Doctor and her feeling of loss when Leandro betrays her was perfect. I guess the problem with her character was that a lot of it was in the dialogue and you can’t just have Me and the Doctor sit around and have a chinwag for 45 minutes so there needs to be something else.

I have to admit that I feel that Maisie was wasted on the two episodes she was on. I usually like the funny episodes like The Girl who died as well. The second episode was a much better story for the character itself and there are a lot of themes there that are interesting like the human memory vs the Doctors, what kind of footprint the Doctor leaves on people and a glimpse of what the Doctor himself feels.

Its over. I apologise but I just didn’t like it.

Lady Me had a point though. Does the Doctor truly think about how his actions effect people?

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