One Punch Man : The Modern Ninja

“Imadoki no Ninja” (今時の忍者)

Time to see what adventures Saitama will be on this week.

The Ninja in question is Sonic. He’s introduced as his boss, or whatever, is in danger from a group called The Paradisers, who want to be allowed to get free shit without working because that would be paradise apparently. Saitama only gets involved because the whole group are bald and there are warnings on the TV to stay away bald people. Of course that is Saitama’s style so he ain’t too happy with it.

I really liked the episode because it moved the whole thing on. We’d seen some random super heroes before now but I always kind of thought that it was just like in The Incredible s, loads of super heroes roaming the streets and whatnot. As it turns out they are actually part of a League of Heroes thing and actually get paid for doing what they do. Therefore no one knows who Saitama is because he isn’t part of that group.

There is also another shadowy person doing something evil in the background to be found out about at a later date but right now for Saitama he has a rival in Sonic, a disciple in Genos and is about to become a fully fledged super hero.

Its a strange way of doing things. I mean I don’t understand how they can even get away with giving credit to a hero who on TV was seen to be flattened and left for dead just because he’s passed some kind of test. I mean the dude did nothing yet got the credit. I wonder if whatever it is they are called are as good as they seem to be because at the moment it looks like a group just trying to become famous for being “heroes” whilst letting the real heroes do the work and get no credit.

Slowly I have wondered how Saitama is living seeing he doesn’t seem to have a job. It’ll be a good source of income for him!

There is a lot to love about the anime. Its funny, well drawn and just full of action. I loved the fight scene with Sonic, you think its all over when after doing his super sonic moving about Saitama just turns to him and asks if he can go home but no it takes it to the funnier place of having Saitama accidentally hit him in the balls which makes both uncomfortable.

I wanna see more of Sonic who looks much more interesting then Genos!

I can only wonder what kind of hops they’ll have Saitama jump through to become a fully fledged Super Hero.

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