The Walking Dead : Thank You

After two very different episodes we go back to Rick’s group trying to drive away a horde of Walkers that have been kept at bay since the beginning but who were slowly getting past the barricades.

I’m still trying to figure out how the best thing for it was to walk the Walkers away and not just destroy them somehow. With that many in one place a well lit fire or two might see them burn themselves to death, any that come out towards the group would have been dealt with easily too. Hell just find a lorry that you can drive through there and run the Walkers over. It all seems a much better plan then Walking them away from Alexandria.

As we now know just leaving Alexandria was a bad idea as whilst they were away the Wolves came out to play.

They can’t worry about that though as this episode has just as big a body count as the last… Or at least if you look at the groups. By the end of the episode Daryl, Abraham and Sasha are still alive, so is Michonne, Heath and another of the volunteers are alive but they’ve lost over half their group and Nicholas is dead and we can only guess what Glenn’s fate is.

One of those episodes.

You see with that horde I am pretty sure there is no way that Glenn was going to survive. I have a feeling in my gut he will survive but there is noway he’d be able to, no matter how they play it. He was under Nicholas sure but his head was exposed and you are going to have me believe that the Walkers aren’t going to attack his head? They completely surrounded him and they aren’t going to either eat through Nicholas or eat the bits of Glenn sticking out?

I know he died differently in the comics but I just don’t think I could believe that he’d survive being in the middle of the hoard of Walkers.

The episode seemed to start and finish for me it went by so fast because so much was happening. I kind of like the relationship between Michonne and Heath during the episode but at the same time his character got on my nerves, even though he hasn’t been there for long he MUST know that Rick’s group ain’t like his and that they’ve been through so much more. I can’t believe that at this point anyone as smart as Heath really doesn’t get what the world has turned out like. It was nice having it be Michonne that talked to him about it, I’d have hated for him to have the Ricktator all up in his face.

The whole plan went down the shitter really is all that can be said. Though it is so early in the season for everyone to be in trouble already, its like the show didn’t want to have more then a handful of cast to deal with because its a giant purge of characters.

Dramatically it worked though. You always kind of feel a little too safe when it comes to the original survivors, they’ve gotten this far, gotten through so many tragedies surely they aren’t going to go out in a hoard of Walkers?

I don’t think its the end for Rick but to be honest I don’t think I will believe any theory on how Glenn survived. This isn’t Sherlock, it isn’t a genius mastermind who put together a plan. He fell into a hoard of Walkers, the person on top of him was ripped to shreds, his head was sticking out at the feet of Walkers, the rest of his body must have been semi-exposed, Walkers rip everything to pieces. I don’t really think I want to see Glenn dead though. Out of everyone alive I just don’t really want to see him go. Like all the original cast members looking at them in season one to what they are now you just can’t compare it and its sad that you won’t see him grow any more.

I have been emotionally compromised by The Walking Dead once more.

Before I finish I want to give some love to Michael Traynor and his character Nicholas. He managed to turn a vile character into a character you couldn’t help but be sympathetic too. I’m actually really sad to see Nicholas go.


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