Halloween H20 (1998)

After a strange outing for Michael and the death of Jamie Lloyd Halloween went back to basics with H20 and brought back the original Myers relative, Laurie. Played once more by Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween H20 (or 20 years later) did its best to forget what had just came before it, wrote back in the dead Laurie and try to piece together a movie that would be much more popular then its last couple outings.

Only the second film without Doctor Loomis in it after Pleasance’s death in ’95 (he wasn’t in Halloween 3 before this) it is safe to say Halloween H20 had a lot to live up to.

The film flows better then the last few. It has a much better cast, the cast are much more convincing and its interesting as always to see Laurie back in whatever capacity they had chosen. They managed to both write out the movies that had come before it without actually doing so in one fowl swoop and attempted a soft reboot of the series.

You could say it worked.

The problem you will always have is that like it or not Halloween is a classic movie. It made a lot of money, reinvented Slashers, spawned all sorts of other franchises from its popularity and then tried one too many times to recreate the magic of the first movie whilst forgetting that most of the charm of the first movie is simply that it was a simple story. Michael Myers by H20 is too much of the bogeyman and not enough of a psychotic killer on the loose. Even when he’s stalking people and doing his normal Myers type thing it just doesn’t work like it did with the first because there is too much baggage. You can’t wipe that off the slate just because you ignore it. With Season of the Witch out of the picture you have had 4 sequels that have added mythology onto the character, tried its best to turn Myers into just a figure of pure evil, killed him numerous times and given two or three really random reasons why he’s doing what he’s doing WHILST also saying they don’t actually know.

You can’t hand wave it away and H20 failed because people wanted a full stop to that or else a HARD reboot.

Jamie Lee Curtis effortlessly returned to the role of Laurie and there was a nice touch talking about how she’s felt since she left and faked her own death. There is also a giant gaping plot hole in that she fears Myers yet left her daughter god knows where and had a son instead. That makes no sense.

You could see them trying to take it in a better direction though and for that you have to give them credit. Unfortunately that was the only thing that was trying to be different. Everything else was just the same as always.

I think the ending of H20 was perfect and I think it was spoilt by another movie being made. For me the original Halloween movies ended with H20.

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