One Punch Man : The Obsessive Scientist

“Shūnen no Kagaku sha” (執念の科学者)

Saitama and Genos were attacked in the last episode so this time out they need to get to the bottom of what is going on.

We learn about Doctor Genus (not to be confused with the cyborg Genos) who discovered the secret to immortality, cloned himself and set up his House of Evolution to artificially evolve humans, hence the animals from last time out.

Saitama gets bored of listening to the story and we’re reminded that anything has to be explained in 20 words or less or else Saitama won’t listen.

The rest of the episode was purely destroying not only the House of Evolution but the hearts and minds of the people around.

You see the thing is the concept of One Punch Man himself is so simple. He just worked really hard every day to become a super hero. He became said super hero and is now able to destroy/beat anything with one punch. For others who train all the time to be strong it seems weird that a guy who PURELY just does 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and runs 10km a day is going to be super stronger then anyone else, to the point that no one at all believes in him. That is the only place right now where there is real entertainment because there is no obstacle in front of Saitama. He comes and destroys the whole building with ease. Asura Rhino doesn’t even fight him because he knows he’s too strong.

I love this anime though. Reviewing it all you can say is Saitama came, punched something, talked a bit, got bored and went home (well actually he ran to the sale because he thought it was the day before the sale) and that’s it. It isn’t even like anything he said was seriously funny or something. Its just the setting, its the reactions its the look of complete boredom on his face. You can talk about One Punch Man so far and people would not understand how you could be so entertained… Then again you could go out and watch it for yourself and realise that its just perfectly simple in every way and THAT is why you like it.

I liked Doctor Genus by the way, I thought he was super cool.

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