Gobirella’s October in Pictures

Even if I fail miserably at making posts about what I’m doing on WoW at the end of the month I’ll post some random screencaps of the adventures that Gobirella has had over the course of that month.

We start with October when everything goes spooky!

Of course I had the idea for the blog at the end of the month… Meaning we haven’t got much to see this month. Never mind.

We only really started playing again recently so in October we finished off the Goblin’s origin story and went to Orgrimmar. There we met a little lad pining for his lost balloons. After helping him find said balloons it was off into the skies for him.

No matter what is going on in the world there is always time for Gobirella to sit and have a think about what is happening.

Beware during Hallows End of Trick-or-Treating because if you pick up a trick there is no end to the ridiculous things you could be turned into. Including a worm!

No matter where you went or what you did you were always reminded that it was Hallows End too.

Other then that there were lots of things to take down including grumpy trees.

And if you just play around with the camera angles then there are plenty of wonderful sights to see!

Next month I hope to have a lot more to show of Gobirella’s adventures. Plus look out for the next instalment of her journeys!


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