Scream Queens : Seven Minutes in Hell

We ended last episode with Chanel and Zayday getting ready for the vote on next Kappa President…

I didn’t see the draw coming but I feel like I probably should have. I really thought Zayday would have been made president. Instead both end up ruling and a new day is dawning for Kappa house.

It calmed down a little in the episode, let the cast play with their characters a little more and it was better for it. I liked seeing them all interact in such a claustrophobic setting and would hope that them getting on better and helping each other survive, or at least the vast majority of them, carries on.

Grace and Zayday carry on being my problem, or at least Grace is my problem and Zayday would be much better served moving away from being her best friend. The thing is they are like the same character split into two and even finish each others sentences and thoughts. Its like you couldn’t possibly just have one of them being the one that is moving the story forward you need both of them. So far Zayday has been the most intelligent of the lot of them but even she can only do so much with so many idiots around.

I love the Dickie Dollar Scholars and really like when they interact more with Kappa House.

Again though it couldn’t just stop with one theme, one story one THING happening at a time. You had so much going on that you kind of lost your way and by the time that Chanel and Zayday are down in the secret tunnels and then Chanel #3 and #5 are plotting to outlive Chanel you are just bored of all the different plot points.

It stopped being funny, interesting, new or watchable in the second episode. You kind of want more of a shift towards figuring out the killer(s) and the mystery at hand with the politics and idiotics taking a seat in the background for a while. I think by far the funniest thing they could do would be to have Chanel actually take affirmative action. Instead we get the same conversation between them all that they’ve been having since episode 1. The same finger pointing, the same excuses, the same shrugging off evidence if it is pointed at their friend.

There are also too many secrets for my liking. Secret rooms, secret passageways, secret lairs… It just needs to stop. We get that it is trying to pull in all these horror movie cliches and have a good time with them but they are terrible enough on their own in horror movies for a TV show to bring them all in, swirl them together and then try to use it all together in one.

At some point something different has to happen.

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