RAW 19/10/15 Review

I haven’t had time to catch up before now so sorry its late. Its only going to get worse for me as I’m doing overtime. I’ll still do my best to keep up to date.

Matches Quick Overlook :

John Cena & The Dudley Boys vs New Day
Winner : New Day

Nikki Bella & Alicia Fox vs Sasha Banks & Naomi
Winner : Nikki Bella & Alicia Fox

Seth Rollins vs Ryback
Winner : Seth Rollins

Cesaro & Dolph Ziggler & Neville vs Sheamus & King Barrett & Rusev
Winner : Sheamus & King Barrett & Rusev

Charlotte vs Brie Bella
Winner : Charlotte

Kevin Owens vs Mark Henry
Winner : Kevin Owens

Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs The Wyatt Family
Winners : The Wyatt Family (DQ)

Stone Cold Steve Austin / The Undertaker / Brock Lesnar

Now if I had been awake I would have been screaming my head off, if I’d seen this on Monday I would have been screaming my head off. As it is I knew he was on it plus with hindsight it made sense seeing he was doing the Brock Lesnar Pod cast after the show. Also because I wasn’t screaming my head off I was just smiling a lot I realised that Steve Austin never EVER makes ANY sense when he starts to talk but its interesting having Stone Cold actually introduce the Undertaker.

It might not have been as dramatic and showy as their brawl the other month but when Taker came down he hardly said anything before Brock and his trained mouthpiece came out but the tension was there and Taker can sell just about any angle he wants with a few words. ALL he had to do was call Lesnar to the ring with a simple hand movement and you knew shit was up.

A good opening segment. A good way to use both Lesnar and Taker.

John Cena & The Dudley Boys vs New Day
New Day win by pin fall

You know I kind of want my prediction to come right and have Tyler Breeze take on Cena at HiaC and win the US Title. I can’t remember why I thought that up, I thought it up before I think I knew Breeze might be coming to the main roster, I think it was when I first heard Cena might be taking a break for a while, but now I dream about it at night and its so damn real to me that I hope it happens… If by chance it does you are welcome to bow to my feet and I’ll post the winning lottery numbers next week on the RAW review.

Back to the match or at least just before the match where New Day don’t realise that sticking their fingers on their heads the way they did didn’t make them look like unicorns…. Everything is Booty in Texas, I don’t get where the Booty thing came from but hearing Big E say Booty does something strange to me. The Magic Unicorns of New Day. New Daycorns.

Kofi and Bubba start it up which gives the Dudleys and Cena the upper hand straight off the bat. We didn’t see when the tide changed because of ad breaks but when the show comes back New Day are “stomping a mud hole” into John Cena. The assisted drop kick at the end of their stomping doesn’t look so good when Xavier is the one swinging Kofi into the corner, for some reason it just looks better with Big E. Its nice to see Xavier get to wrestle a bit because we don’t get to see it enough but even though I am a giant fan of all of New Day I just want to see Big E. I want to hear Big E, I wanna see him wrestle, I wanna see him mock people and I REALLY want to see the Big Wiggle. The guy made Cena look like a small rag doll. He just chucked him around the place. I still can’t get over just how high Big E can jump either.

“You can’t hit a Unicorn like that” is something I never thought we’d hear in a WWE show…… DEFINITELY not something I thought I’d hear JBL be shouting.

When the match got a bit hectic Xavier managed to get a roll up for the win but unlike their usual ring clearing they got cleared themselves. The Dudleys took care of Big E and Kofi whilst John Cena AA’d Xavier leaving him open for the Dudleys to put him through a table… Again…. Why? Why poor Xavier all the time?

Randy Orton

Apparently Orton is injured. Well they say the Wyatt family “got to him” but whatever. I’m a sad Orton fan girl right now.

Dean Ambrose

He confirms that the Wyatt’s got to Orton and he’s calling out Harper and Strowman tonight on RAW.

Nikki Bella & Alicia Fox vs Naomi & Sasha Banks
Nikki Bella & Alicia Fox

We really need to do something different from tag team matches against the same Divas time and time again. Its one of the worst things about having three teams of three Divas because we’ve seen just about every combination you could possibly hope for wrestle against each other in six man tag matches, normal tag matches and singles tag matches, repeatedly for months.

That ain’t to say it was a bad match. Team BAD took the match right from the start, personally I thought it was a bit of a sloppy opening and the jump over Sasha’s shoulders by Naomi whilst looking cool also looked a bit stupid as a move. Sometimes I feel like they are so interested in showing that Naomi is athletic that they give her moves to prove it without them actually looking very good. I mean I like the Rear View as a move but I get why others don’t. The break came and we didn’t get to see a AlabamaSlama on Naomi which turned the table, again one reason I love the Bella’s because they look like they could hurt you actually. Their move sets are much more power related with lots of big moves in there and they do them so well. Its a little at odds with what they look like, you don’t think they’d be quite as much of a hard hitter as they are.

Its why Nikki vs Naomi for me has always worked because she completely grounds Naomi or else Naomi runs rings around Nikki.

Naomi ended up in the match for the majority of it and at the end it was Team Bella getting a win after Nikki knocks Sasha off ring side with a forearm, threw Naomi into the corner when she was going for a move and then hit her with a rack attack. It was a bit of a muddled end but it wasn’t bad.


We find out that Kane has been suspended FOR THE NIGHT after his actions last week. For me that is a bit odd seeing that in all honestly he shouldn’t be Corporate Kane after the PPV anyway seeing that he really shouldn’t be beating Rollins.

Shawn Michaels / Seth Rollins

This I don’t get. Now obviously if its just me you don’t need to shout but after Steve Austin coming down to the ring earlier HBK coming down didn’t seem to get the fans up in their seats, in fact it sounded like they’d fallen asleep. I got Austin as he is doing the pod cast. Taker and Lesnar had to be there. HBK? Just because?

Then again I agree with one thing that Shawn said and I’ve said it a million times when it comes to F1 drivers and their obsession (or one or two of theirs) of being the next Ayrton Senna or commentators wanting them to be the next Michael Schumacher. If you are so busy waiting for the next coming of someone else you miss watching someone becoming THE whatever they are. If you are so busy wanting to BE someone else and content with BEING their Mark II then you won’t be able to make your own legacy because you are too busy chasing someone else’s. The greatest of anything are the greatest because they strived not to be someone else but to be the best they can be.

I never thought I’d ever agree with something that HBK said in my life.

Seth Rollins vs Ryback
Seth Rollins wins by pin fall

Rollins got his ass handed to him for quite a while. You know I like Ryback a lot as a personality but my problem with him is that nothing flows in his matches if he’s dominating. He has a few moves but he signposts each of them and takes forever to actually hit them. It felt like Rollins was running into one big move after the other.

The ending was terrible. Seth didn’t get much offence at all he just hit Ryback in the midsection (where Ryback is injured) and then hit a Pedigree on Ryback for the win. Pedigree’s are not RKO’s you can’t just do a Pedigree out of nowhere.

Silly match for both of these guys.

Dolph Ziggler & Cesaro & Neville vs Sheamus & King Barrett & Rusev
Sheamus & King Barrett & Rusev win by pin fall

OK so there is something I do need to say.

WWE are running with the Lana/Rusev engagement story, we get “Poor Summer” stories all the time. NO ONE is pointing out that it makes no sense in the story they’ve just told. No one is asking WHY Lana, after being harrassed by Rusev, would say yes to him. They’ve now just completely whitewashed everything. It makes no sense so why don’t they just shut up?

Anyway cheerful Bloody King Barrett and everyone’s favourite Celtic Warrior are on. Now that is a bloody team! I mean Sheamus and Barrett on their own just look like they could kill half the roster…

Neville and Rusev started that match off and there was a perfect showing of athletiscm beating the troll with Neville getting the upper hand by basically spinning around Rusev. A quick tag to Cesaro to show off some of his strength then Neville is back in and Sheamus and Barrett take over beating down Neville.

For me there was too much of Neville and Rusev in the match. It wasn’t even like there was anything interesting going on it was just rather boring. Then again out of the six of them I am not much of a fan of Rusev especially since his return. After the tide turned completely with Neville being thrown out of the ring and into the commentator table we got the obvious attempt to ground him with a headlock from Barrett (after Rusev basically stood on Neville for a while) and Barrett showed why him and Sheamus should just be a tag team where he crawled into the ring and got a tag to stop the hot tag for Neville instead of getting into the ring and doing it himself. Unfortunately the hot tag came seconds after Sheamus started it to Cesaro (at this point I don’t think Dolph has been in the match) and we get a Upper cut parade. It was the upper cut parade that turned me off Cesaro when it seemed like it was the only move they ever let him use, I prefer the stupid Giant Swing (OK I LOVE the Giant Swing) to the upper cuts. Constant upper cuts. At one point the only thing he was doing was upper cuts.

When Dolph finally got into the match he took Barrett down with his speed before Rusev interferred. A pointless moment seeing that Rusev was outside the ring again within seconds. The match at this point just felt badly planned out.

At the end there was a lot of kicking, I love how American’s say Premier, someone didn’t compare Neville to Wayne Rooney and there was a mean looking Brogue Kick from outside the ring. Team Grumpy (headed by the overly cheerful King Barrett) wins. Sheamus runs off to get the briefcase and the crown and Rusev crowns Barrett. They could be my new favourite stable. Make it happen WWE. Make it happen.

If all of the above was a bit jumbled, as I fear it was, its because the match was pretty jumbled and sadly boring. I blame Rusev.

Ric Flair / Roman Reigns / The Wyatt Family

I give up. I could deal with Stone Cold making no sense, I can deal with Michaels who MADE sense but is boring, now I have to deal with Ric Flair Woo-ing. You see if I didn’t know who Ric Flair was and didn’t know the strut and the Woo’s I might like Charlotte. The fact I grew up wanting to kick Ric Flair in the face (why am I the only person who detested both HBK and Ric Flair growing up?) and now Charlotte basically acts like him 50% of the time makes me want to kick her… Sadly I also DON’T want to kick her because I like her so much. But I do. But I don’t.

I tuned completely out after the third Woo which came within three seconds of him opening his mouth.

Reigns comes down as he’s going to be tagging with Ambrose against Harper and Strowman (3 of them and 1 of me… Mate we just heard you were having a match with Ambrose not that we couldn’t figure out that you’d come to Ambrose’s help. Maybe you should just get on with the damned match?) just…. When Bray comes down to interrupt Flair and Reigns it isn’t the sexy beast Luke Harper but MY LITTLE INNOCENT BABY SHEEPY ERICK ROWAN that comes down with him. So Bray Wyatt now has two Sheepy boys.

Then again I do wonder why NO ONE mentioned the fact that Erick Rowan was back. I mean he hasn’t been seen for so long and no one bothered to mention it AT ALL. No one mentioned there was no Luke Harper or anything.

So thankfully Ric lasted about 3 seconds before Reigns takes over and we get a sit down counselling session with Doctor Reigns.

Again they gave Reigns the part in the story that should have been Bray’s making the Wyatt family look weak and silly. Pointless segment and even more pointless that all of them were at ring side yet the match is still “later”.

The Authority / Shawn Michaels

OK twice in two nights have I actually liked Shawn Michaels and the way he was thinking. Goading Rollins into going out and tagging with Ambrose/Reigns against the Wyatts.

Seth isn’t half as smart as he thinks he is. He’s cute.

Charlotte vs Brie Bella
Charlotte wins by submission

Didn’t she fight Brie the other week or did I dream that up? I’d much rather have seen Nattie against one of them.

You see this is the match that proved what I said above. I loved the whatever it is you’d call the move she did when she used her legs to throw Brie around. I loved how cocky she was calling Nikki into the match after disposing of Brie on the outside. The second she woo’s though is the second I just see her dad and my leg starts to jingle.

After Charlottes inital momentum she got grounded by Brie.

The problem I always have with Charlotte matches other then the dad thing is quite often the Figure 8 just comes out of nowhere after her opponent has dominated and I’d like to see her win without it more often. I kind of want to see Charlotte dominate just in general. The one thing I hated about her championship title winning match was that she did fuck all the whole match and then hit a few moves and got the win, the Figure 8 is a great move and sure it has the emotional weight for fans too but I just feel she needs to look stronger. Even though I’m not a fan I’d rather see her as a dominant force in the Divas then get beat up a lot and get lucky.


I’ll give it to Renee I loved that they had her push Paige. Paige is annoying and Renee usually annoys me but that was quite good. I still don’t get it.

Mark Henry vs Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens wins by pin fall

Well they have Kevin Owens wrestling all the time so I guess… Who cares if he’s against Henry?

It was a interesting match. Unlike the Pedigree and Figure 8 the Pop-up Powerbomb is a great Out of Nowhere match stealer and Owens really DID  steal that match because even though when he had the run of the match he looked like he could beat Henry when Henry took charge he was beat. One little flurry at the end and it was all over but it was a good match.

Short. Sweet.

Seth Rollins

Just reminding us that this isn’t the SHIELD reunion just him proving a point.

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins vs The Wyatt Family
The Wyatt Family win by DQ

WWE seem to forget that everyone has forgotten about the SHIELD, that we forgot how they broke up or their feelings for each other. Because it wasn’t like just after Rollins won the belt we were reminded of that for months.

Wow… Michael Cole FINALLY mentioned that Harper wasn’t there.

The match was really good. It went through spouts of one or the other side taking charge, Rowan fit right into the gap that Harper has left and it was a fun match to watch. Of course Rollins hardly did anything other then limp out of ringside when his team needed him the most, the lackadaisical tag on the other side of the ring from whoever it was to Rowan and Rowan seeing that Ambrose only had Rollins to tag so he kind of just watched and slowly got into the ring like he was having the time of his life reminds me why I love my Sheepy baby.

The match ended in DQ seconds before it would have ended in a submission anyway as Braun had his big choke hold thing on Reigns who was out cold but Ambrose interfered before it ended.

Great way to end the show though.

My Thoughts :

I really liked it compared to last weeks. I thought every match and segment were about the right amount of time, they got some good matches in even if some of them were very repetitive and it flowed well.

I did wonder how long each of the special guests would get but I think each were used perfectly even if there were still two too many.

Then again it didn’t feel really “enough” leading up to a PPV and I doubt SmackDown will be any better. The only match it made me hungry for (sorry Ryback not you) was Taker/Lesnar which is good because I’m NOT actually particularly interested in the match but it made me believe that I was.

I really hope they are looking at “what next” for a lot of these guys because they have so many guys just doing “whatever” at the moment and that is the problem.

Still I thought it was good.

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