Halloween 4 : The Return of Michael Myers (1988)

After audiences didn’t appreciate Halloween’s third installment, Season of the Witch, the appropriately named Return of Michael Myers brought the Halloween Series back to its roots.

With the face of the Franchise back there was a whole new group of people to torture and kill. The film was the fifth best performing film in the series and generally has always had mixed reviews amongst fans and critics.

The film introduced more of Michael’s relatives, after not being able to bring back Laurie the film introduced us to Laurie’s daughter Jamie, a eight-year-old who becomes the object of Michael’s attention.

I liked a lot of Halloween 4. Halloween 3 did its best to change the formula and people didn’t like it so Halloween 4 did everything it could to make it as simple as possible. The teenagers and Jamie were just going about their simple business, Loomis spent the whole film trying to convince people once more to take Michael seriously, Michael himself spent the whole movie stalking people the way he did best and it all ended with either a character dying or the big finale where Rachel, Jamie’s foster sister, runs over Michael in a attempt to keep Jamie safe.

Other then introducing Jamie and the scene right AFTER the final scene there was nothing really new or interesting added to the franchise, the film was as simple as you could imagine.

Personally that is why I liked it. I never did have any time for trying to humanize and install sympathy for the Monster in these films. The more you know of them the less scary they are. Giving Michael the story that he was chasing and trying to kill his family was fair enough but it started to give the audience questions that where either just never answered or not answered in any way that would really do the character of Michael any justice.

There was also a interesting point in the film that was kind of overlooked where you saw a group of people take it on themselves to hunt down Michael and getting it wrong. The whole scene was over in a flash but it did tell a good story of why lynch mobs are a bad idea.

The biggest plus for the whole film was the acting. Danielle Harris who played Jamie was wonderful from the scared little girl to the creepy vision holding a pair of bloody scissors in a clown suit. She played the part perfectly even if the story was a bit all over the place. Her relationship with her foster sister Rachel was nice and again Ellie Cornell who played Rachel was a great addition to the cast.

You can’t say anything negative about Donald Pleasence and his character is nearly as iconic as his patients.

Halloween was such a perfect film to begin with that it didn’t need a whole bunch of sequels but if there was any sequel that did the original justice for me along with the second film it would be the fourth. It took everything that made the first one good and just did it again. If I wanted a inventive story I don’t think I would ever look to a Slasher movie to give me that so maybe I’m just easily pleased.

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