One Punch Man : The Ultimate Mentor

“Kyūkyoku no Shi” (究極の師)

Its about time that Saitama was recognised for his wonderful powers and his attempt to use them for good.

SOOO we’re off to be registered as a Superhero!

There was something so charming about the episode. I think there is something so charming about Saitama in general. Whilst Genos is obviously the perfect superhero Saitama kind of wandered into being it. He decided to become stronger then anything but he isn’t a nice person, he hasn’t got a big back story to why he wants to do it, he does it mainly out of boredom and just seems to have BECAME super strong. He aces the physically but his knowledge test leaves him at a Rank C whilst Genos being overall perfect goes straight to Rank S.

There is obviously a lot more going on in the background though as the whole organisation seem obsessed with Genos.

One good thing about this is that Saitama is seen as just scraping through, being lucky and no one is truly paying attention to him or what he’s doing.

I guess the charm really was in the characters. Genos didn’t bat a eyelid when he was ranked higher then Saitama and still wants to be his disciple, Saitama looks at the world much more cheerfully then Genos and Genos is slowly coming to terms that its more of the attitude of Saitama then anything else that makes him so strong.

Really can’t wait to see if anyone DOES call Saitama The Caped Baldy or whatever it was he came up with! I know he’s going to end up being One Punch Man but it would be funny if someone out there decided the Caped Baldy was a perfect name for him. I want to see Saitama fans!

There were a lot of characters, places and opportunities brought into this episode and I can’t wait to see how Saitama works his way up to S-Rank because I have a feeling he has to do it. Though it would be funny if he got stuck at C-Rank the whole time.

Saitama is wonderful isn’t he?

I like how him and Genos fought each other and that Saitama just doesn’t seem interested in who wins or loses as long as they are enjoying themselves. Though I’m not sure he’s too happy that Genos has decided to come live with him, other then the money he brings with him. Love a bit of Genos and Saitama bonding I do.

Plus the faces of the other people watching Saitama on the physically challenges were hilarious! I loved that he just destroyed the whole place! Oh boy is he great.

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