Strictly Come Dancing Week 5

I was at a party last night so missed the show. Catching up with it this week a little worried after reading comments about the show but we’ll carry on.

I think Week 5 might be a record for us.

Georgia & Giovanni
Dancing the SALSA to “You make me feel (Mighty real)” by Sylvester
Judges Score : 7 / 8 / 8 / 8 = 31
My Score : 8

Like Louisa there is just something that you can’t dislike about Georgia she’s so full of life and her partnership with Giovanni brings the character of every dance to life. You can tell in every dance how much she enjoys just learning and how much fun she’s having.

The Salsa was great. It felt like a real party and I feel she did really well seeing just how fast it was and how much she was doing in any given second. I think she could do with relaxing a little though as sometimes you could really see the concentration on her face and other times she had a giant smile, she needs to keep the giant smile. I didn’t like the lifts, I very rarely like lifts but I really didn’t like these and would have preferred not to have had them because the time it took her to stop, get into the lift then get back out of the lift wasted more time that could have been used to dance.

One of my favourite dances from Georgia and still great choreography from Giovanni who I honestly hope stays because he has so far been amazing.

Carol & Pasha
Dancing the VIENNESE WALTZ to “I’ve been loving you too long” by Seal
Judges Score : 4 / 6 / 6 / 5 = 21
My Score : 3

Carol is nice. Her partnership with Pasha is nice. He does his best for her and tries to choreograph to help her through her weaknesses.

They picked up on the spinning in the VT and there was a real lack of spinning in their dance. It was nice, Carol still has a terrible frame, lurches about and looks floppy the whole time and Pasha’s choreography was good but did its best to make sure that she didn’t have to spin too much.

I disagree with Bruno that there was a lack of performance, I thought there was a great story being told, she isn’t a actress so she was working on it. It was hard for her though and I do think Pasha needs to work with her on keeping her frame but she worked really hard and I like the fact they pointed out she’s never had dance training either.

Anita & Gleb
Dancing the TANGO to “Sweet Disposition” by Temper Tramp
Judges Scores : 8 / 8 / 8 / 8 = 32
My Score : 8

Another celeb who you just couldn’t dislike if you tried and her mother needs to be on Strictly next year.

It took too long to get into hold and came out of hold too early and the music was completely wrong. When they were in hold it was pretty much perfect and I have to say the whole thing probably would have looked even better with proper music behind it. Her kicks and the drama were perfect and really did shine through the terrible anti-climax of the music.

Gleb is another professional we need to see next year. OK all three of the new professionals need to come back.

Anita is one of the top dancers on the show this year and is consistently getting better every week. Also like many of the celebs from this season she listens to the judges and comes back better every week. They looked amazing too I loved they eye make up.

Peter & Janette
Dancing the RUMBA to “Thinking out loud” by Ed Sheeran
Judges Scores : 7 / 7 / 8 / 7 = 29
My Score : 5

I don’t like the Rumba so I don’t know.

Didn’t they just dance the dance that is in the Ed Sheeran music video? It looked exactly the same as half the video.

I didn’t like it but that is pretty much down to disliking the Rumba in general. I think he did a good job of what he got given. I also don’t like Janette who can’t choreograph in my opinion.

Kirsty & Brendan
Dancing the VIENNESE WALTZ to “This years love” by David Gray
Judges Scores : 7 / 7 / 8 / 7 = 29
My Score : 5

Kirsty just can’t dance.

The funny thing is she oozes style and elegance then get her on the dance floor and she just can’t do it She was marginally better this week, some of her floppiness has gone and her frame and arms were much better. She was very skippy though and it looked like she was constantly stumbling instead of dancing. I didn’t like the fluffing about on the stairs but when she got over all that she was pretty good.

She’s gotten better though and this was much more like the dancer that I thought we’d see. Her best dance. The 8 left her a mark over scored but I don’t really mind because she needs the confidence boost.

Ainsley & Natalie
Dancing the JIVE to “Shake rattle and roll” by Bill Haley and the Comets
Judges Scores : 4 / 6 / 6 / 5 = 21
My Score : 2

I always love seeing him dance, he puts more personality into every second of his dance then some of the better dancers do in a whole performance.

It was all over the place, his arms and legs had a life of their own and he was very flat footed. Again though he tried and he put personality in it but there is a lot of problems with his technique which needs to be worked on. It kind of looked like watching a puppet dancing, he didn’t look like he had control over any part of his body but it was a good dance for him. Not his best but a fun one.

Jamelia & Tristan
Dancing the FOXTROT to “Because you loved me” by Celine Dion
Judges Scores : 5 / 7 / 7 / 7 = 26
My Score : 4

She’s coming along alright. She isn’t that great though. She’s improving but she doesn’t seem to grab the technique or the performance of the dances very easily.

The judges are right that the first half was nice but she made one mistake and then she just lost all her confidence and lost the dance completely. It doesn’t help that she’s so competitive and hard on herself that she stops looking like she’s enjoying the experience and then the competitive attitude overshadows whatever it is she’s meant to be portraying in the dance.

She needs to relax, she needs to continue to listen to Tristan and the judges and she needs to stop beating herself up. Everyone makes mistakes its about covering them up and carrying on.

Katie & Anton
Dancing the SALSA to “It had better be tonight” by Michael Buble
Judges Scores : 4 / 6 / 6 / 5 = 21
My Score : 5

I liked it. Or I at least liked Katie. Darcey was right to say that it was messy, there was something strange about it. The lifts were terrible and it looked like Anton was going to drop her the whole time. There was much more choreography then the ChaCha.

It was sad though because it wasn’t even like Anton was doing anything that would make me think that Katie did something wrong. It looked messy because he choreographed a car crash. She had no hips and was all over the place but Anton was dancing a ring around her like Mr Bean on acid and it looked so strange it was unbelievable.

I’ll say it every single week that Katie suffers because Anton doesn’t seem able to teach Latin.

Jeremy & Karen
Dancing the WALTZ to “She” by Elvis Costello
Judges Scores : 3 / 5 / 6 / 4 = 18
My Score : 2

Jeremy goes out and tries every single week. He has no musicality and no acting ability whatsoever. He’s endearing though because he wants to actually dance.

90% of the dance was fine. It wasn’t Jay style good but it was good. It was romantic, sweet and lovely. He put so much effort into it. Bruno was out of order because Jeremy can’t help his face. I think he tried really hard and Karen is doing a lot of good with him and he should be congratulated for putting so much effort in and trying on a proper Waltz.

A really good attempt.

Helen & Aljaz
Dancing the QUICKSTEP to “You can’t hurry love” by Diana Ross
Judges Scores : 9 / 9 / 8 / 9 = 35
My Score : 9

This is the last couple I can watch as I’m busy and need to go out again (though the last two are two that I don’t really like anyway) so there you go.

She was brilliant as always. They were pretty much in perfect sync and it was a great Quickstep. It really was quick and full of life and she put the story into it. It wasn’t perfect but it was a really good and the choreography was great too. They made it look effortless.

I really loved the opening segment which was really sweet and done perfectly though I think for some reason she had this look on her face like a rabbit in the headlights, it didn’t look natural for some odd reason but other then that great.

My Thoughts :

Quickly as I’m running out of time.

I’ve heard about the other twos dance so it was much the same as always from them two by the sound of it.

Good night though, found it weird that Craig of all people seemed to be the one telling others that they were being too mean, Bruno did go overboard on a few of the celebs tonight and I’m not sure why. There was a lot of good comments given to help them all improve and I think most of them HAVE improved in leaps and bounds.

Most noticeable improvement? Kirsty by far, still a long way to go but she looked good.

Worst performance? Well worst dance I guess was Ainsley.

I think it was a good night but a bit worried about Halloween Theme next week.

Missed Daniel O’Donnell.

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