One Piece : The Mink Tribe

Chapter 805

Last week I was left craving more after the introduction of The Mink tribe and one of them wearing Nami’s clothes.

I’m not sure I’m ready for whatever it is that comes next.

I’m with Zoro and Franky on this one. The Mink Tribe let us know that our crew is dead and send us off to find them whilst going after Luffy, who I completely missed had zoomed off elsewhere, to stop him upsetting the guardians.

Whilst Usopp, and only really Usopp, panics about their friends being dead Zoro shows once more his complete and utter unwavering belief in not only his other crew mates but Sanji in particular. He is certain that Sanji wouldn’t have let them all die, even when it would be the obvious answer to why is one of the Mink tribe wearing Nami’s clothes. Actually to be honest it wouldn’t, why would they steal a dead persons clothes?

Not only this but we find out that Beppo, the giant talking Polar Bear that is BFFs with Tra-Guy and their navigator was born on this island though he left when he was young and doesn’t remember it very well. THEN we SEE Tra-Guy’s crew once more, including the ever confused Beppo, as Luffy stumbles upon them and starts a fight with the guardians.

It seems that sooner rather then later we’re going to have everyone together once more and I can’t wait to see it! I really want to know what is next for everyone. I mean they still have Caeser right? That is who gas dude is? I mean all this shit is still going down and the Straw-hats still have a prisoner with them somewhere! Did they even get to meet up with Law’s crew or did they never get a chance? And what the hell happened with Moms crew?!

You see what One Piece does to me? It leaves me with many more questions then it answers from the chapter before.

I do wonder though what happened. Its not like the Mink Tribe is out to get the Straw-Hats so I don’t think it would be them that made any problems, when I saw the claw marks and everything I thought maybe Chopper got out of hand but then thinking about it a second time I think I’m wrong on that one so have no idea what to expect.

At this point though I just want Sanji back. I mean I love Zoro more then any character and Law is brilliant but I miss Sanji. I miss Chopper too. I miss Team Coward standing in the background being useless until they find their inner bravery (or not with Usopp, usually his bravery is pretty ugly with much sobbing and begging for it to end…) I miss the crews interactions together, even with the Dressrosa team back together there hasn’t really been any interactions between them. They had their goodbye to Ryuunosuke and Zoro and Law bonding over how stupid their reactions were but there has been a lot of walking and stating things whilst Usopp panic’s in the background. There hasn’t been any real back and forth between them and I’m missing that even more now that we don’t even have a guest cast around them.

I just honestly want Sanji back as soon as possible. And for Robin to pick up and cuddle Chopper.

And that is how much of a conviction I have that they aren’t dead. THEY AREN’T DEAD DO YOU HEAR?!

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