Halloween Resurrection (2002)

The final Halloween of the original run of movies was brought out in 2002.

It carried on where H20 left off and devised a whole new way to terrorize youngsters with the iconic Michael Myers returning once more when we thought we’d finally seen the back of him.

Jamie Lee Curtis returned to reprise her role of Laurie Strode but the film was mainly hit with negative reviews.

As this ended up being the goodbye to Myers did it do the series justice?

In a way yes.

The series should really never have existed. Halloween became a iconic movie, the rest felt more like attempts to cash in on the originals success much like the Friday franchise did with their own masked killer. There had been nothing original or interesting done with the series other then Season of the Witch SINCE the original movie and the attempts to add layers to a simplistic story about a mass murderer on a rampage just left you wishing you hadn’t bothered.

In that way seeing this film should never have existed in my mind as H20 ended the story of Michael Myers perfectly it is the perfect goodbye to the series.

I’m not even a little bit joking when I say this. They cleverly did away with Myers death at the hands of Laurie, which was perfect, just to have him kill Laurie off in the first 15 minutes of the film and then return home as the sole surviving Myers and find a load of kids filming a online reality TV show in his house.

Of course all these people must die and the only reason that the main character doesn’t die is because she’s in a relationship of sorts with someone she’s never met on the internet who gives her clues as to where Michael is whilst watching the live stream.

Yes, because the movie is set in 2002 there needed to be SOMETHING to do with the internet in there.

It was creative and different but it failed on so many levels it isn’t worth trying to point it out. In fact some of it was so silly that it put me in mind of some of the shit 90s/early 00s teenage programmes the BBC used to make. It felt like something out of Bikers Grove and it was nearly as boring as that too, and pretty tame.

The acting wasn’t bad, it was like American Pie-esque casting and treated it much like Scream and that kind of thing. I guess where it went wrong was forgetting that it isn’t something new and trendy, its something older that people loved for its own reasons so by trying to grab a new and trendy audience it just turned into the embarrassing uncle that thinks he’s still a teenager when in fact he’s in his 50s.

It should have stuck to what it did best but it tried to turn itself into Michael Myers meets Scream.

They should have stopped at H20.

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