Friday the 13th (2009)

Halloween got rebooted and it was really popular and suddenly reboots of Slasher films became a thing.

In 2009 Jason got the reboot treatment.

Unlike most of the remakes Friday the 13th’s didn’t bother with a hard reboot, it didn’t bother to reintroduce the character it just was another Jason movie. The only thing the reboot did was take away the problem of explaining why Jason isn’t a metal monster after Jason X, making it fit between Freddy vs Jason and Jason X or whatever. It turned back time and gave us a new human Jason who did… Just about everything that Jason did do anyway.

The final Friday the 13th film was also unpopular with critics but so was the rebooted Nightmare on Elm Street and no one on this site agrees with that.

I don’t really agree with the dislike of Friday the 13th either.

My main problem with the franchise is that it always tried to add on to mythology, it tried to stay interesting by doing what Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street were doing but it never had the ability to tell stories like them. Regardless of how panned a Friday Film was by critics it made money and it made money because no matter how silly the story got you knew what you were getting. Kids go close to Camp Blood, Jason wakes up and kills people, one person survives usually being carted off hysterically. Once or twice it wasn’t Jason but it doesn’t matter because there was still a high body count.

The reboot stuck to this. Whereas Nightmare and Halloweens reboots were a start over the Friday reboot gave us every tiny bit of story we could possibly need about Jason, Camp Crystal Lake, the other movies before the title was even flashed on screen. In a homage to the first movie Mama Voorhees is seen terrorizing the final teenager (for some reason topless, there is a lot of pointless toplessness in this film) and telling her the same as Mama Voorhees did her final victim all those years before. One headcut later and Jason wanders out of the woods to see his beheaded mother.

The next part of the movie gives the “around the camp fire” Monster story of Jason (which we all know to be true) and that is it. We don’t get to see Baby Jason, we don’t get a deeper look or a remake of the first movie. Everything you ever needed to know about Jason was condensed into about 20 minutes.

Topless females, talk of drugs, sex and violence all in the first 20 minutes.

I guess that is where it failed though. What I liked about Halloween was that it added something new to Michael Myers. Similarly Nightmare gave us a new version of Freddy which was similar to the original but more emphasis on Freddy himself. Jason didn’t need anything to be added so it was perfect having him be who he always is but at the same time the film itself needed something different. It could have done away with a lot of the Slasher movie tropes and tried something different.

It didn’t.

And I don’t get why so many modern films are just always dark. Even when its daylight outside everything has to look dark and grotty. Why?

I think it gets a bad rap though, for a Jason movie its the simplest its ever been and did more then a whole bunch of other movies did. I personally found it to be a good film.

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