Hell in a Cell 2015 Predictions

Slightly easier for me to do, here are my predictions for Hell in a Cell later on this evening. I won’t be doing the blog or even watching the event live so its all just a bit of fun.


So the Kick off show match changed after Orton got injured and we’re left with a six-man tag match consisting of the lovely Team Euro Trash (as they were Christian by Barrett on Instagram if he’s changed it since then I don’t care I love that name!) and a team of thrown together guys that have nothing better to do.

I think this will be a great match but it’ll probably suffer from not getting enough time being in the Kick off show. Team Euro Trash (I love the name so using it for at least this blog) have had the upper hand in all their matches and have cheated, or just used their experience to win but they are so charismatic that you kind of want them to win anyway. Its about time the “good guys” got a victory.

That being said there is also the big possibility that Tyler Breeze might get involved in the match as well as Stardust. It could be a show stopper.

PREDICTION : Team Euro Trash

I can’t help it, I love them and want them to win. I do think its probably time the others got a victory over them but there are a lot of other stories bubbling up for the members on the other team that I can see either their stories getting involved or else just the need to break their team up.


Last time out I think everyone felt like it was too early for the Dudleys to be taking the title off of New Day, both just purely for New Day to lose the title and for the Dudleys to win it.

I still think its too early. I also feel like it’ll just be the wrong decision. As much as I like the Dudley Boys I don’t get why people WANT them to be champions? I mean no they aren’t past it and over the hill and they’ve been giving us great matches against the younger guys but New Day are so good with the gold that its hard to see why they’d take the belts from them.

The thing is AGAINST New Day the Dudleys haven’t been utlized very well and its all good and well people saying they’ll shine and get more TV time on the mics and promos and all that when they are champions but its the bloody Dudley’s and if they feel too “in the background” as challengers why will that change as champions? Especiallly as you’d have to think that New Day would drop back for a bit and someone like the PTP will get another shot.


I just don’t see what they think they’ll do with the Dudley’s as champions. New Day are too good with the belts. It isn’t that I don’t want the Dudley’s to be champion I just don’t think its time for them to be so.


This is a hard one. I felt bad for Ryback that his first title in the company ended up with him getting injured, a terrible story line and then dropping the belt at the next convieniant opportunity. It didn’t give him a chance to see what he COULD do. I don’t think Ryback is terrible he just needs to find his footing and having the belt could have found him a footing with the right rivalries and the right opponents.

On the other hand Kevin Owens just needs a belt. Any belt. He needs to be the champion. Any champion. And he needs to be stomping the shit out of anyone. Anyone.

It seems like the wrong move just after putting the belt on Owens to give it back to Ryback and many will feel that Ryback had his chance and they blew it with him. Then again I’d feel bad if Ryback just disappeared into that little bubbling pot of talent that no one seems to want to do anything important with. Its a shame.

PREDICTION : Kevin Owens

He’s made too much of a impact since joining the main roster and he’s been too good to have him lose his first main roster belt so soon after getting it. Plus like Ryback he deserves to get a proper story line and a proper rivalry. As much as I’ve found Owens fun in the whole thing I don’t think him and Ryback have the chemistry to keep this going and I’d rather see Owens move on with the belt.


Well there are rumours that the whole Wyatt crew are ready, Ambrose is probably going to be there… Yeah I’m not looking forward to this match.

It should be the end of a rivalry that for me has been mishandled and overly long but I feel like it might just be the start of Chapter 2. Its simple to predict though.

PREDICTION : Roman Reigns

At every turn when the Wyatts should have been winning and drama, tension and story angst being added on top of it all they’ve had Reigns beat Bray, making Bray look weak and silly whilst being beaten by two guys who look like they are about to go to the beach or something. It started out great and after the first bout of mind games and all that it went into Roman Reigns not giving a shit about Wyatt and being more annoyed by his presence then afraid of him. Just move them on now please.


Well Bo Dallas said he’d go for the match and I kind of hope it is Bo.

I personally don’t think I can predict it. There are lots of rumours that Cena is going for a while, where and to do what I don’t know but if he’s going after this PPV he’ll need to drop the belt. If this is still something “in the future” then he won’t. I can’t see Bo being given the US belt, I can’t see them give him any belt so then Bo Dallas announcing that he’d fight him would be pointless.

Depending on who faces him I can see Cena losing the belt, even if he isn’t going anywhere he’s done what he can with it.

If its Bo? I dunno. I want it to be Bo and I want Bo to be champion.


I’m half looking forward to this match.

Charlotte’s championship winning match was terrible, Nikki told a great story and they didn’t have enough of a turn around from Charlotte to make it look anything but silly. I really want to see a good match between these two but I also want Charlotte to retain. I want WWE to look at a great match between two great competitors and realise that Divas need to grow. I want Charlotte to come out on RAW with a cooler looking belt that looks more like something her dad had back in the day when he won any of his championships, I want a tag team belt introduced because that would be PERFECT for the Bellas and Naomi/Tamina to fight for and I want the whole bitchy thing to go away.

PREDICTION : Charlotte

Why make her champion to take it away again? The Divas Revolution has fallen flat on its ass and needs something new, giving the belt to Nikki won’t do anything new. Keeping Charlotte champion and having her do a open challenge or anything different would be good. Just don’t make her next thing up against Paige, give Sasha, Becky, Naomi, Tamina, Summer Rae, Brie or Alicia a chance whilst Paige and Nattie go at it in the background. 


Right so this?

I have it in my mind, because I don’t think Kane isn’t going to be director of operations, that he’ll win and Sheamus will cash in, or Sheamus will cash in before the end of the match. I just don’t see Kane leaving The Authority when its such a good thing for him.

I think we’ll all be surprised by how good this match is. Honestly I do. I think Kane is still perfectly capable of having really good matches and I think the relationship between him and Rollins has been on fire since pretty much Wrestlemania. This is the big blow out of a big story line and I think its going to be a good match.

I really have no clue who is going to win though.

PREDICTION : Seth Rollins

I’m going to be boring. Seth to win. I also think that Sheamus is too busy with Euro Trash to cash in, last time out he signposted his intentions, now he is tagging with someone and doing pretty well with that and I’m not sure they’ll bother having him cash in yet.


I don’t know.

Neither NEED to win, both are legends in their own way. It would be nice after a victory for Lesnar defeating the streak at Wrestlemania and a hollow victory for Taker at SummerSlam for Taker to win. I’d like to see Taker win.

Would they have the big Lesnar Road to Hell tour and then have him lose?

I honestly don’t know.

PREDICTION : The Undertaker

I just think that is hopeful thinking. The thing is whoever I pick if they DON’T win it’ll be obvious. Lesnar is the best and that and this and blah blah Glory Glory Brock Lesnar forever and such so it’ll be obvious that he won’t lose…. Then again Taker is the Deadman one of the most loved guys and him winning the final bout would be obvious. Either way. Yeah. Whatever.

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