One Piece : An Adventure on the Back of an Elephant

Chapter 804

One Piece is back this week so we finally learn what was falling on Luffy from the back of a giant Elephant…

That isn’t one of the great elephants of the Discworld I’m afraid.

Well of course its some kind of ninja, and of course it takes off Kin’emon and Kanjuurou. The whole first half of the chapter is pretty hilarious but also pretty pointless. I don’t get what Kanjuurou was doing to begin with covering Kin’emon’s eyes it was all rather strange and happened so fast. Then the Dragon (when did he get named?) struggled to get them to the top just for him to turn back into a drawing when he did and everyone getting teary eyed other then Law and Zoro who has had enough of their shit for one day.

The town has already been invaded, the doors of the gatehouse have been forced open, their is a trail of destruction and just when they think they’ll find the others the “Mink Tribe” attack them.

Well one of them does, the one called Carrot, the other one tells Carrot to leave them alone as they need to fight off intruders elsewhere and just so happens to be wearing Nami’s clothing. In fact it looks a tad like Nami so either Nami has new clothes, Nami is dead or Nami has turned into one of these strange peoples.

I’m just dying for the crew to be back together. After seeing them a month or two back we’ve yet to see anything of Sanji’s team again for ages and I just want to know what they were doing, how they are and I JUST WANT TO SEE SANJI!!! I miss him. Though this looks like a terrible place for him to be seeing that the Mink Tribe are quite cute, I mean he nearly died from Mermaids why would these be any different? Then again I kind of also want that side of his character to disappear so I’m not sure why I’m thinking about it. Probably because I know that is what is going to either give his position away or will be the joke when we catch up with him.

How can you not love Zoro and Law being like the parents of a bunch of unruly kids? They honestly looked like they were about to turn their swords on the others id they didn’t stop bellyaching over a bloody drawing. I love these two. Maybe Law’s grumpiness is what I love so much about him. He matches Zoro so well.

I’m kind of sad Barto didn’t go with them because he would have been funny! I also don’t get why Kin’emon and Kanjuurou haven’t already caught up, surely they would be able to follow pretty directly?!

I liked it though I want the next chapter now just so we can get the mystery of Nami’s clothes sorted. I don’t like waiting!

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