Halloween 5 : The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)

A year after we were introduced to Michael Myers niece Jamie Lloyd and her foster family Michael Myers returned to torment the child once more.

After “Return” saved the Franchise it was “Revenge” that failed to once more deliver. It was one of the worst earning films and critically panned as well.

The question is when the hulking bulk of Michael Myers had been shambling across our screens for little to no reason for the last decade anyway what exactly is he gaining revenge for?

I guess for being ran over. Michael doesn’t go straight after Jamie in the movie but after Rachel, the girl who drove him down.

Jamie herself is in a children’s home and hasn’t spoken since the events of the year before, she has visions of what Michael is up to and tries to communicate through mouthing words and a small amount of sign language.

For what its worth Danielle Harris who played Jamie once more and Donald Pleasence (as always) who returned as Loomis, watching over Jamie, were the only real watchable parts of the movie. If we had never actually seen in depth what was happening elsewhere, only saw flashes of nightmares of what Michael was doing, it would have been much more interesting as a movie. Instead the rest of the cast whilst not terrible were hardly interesting enough to make you care.

It was also the time when I realised that if the makers of Halloween were taking themselves seriously anymore then there was obvious signs of them being stupid. We had a comedy duo with their own clownish music bumbling around the place which took you completely out of the movie every time they were on. I don’t mind comedic relief in the middle of horrors but do you need to sign post it so much?

The writing was the only thing worse then 90% of the acting. The actors/actresses can only act what they are given and most of the time the events were happening and people just shrugged things off and carried on. One of their best friends went missing and it was “meh she’ll show up or if not she’ll miss out” then one managed to drive all the way to a gas station with Michael Myers pretending to be her boyfriend without ever catching on and then instead of staying upset about her boyfriend “ditching” her and the fact she’d just heard Jamie speak for the first time BEGGING her not to leave because it wasn’t safe she went to a party, messed about with her friends and flirted with a load of people.

If the characters in the actual film don’t care about the plot, the murderer or anything else why would the audience care?

In fact I found myself hoping that certain characters WERE killed by Myers because at least they’d never be brought back in any role for any other film.

The reason I can watch Michael Myers and Jason Voorhee films when I’m a wimp is that most of the time they aren’t scary and the gore and horror aspect are so small as to not be a problem. That isn’t a good thing though!

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