Scream Queens : Pumpkin Patch

I’m sorry my reviews are late on Scream Queens. Before Pete was taken to hospital and I agreed to review them for him I hadn’t actually watched any of it so I had to catch up with the first few episodes and hadn’t found time to watch the last two till now.

Unlike Pete who really loves the series I feel like it is trying to hard. There are too many styles, too many stories and too many jokes that fall way too flat for the series to really work.

When it works, it works brilliantly but when it doesn’t it drags the whole episode down with it.

It already has quite a high body count over the first few episodes, had a kidnapping that was resolved within a episode or two, haunted houses, secret underground lairs and about every way possible that you could imagine someone killing people. We are kept on the edge of our seat by a “Whodunnit” type mystery which you just know in the end is going to be stupid with stupid reasoning.

The main strength is the cast. They have a great cast. Their biggest problem is their characters which are all over the place. The cast can do just about anything, they have great chemistry together and some of the stuff they do is hilarious. I find it grains on me though having to hear Grace and Zayday act like they are oh so different to the rest of the group when in actual fact they are pretty much the same. It would be a lot easier to like the Grace and Zayday if they didn’t seem to be up in arms about taking over Kappa House purely so they can be in charge because there is nothing they truly want to do that is any different from Chanel other then not having minions. They still want to be in charge of everyone they just want it to be on their hippy level.

You still care about most of the cast but you find yourself caring more for the “bad” characters like Chanel and Chad then you do for the “good” ones. Plus the whole Pete/Grace relationship thing is just horrible.

This episode just so happened to be the worst for it. Nothing ever happens that changes Grace or Zayday. Things happen, people carry on like its nothing. At least Chanel just shrugs it off as unimportant but Grace and Zayday should be different.

I would like to see it focus more on one theme or story. There is really no central story or focus, it wants to do everything it can in a short space of time but it ends up just rushing good ideas. It ended one episode with the cliffhanger of someone going missing and the focus of one group is to find that person but instead of getting really worried about it when they show up and find Zayday gone from this lair that they easily found there is nothing else emotionally attached to it.

The skipping in theme, focus and even style of jokes makes it hard to watch which is a shame because its actually pretty good.

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