Halloween (2007)

In 2007 Halloween was rebooted by Rob Zombie. It was a remake of the original movie with a bit of a twist, it brought back all the normal characters, Michael Myers, Laurie and Dr Loomis and gave it a new tale.

Zombie did something different by actually giving Michael’s backstory to us on a plate making the film both a prequel and a remake at the same time. It was modern, it was grungy and it was different.

It took money but didn’t seem to garner many great reviews in one of many attempts at rebooting the 80s Slasher Franchise’s (even though this one technically started in the 70s.)

I loved the movie.

Let me explain that I grew up watching Freddy and Jason. I didn’t really see many Michael Myers movies. I found the first two boring (sorry) and I’m sure I saw Resurrection but must have only been half watching because I remember the movie I just didn’t realise it was Michael Myers they were talking about. Zombie’s Halloween was what made me a fan of Myers.

Then I did this with the guys and I understand why fans of the series and critics who would have watched all or most of the movies that came before it had mixed ideas about it.

The big Plus yet also Negative for me is the back ground on Michael. As I said I saw this movie properly before I really cared for Halloween so learning about Michael set it above and beyond both Freddy and Jason and because I knew little about Halloween and Myers I thought that was his story. It wasn’t until I watched all of them to review them on here that I realised that it also took away something.

You see why Michael Myers and the original Halloween film were so scary, if not AHHHHHHH I’M GOING TO HAVE NIGHTMARES scary at least mentally scary was that he was a little boy who just one day turned into pure evil and started a killing spree.

Zombie’s Myers ISN’T that little boy.

Myers ’07 is a kid brought up with a stripper for a mum and everyone at school knows she’s a stripper, a abusive step father, a sister who doesn’t like him, being bullied at school and already showing psychopathic traits like photographing dead animals, keeping a dead cat in his locker and killing animals himself. Yes I felt sympathy for him but at the same time you lost that mysterious killer charm. What made a happy little boy turn into a serial killer? That was the question Halloween asked yet never answered. Halloween ’07 gave him a unhappy upbringing and also made him that tiny bit older. You understand why a kid might act the way he did and then with people leaving him, no chance of leaving and obviously some sort of split personality it wasn’t surprising that he just didn’t care.

THAT is only the first half.

The second half when Michael gets out of the asylum is nearly perfectly Halloween. I didn’t think the characters were written as well as they originally were, Laurie and her two friends all seemed to be the same teenage girl whereas Laurie in the original was the good girl, then you had the bad girl and the inbetween one but you could always feel the different characters there. Its biggest problem was that it was modern. Blood all over the shop for no reason other then URRGHHH BLOOD.

Also whilst watching all of them through even though I still think that Malcolm McDowell was the perfect Loomis I also didn’t like this Loomis as much. I always felt that Loomis in the original never gave up on Michael, not so much that he’d be a good guy but he was always going to be wherever Michael was. It felt like he felt it was his job to be with Michael till the bitter end. This Loomis just came across as a money hungry bastard that didn’t really feel any need to be closer to Michael when he had enough for his book.

I don’t think it was as good as the Nightmare on Elm St reboot but it was pretty brilliant. I think Zombie missed out on just using this story to create his own Slasher Monster for the 00s though. It didn’t need to be Michael it could have been anyone.

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