WWE Hell in a Cell 2015 Review

DISCLAIMER : It isn’t Pete, I’m his friend Alexx. Pete is still in hospital.

I don’t actually know what to write as a intro to this but Hell in the Cell is one of the only PPVs I’ve been excited for all year long. I can’t wait to see what happens.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Dolph Ziggler / Cesaro / Neville vs Rusev / King Barrett / Sheamus

John Cena (c) vs Alberto Del Rio

Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns

New Day (c) vs The Dudley Boys
Winners : NEW DAY

Nikki Bella vs Charlotte

Seth Rollins (c) vs Kane

Ryback vs Kevin Owens (c)
Winner : RYBACK

Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker

Dolph Ziggler / Cesaro / Neville vs Rusev / King Barrett / Sheamus
Dolph Ziggler / Cesaro / Neville win by pin fall

Sheamus gets the upper hand right off the bell but Neville uses his speed to run rings around Sheamus and get a tag quite fast to Cesaro. I appreciate the work put into making up some double team moves when it comes to Cesaro and Neville but it doesn’t quite work. The match then went back and forth with some quick tags from both sides, neither really getting the upper hand on the other.

Just as its getting good we go to a advert for Breaking Ground.

Back with the action and Barrett has got Ziggler grounded. He’s come back from filming his new film with a new leash of life and its paying off with his tag team with Sheamus. Its strange how these three have gelled so well, they are such good singles wrestlers that you just can’t see them as tag team wrestlers but they really have done well.

After a miscalculation by Rusev Cesaro and Barrett end up in the ring and we get a upper cut parade/express whatever we are calling it. I’m not sure who decided that Cesaro’s whole move set should be upper cuts from various angles but they did him a disservice when they did that. Thankfully this time out in between his upper cuts and running around the place he had some good big boots and some wonderful top rope action. Cesaro when he’s left alone to do what he wants has some great moves and keeps the pace changing constantly.

Barrett got stuck in a Big Swing and then hit by a Red Arrow and was pinned for the three count losing the match for his team.

A good match for the Kick off show.

Stardust was at ring side the whole time with binoculars. Very funny. Waiting to see what happens there.

John Cena(c) vs Alberto Del Rio
Alberto Del Rio wins by pin fall

So Cena says he just wants to get down to the match and then still manages to talk for a good minute or so.

Unfortunately it wasn’t a returning Daniel Bryan but a returning Del Rio was just as good. I thought that it would be Swagger after Zeb came out on his little mobility scooter, kind of still upset it wasn’t.

The match started off really slowly with no one really getting the upper hand. Lots of tests of strengths and submissions.

Like nearly every open challenge Cena has done it didn’t take long for Del Rio to take complete control of the match but it still managed to be at a snails pace. Every time that Del Rio got started it just slowed right down again. The match actually seemed rather short if I’m honest as Cena got his offence in there was a backstabber and a kick to the head and suddenly Del Rio is not just champion but he’s outside shaking Colter by the hand.

It was a good match. As a fan I’m happy Del Rio is back and I am happy he’s got the title but I also fear what that could mean for some of the guys who already aren’t going anywhere that deserve to be going somewhere.

A good match to start the PPV off with but strangely a little empty.

Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns wins by pin fall

I personally think its a good idea for them to have this match so early. Everyone I know that watches wrestling has found the whole feud to be a bit all over the place with bad booking, silly decisions in who will win and a lack of confidence in Bray Wyatt. I was looking forward to this match the least out of all of them purely because I feel like its obvious Reigns will win and if it doesn’t end the feud then we’ll have to wait at least another month before creative decide to do something positive with Wyatt and his Family.

Reigns takes the fight to Bray right away. This is the problem with this in general, it has always been Reigns. Never have we really seen Bray take a fight to Reigns which is silly, Bray is a good enough competitor to bring a fight to Reigns and it would have dramatically made the match more interesting if Wyatt had gone into the match with a few wins rather then one or two and Reigns had been taking Wyatt seriously as a threat both physically in the ring and mentally out of it. As it is we’re still meant to care about Wyatt cheating Reigns out of the MitB contract, that is about the only “big” moment they can think of to talk about.

Wyatt managed to get some control of the match with the introduction of a kendo stick, working on Reigns with weapons. Story wise I think they were trying to make it seem “sick” or “perverted” but by this point the actual match was quite boring. It started off with no real back and forth just Roman taking charge, and as much as I like Reigns I don’t want to see him a dominant monster like Lesnar, then there was the introduction of weapons but badly utilized and still only giving Wyatt the upper hand for a handful of moments.

After hitting Bray, or throwing Bray, into a chair Reigns started using the weapons with a double kendo stick attack followed by needing two tables. I said on twitter that I didn’t get why they had to make Roman look cool at the expense of whoever he is against in the ring and that is basically what I mean. Wyatt brought the weapons into the match and should have been the one wielding double kendo’s and putting Reigns through a table, instead it had to be Reigns.

The match got slightly more fighty with Bray kicking out of a Superman punch and a Spear through a table whilst Reigns kicked out of Sister Abigail.

Again we’re reminded how “evil” and “sick” Bray is when he sets up two Kendo sticks in the corner but obviously never gets to use his own contraption, after having his head thrown into one of the Kendo’s he gets speared for a second time giving Reigns the three count.

I feel like it was a anti-climax, I think it was once more the wrong decision, I feel like the whole story not only of the match but of Wyatt/Reigns has been mixed and badly played out. I really have to disagree with Lawler saying it might be a classic it is FAR from being a classic. Also there has not been a “Bray Wyatt Curse” he’s never done anything interesting in this feud its all been Reigns. Its over though looking forward to all the other matches tonight.

New Day(c) vs The Dudley Boys
New Day wins by pin fall

I don’t get how anyone could dislike New Day. They don’t care what people think of them and some of the things they come out with are just great. I like the whole treating Xavier not being there like he’s dead stuff and I think the whole Magical Unicorn thing is genius. Its such a breath of fresh air to see something that stupid being done but with so much love and care that it works. Its all good having serious wrestlers and more true to life wrestlers but its nice to have fun wrestlers who enjoy themselves.

The Dudleys got a early offence going, JBL and King are given great material to work with talking about Magical Unicorns and broken trombones.

There was a really ugly looking move by the Dudleys on Kofi, it was really strange to be honest. Not long after that though Kofi tags in Big E who wastes no time in flooring D-Von…

And wiggling.

I have always loved the double team stomp in the corner that New Day do, there is something so cocky about it that just suits New Day down to the ground. D-Von for some reason instead of staying in the corner was trying to crawl out, the first half of the match wasn’t the best for D-Von.

The regular tags of New Day as well as just their synergy together meant that they controlled the match for a while. Pete says it a lot in his blogs and I totally agree with him that I’m always amazed at just how high Big E launches himself into the air for his big splashes. He’s a real raw talent.

When D-Von got the hot tag to Bubba he clears the ring. There is something very formulaic about the Dudley’s at the moment for me, whilst I enjoy watching New Day a lot I don’t enjoy watching the Dudley’s as much. Its the same all the time by them which is kind of sad. They started to shout for the tables but Kofi takes them out, he then tries to get the Dudley’s disqualified by throwing the trombone at Bubba and pretending to be hit but the ref, after taking a century to make his mind up, decides to let the match carry on.

The match doesn’t last much longer, it gets a bit muddled and messy but after a Trouble in Paradise to Bubba and a trombone to D-Von New Day wiggles out of the arena with the belts. Good result, personally I think the match was a bit of a let down.

Nikki Bella vs Charlotte(c)
Charlotte wins by submission

I’m happy that it is a one-on-one match with none of the teams out at ring side.

A good back and forth to open the match before Nikki uses her strength to get some sort of advantage on Charlotte. I’ve been impressed with the reaction to the Horsewomen being brought up to the main roster by the Bella’s and especially Nikki who looks great.

Much like at Night of Champions Nikki took complete control of the match, unlike Night of Champions Charlotte did manage to get a bit of offence in a few times. I don’t know why Nikki and Charlotte’s matches are the way they are but they never really highlight the strengths of Charlotte.

I’m not complaining as I like seeing Nikki beat people up. Like everyone else on the blog I’m a fan of Nikki Bella. I loved her focusing on Charlotte’s back, I loved the move in the corner where she jumped onto Charlotte’s back. I like seeing her slamming people into corners and the mat and outside at ring side. I also like that both Nikki and Charlotte work really hard on telling a story in their matches.

Both women gave it their all. I don’t really get what they did on the top rope, it looked like Charlotte just jumped over Nikki, I loved that Nikki countered the Figure 4. Unfortunately after that it didn’t last much longer but I wish it had as it was a good match and once again even though it wasn’t as sudden or silly as the first match I do feel like it could have been worked on a little longer. Either way so far its the match of the night and a really great match for both. Nikki stood toe to toe with Charlotte and should be proud.

After the match Paige and Becky both come out to celebrate with Charlotte. Was waiting for something dramatic from Paige but nothing happened which was silly and just goes to show that they aren’t putting any thought into whatever Paige’s story is.

Seth Rollins(c) vs Demon Kane
Seth Rollins wins by pin fall

Going into the match I really don’t know what way they are going with this. I also feel for Seth that once again he’s in the middle of the PPV like at SummerSlam.

Very obviously Kane took control of the match, it would have been pointless  to have it any different.

I feel after his initial dominance they told the wrong story. When you are doing the split personality story with Kane you can’t have Demon Kane look like he can be taken out by a head lock. Unfortunately that is what they did.

That isn’t to say the match wasn’t good because the match was really good and I think it was one of the strongest matches that Rollins has been in since he became champion, it was a good showing from Kane too but the story didn’t make sense. Neither really dominated until Seth powerbombed Kane into the Spanish announce table. Nothing he did could keep the Demon down but he tried.

After a frog splash there was a pedigree, one of the best victories of Seth’s championship reign and Corporate Kane is out of a job.

It wasn’t a bad match but I do feel the story was slightly off. The PPV is suddenly starting to get some life into it. Shame that Sheamus didn’t cash in once more but then again I’m also happy that he’s staying with Barrett. Some great moves in that match.

Ryback vs Kevin Owens(c)
Kevin Owens wins by pin fall

The match started showcasing Ryback’s power as he used it to dominate and to put a end to Owens. Once more though its Owens ring awareness that might cost Ryback as he gets sent to the corner by Owens and hurts his shoulder, not that it stopped him over powering Owens minutes later.

You can’t take your eyes off of a Owens match though as I looked down for a second and he was in charge of the match.

I liked that Ryback and Owens stopped the match getting into any kind of rhythm. The problem with Ryback is sometimes his moves are badly bookmarked so not having a rhythm helped make the match flow better.

It felt really short though and it wasn’t long in my opinion until there was a pop-up powerbomb and Owens walks out the winner which was a shame because Ryback actually looked much better then Owens in the match. I don’t know if they were running out of time for the PPV or something but it felt like the match never got going. Everything that made it good also kind of made it a sad ending.

I feel sorry for Ryback as he deserved a better go at his first title reign but that was a great match.

Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker
Brock Lesnar wins by pin fall

I hated the way Lesnar beat Taker at Wrestlemania and I thought for a return match to that one the SummerSlam match was pretty bad in its ending too after such a cool match. I really, sitting here watching them come down to the ring, hope this is the classic match I’ve been waiting for.

It started off promising. Its just a fight when they get started and it needs to be.

This is how good these two are, they have hardly been seen since SummerSlam but its still the match I was most looking forward to, its still the match with the biggest story going into it.

After Lesnar got split open Taker took control of the match for a few moments before throwing Lesnar and a chair back into the ring. Its Lesnar that gets to use the steel chair after Taker takes a little too long to get in the ring.

The match was great and I apologize that I didn’t write much about it as I was on the edge of my seat through most of it. There were weapons used to great effect, Taker took a beating but kicked out of just about anything that Lesnar threw at him. Lesnar ended up i Hell’s Gate and completely snapped punching the hell out of Taker before ripping apart the top layer of padding on the ring.

The match had to end at some point though and it did so with a F5 onto the exposed center of the ring to win the match for Lesnar.

What a great match to end the PPV with. A great PPV and it’ll be a great celebration for Lesnar on RAW tomorrow.

Just to end by saying Anna got all but two results right, everything other then the Kick off show match and the Main Event.

The night started off kind of weak and got better and better though I do feel the last part of the night just before the Main Event was a bit rushed. One of the better PPVs of 2015.


So we thought it was all over but Taker took his time to stand letting the Thank you Taker chants take over before The Wyatts come out. Survivor Series is themed 25 Years of Taker so I’m guessing it’ll be Team Taker vs Team Wyatt.

BUT this is also the reason why you just DON’T make someone like Wyatt look weak all the time because I sat there thinking why? After losing to Reigns WHY? It actually ruined the end of the PPV a little for me and I’d rather the time had gone to the Owens/Ryback match (as well as the review of the Del Rio match just before this match) because it was too short and THIS could have been done on RAW or any other time.

Though I really liked the carrying Taker out image and JBL getting angry. Kind of hope if there is a Team Taker then it’ll be older guys like JBL coming to help not Reigns and Ambrose.

THAT is it.

8 thoughts on “WWE Hell in a Cell 2015 Review”

  1. Loving it so far! Will have to stay up for some more!

    Sad that Sheamus lost, bloody Barrett! Anna needs to tell her King to get himself together and stop losing matches for Sheamus!

    I will admit to fangirling loudly when Zeb Colter came out on his scooter, even harder for Del Rio returning! I think I woke the neighbours! My OH is not happy.

    The Wyatt/Reigns match is putting me to sleep 😦

  2. Wyatt/Reigns was boring. I don’t like the story though and hope they do something different now!

    New Day vs Dudleys 🙂 now this I’m looking forward too!

  3. So happy that New Day keeps the belt! I love the whole Magical Unicorn thing and I hope that Xavier comes back soon and we get a emotional Unicorn celebration!

    Really good match I thought 🙂

    1. You thought so? I thought it was a poor showing from the Dudley’s. D-Von missed many cues and whenever they were in the ring it was the same moves in the same order and the same manner as every match they’ve had since they’ve returned. They didn’t bring anything new to the table and also didn’t really work with New Day which is a shame.

      New Day deserved the titles and I hope they have a more interesting rivalry over the holiday period.

      1. If I’m honest I loved how fun it was. I like seeing New Day messing about and listening to the commentators joking about them. Everyone just seems to love being there when they are on. I didn’t grow up watching wrestling I’ve only watched it for 5 years or so because of my partner so I have no feelings towards the Dudley’s as I’ve never seen them wrestle before! In fact I hadn’t really ever watched wrestling properly till THIS year, I only knew Alberto Del Rio because I fancied him and Zeb because he was with Swagger who I also fancied!!!

  4. So far Anna has gotten 3/4 predictions right.

    She thought Sheamus/Barrett/Rusev would win, that was the only wrong prediction.

    I give her the US one because she thought that anyone other then Bo Dallas would beat Cena because he’s going on break soon. She’s better at predicting things then Pete.

  5. Divas stole the show 🙂 loved it! Shame Nikki didn’t win though, hope she wins the title again soon though! Next up I think Naomi deserves another shot!!!

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