SmackDown 22/10/15 Review

Well I’ve had a tough start to my Sunday so I thought seeing I’m suffering I’ll catch up with SmackDown and write my predictions for tonight.

Quick Match Overlook :

Seth Rollins vs Cesaro
Winner : Seth Rollins

Paige vs Nikki Bella
Winner : Nikki Bella

King Barrett & Sheamus vs The Lucha Dragons
Winners : King Barrett & Sheamus

Bo Dallas vs Ryback
Winner : Ryback

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs New Day
Winners : Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose

Kane Backstage

So Kane…. Kane…. OMG Kane….

I love this new cocky cheerful Kane. A bit like I love the new cocky cheerful Barrett. He does cheerful so well. Him telling Rollins that he had a match was great but it was him and New Day, who are sulking because their wonderful little boy Xavier was put through a table and they are only TWO magnificent unicorns not three, who stole the opening. They were hilarious. As good as cocky cheerful Kane is, morose New Day is just as good.

Seth Rollins vs Cesaro
Seth Rollins wins by pin fall

The match was really good. It started off pretty equal and Seth did the walking away when it didn’t go his way bit. It showcased Cesaro much better with a wider range of moves being used and not so many upper cuts. Rollins never really had too much of a offence going but he always had a answer for Cesaro and was always able to reverse his moves.

Stardust was at ringside once more cementing the fact he’s now after Cesaro which is going to be a pointless story for both of them. Though the Ascension are great bodyguards.

Still not sure why the hell the pedigree is now being done out of nowhere but at least it worked more this time out. I kind of feel like this should have been the beginning of Cesaro getting a title shot not the start of him feuding with Stardust.

The Miz

We haven’t seen him in a while. I do miss The Miz. We learn that Summer Rae is going to drop a bombshell on MizTV. I already know what it is and it wasn’t that Awesome.


So Paige comes down to talk about whether she was the person that attacked Nattie last week. She does say she didn’t attack Nattie but spends most of the time just moaning as always. Becky was the stand out on the mic with them lot. After X-amount of moaning Team Bella come down and it was so funny that you wonder why they don’t have more segments like this with the women because they are much more charismatic then half the guys they keep trying to make relevant on the mic.

Paige vs Nikki Bella
Nikki Bella wins by pin fall

Nikki took charge right off the start. Even people who hate the Bella’s have to admit that they have really gotten into the story telling during a match that needs to happen now they have longer matches. Nikki did the heel thing brilliantly getting cocky whenever she took Paige down and going and being gobby to Charlotte on the outside of the ring.

In fact, and I don’t care who hates me for saying it, Nikki out performed Paige at every turn of the match.

She needed the win going into HiaC to make her a strong opponent for Charlotte so I’m happy she won.

The story with Paige/Charlotte/Becky/Nattie needs to lose Charlotte and just go its own way because Charlotte has hardly had a chance to work with Nikki or hype up the match in anyway. That is a shame because when the camera isn’t focused soley on Paige all the time the other Divas have had great chemistry over the last few weeks and given a chance they could all have a much bigger part to play.

Nikki is getting better in the ring every single match too.


It introduced the Main Roster to Tyler Breeze. I am a very happy Prince Pretty fan. A lot of people had the question of whether or not his act would work on the main roster and I think he proved that it would.

Not that I’m sure why if it works in NXT (especially for how long he did it) it won’t on the main roster, fans tend to get into the spirit as long as the characters are played well and the wrestlers are good.

HATE that he’s with Summer Rae. Summer and Tyler are better then that.

King Barrett & Sheamus vs Lucha Dragons
King Barrett & Sheamus win by pin fall

You know what this was a great match. The Lucha Dragons didn’t just get murdered in cold blood by Barrett and Sheamus and actually looked good when they took control of the match.

I’m rather excited by the team of Barrett, Sheamus and Rusev as long as they don’t team Barrett and Rusev up. They are a interesting team. I think they’ve done really well in coming together as a team so I’d hate to see them shake it up much which is strange seeing that obviously Sheamus is in line to be champion soon.

Barrett looks much more comfortable then he has for ages in a tag team situation. It was a good match.

Bo Dallas vs Ryback
Ryback wins by pin fall

So Bo comes down to tell us all that he’ll challenge John Cena at Hell in a Cell. I kind of really hope he does and I really REALLY hope that he wins.

The match was more of the same when it comes to Bo Dallas matches recently. He came down, gobbed off, got beaten up. There is so much more you could be doing with Bo it just seems a waste.

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs New Day
Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose win by pin fall

If I’m honest I found the match stifled New Day. The thing is that Reigns and Ambrose are good as a tag team but you can also see that they aren’t really a tag team. They look like two singles wrestlers in a tag match whereas New Day are a tag team and it feels like you are watching a tag team. Not only that but there really feels like this big thing about making Ambrose and Reigns look ultra strong over everyone right now and it means you knew that New Day, after doing their big magical unicorn shit and all that, were going to look silly.

I really think they need to stop having Ambrose and Reigns tag because it just doesn’t feel right and both need to be being pushed separately and correctly, it feels like its gone on way too long. I just feel like we need something different going on with them.

The match was quite boring.

My Thoughts :

Ummm this is more a apology. I started writing it and then felt ill and needed a nap, then started writing again, now can’t actually focus on anything. I’m not sure I’ve made my point about things very well but never mind.

It wasn’t as good as RAW.

Good debut for Tyler Breeze though.

The Twitter page announced earlier that Pete’s friend Alexx will be writing the Hell in a Cell review, he will use Pete’s account and Twitter page as he’s not technically minded and is only doing it because we didn’t want to miss a PPV. I will do the predictions as best I can though of course they have nothing to do with what Alexx thinks is going to happen. I don’t know what Alexx is going to do with the blog but it should be fun!

I do apologise. I’m just very ill (its a migraine too, I get arc migraines behind my eyes so its hard to concentrate for long periods of time.) Back to normal next week (RAW will be reviewed Tuesday morning or evening UK time, SmackDown possibly on the weekend some time!)

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