Plymouth Wrestling Association : October Overdrive

So the first time since April I went along to our local wrestling promotion. I brought my tickets online (nice and easy) and brought along what is now becoming the “Wrestling Group” (Me, David, Ros and Mother) put on my #BTE t-shirt (mainly because my Tyler Breeze t-shirt turned itself pink in the wash and didn’t dry in time ALSO my mum stole my Bo Dallas t-shirt) and headed down to the Stonehouse Creek Leisure and Social Club for a fun night.

Warning as always. Lots of photos used if not during the review (usually about 2 photos one normal size and one shrunk down) then at the bottom where I hand pick the best I got of the night and just post them. Slower computers beware, I apologise.

JD Knight

So we open the night with JD Knight coming down to tell us he’s hurt his shoulder so won’t be in the number one contenders match against Justin ‘The Hammer’ Sysum tonight, in fact whoever gets the pin in the 6-Man tag match will get the opportunity later on in the Main Event.

It was actually pretty funny, him telling the crowd that his injured shoulder is TRAGIC news for some reason just made me laugh. He has a great personality and a great presence in the ring and got the crowd worked up all for the announcement of his injury.

Dutch & Tyler Hawke & Jason King vs Grayson Reeves & Eddie Ryan & Danny Walsh
Winners : Dutch & Tyler Hawke & Jason King

The opening match was the 6-Man tag match. I’ll tell you this, you might look at the crowd and think its small but the noise
they make is unlike anything you’ll ever hear. The team of Dutch, Hawke and King got the crowd stirred up before their opponents even had a chance to come out. To be honest I would have enjoyed just hearing Dutch argue with the crowd all night whilst Jason King looked petrified that someone in the audience might touch him.

I don’t believe I’ve seen any of those three wrestle before but I HAD seen both Eddie Ryan (twice) and Danny Walsh wrestle and if I thought they were good the last time (two times) then it was nothing to how good they were here. Then again the last time I saw Ryan he was in a 6-Man tag match as well… The first time I saw them they were fighting each other. This has little to do with anything other then the fact I like them both and I wanted to remind you I knew who they were (I even remembered their names…)

I really honestly loved the match. All six men stood out which is hard to pull off in such a big match. I loved how funny Jason King was, you could hardly take your attention away from him because he was always yabbering away in his corner or running away from tags, it wasn’t surprising when he tagged in whilst his team were dominating just to be the one that the tables turned against. He had such a personality on him and the crowd loved it. The others were great in the ring and it wasn’t lost on them that whoever got the pin (I guess other then Danny who lets face it can’t be the number one contender to fight himself though that would be a match worth watching) would get the chance to be in the match to crown the number one contender later in the show.

No word of a lie I think the two matches I’ve seen Eddie Ryan in this year would rank up there with anything I’ve seen on TV as well. It was my favourite match in the PWA Anniversary show (against Danny) and he might have been lucky to be in a match with one of my all time heroes thus having the emotional factor making it great. I am now a fan of Eddie Ryan and honestly this was one of my two favourite matches during the night it didn’t surprise me that Ryan was in it. I don’t think I’ve said in the other two blogs how good he is but till you’ve seen him live me telling you how good he is won’t actually ever convey just how damned good he is. I guess the same can be said of Danny seeing he’s in two of those matches, then again there is something completely different about Danny Walsh in general. Honestly he looks like a champion, heck if you had to choose one champion out of any champion in the world to be on your side, not just because he’s pretty I’ll have you know because Seth Rollins is pretty, you’d be choosing Danny who just looks awesome in the ring and so cool outside of it.

The match ended with Dutch going for a big move and going for the pin before Hawke attacked him out of nowhere and got the three count instead meaning he carries on to the number one contenders match. It was a proper heel ending to it and Hawke was actually amazing in the ring (I’ll talk more about him later though) and the match on a whole just got everyone hyped up. For the crowd there were no losers the match was just great.

Good team work between both sides, great audience interaction. Best way to start off a show.

Annie May Richards & Violet O’Hara vs Adira & Sierra
Winners : Annie May Richards & Violet O’Hara 

I will admit to being a little disappointed with the match. NOT anything to do with the women involved who are great but because there wasn’t enough Adira and I love her.

You might remember me talking about Adira during the anniversary show, she had a match against Johnny Sicko and instantly I fell in love with her? Yes well its safe to say Annie and Violet weren’t in love with the idea of fighting Adira. Sierra started the match, some clever tricks and good team work meant that she got bogged down in the oppositions corner. When she finally made the hot tag neither Annie or Violet wanted anything to do with Adira so to keep the match going she tagged in Sierra again. When Adira did get into the ring she looked deadly. I would not blame any male or female that don’t want to go up against someone as amazing as Adira.

In the end with much cheating Annie and Violet got the win.

A great showing by all the women. Sierra is actually brilliant and she sold the hell out of everything. I am hoping I’ve got them the right way round but Annie was great, I’m sure I’ve got it right if not I apologise, she had such great chemistry with the crowd she even jumped down off the ring apron and challenged one fan, when she didn’t want to fight Adira she pointed out people in the crowd and told them to go in and fight her for her with a smile on her face. She played her part brilliantly and all four were amazing athletes it was great to see such a good match.

Krieger vs John Harding
Winner : Draw

Dude up close Krieger is a beast. His legs look like they might be longer then me. I saw him in the battle royal at the anniversary show and he was one of the guys that stood out for me. Man it doesn’t feel like April since I saw him last that man makes such a impression I didn’t realise it at first but seeing him come out brought back the battle royal and it felt like only yesterday.

The match, which will be semi-re-Reviewed separately to go into our #HardingforWWE tag, was great fun. Both him and Harding have great in-ring personalities and focuses your attention on them. Krieger had the upper hand the majority of the match, I do feel he looks slightly too thin to really have me believe he’s a unstoppable force but at the same time when that was nagging in the back of my mind it kind of worked too. Again that isn’t me trying to be nasty or something but its one of those things were I think he’s going to grow into that role. As it was he doesn’t need  that because he’s good enough at grounding his opponent anyway.

Harding is great and his reaction to everything was brilliant. They had great chemistry and it was a great match. I couldn’t really see what was going on at the end, I saw Harding go for a roll up with a bridge of some sort but I was right at the back of the room and couldn’t actually see what was happening. The match ended in a draw as apparently both guys shoulders were down, I wanted them to start the match up again but heyho. I’m greedy like that.

Good match.


There was only a short break. I brought myself a wrist band but that was it, I didn’t get any raffle tickets this time out mainly because I didn’t know whether anyone would want to come to the November show with me so there was no point winning tickets before people had made their minds up.


At this point my brand new Samsung S6, which I got because it had a better camera then the iPhone 6, was running out of battery and a quick look at the photos told me that unless I’m just not “getting” the overly complicated camera settings (they aren’t but I haven’t actually sat down and played with it yet) then their picture quality is just as shit as the iPhone’s and I’ve managed to just get a lot of blurry photos even with photo stabilizing on. Then again I’ve had the phone for four days so we’ll see.

A phone review in the middle of a wrestling review. That is why people love me.

The Bristol Boys vs PJ Jones & The UK  Dominator (c)
Winners : PJ Jones & The UK Dominator

If you just so happen to be following @Geek__Mind on Twitter you’d have guessed that I am just a tiny bit of a PJ Jones fan. All through writing the blog for the anniversary show I was going to say how great he was then got carried away with talking about how pretty James Storm was. For my fan girling heart I apologise because PJ Jones is amazing. I made up a little for forgetting to mention how great him and tag team partner UK Dominator were by telling you how great the UK Dominator was at the Pride Promotions event so its only fair the twitter feed was awash with me fangirling for PJ Jones.

By the way he’s called The Winner… By BY the Way there is a reason he’s The Winner…. By BY the Way WAY he’s also extremely entertaining.

I’ve seen all these guys before and every time I see them they entertain. This was my other favourite match of the night (I’m a tag team fan anyway) and with good reason. The Bristol Boys are fun to see in the ring, they’ve got good ring presence and work like a well oiled machine. The WINNER and the UK Dominator work just as well even if they have problems actually tagging each other (now that was hilarious!) and both get the crowd so riled up all the time. I mean you can’t get more obnoxious and sneering if you tried. The UK Dominator didn’t get a chance to insult all the fat women of Plymouth this time out though I’m surprised that PJ Jones could even talk with all the screaming he did.

The champions dominated a lot of the match, the only time they didn’t usually was played up for comedy. The Bristol Boys never got enough momentum going but showed their great agility and team work when the did get some steam. Told the best story over the whole of the night and drove crowd interaction over the top. There was even a moment when a whole group of people just grabbed hold of the UK Dominators legs and kept him on the ground.

My most favourite of all time double team moves was PJ Jones just chucking whichever of the Bristol Boys hadn’t just been violently thrown on the floor outside and the UK Dominator giving a wicked kick to the poor Bristol dudes private area. The champions got the win which funnily enough proved everyone shouting Loser at PJ Jones wrong.

The UK Dominator is also a excellent dancer.

Tyler Hawke vs Justin ‘The Hammer’ Sysum
Winner : Tyler Hawke (DQ)

I’m going to be honest and say that it took too long to get into the match for me personally. That being said unlike the first match where I just thought that Tyler Hawke was a great wrestler I realised he also has a great personality. The whole muscle show off competition thing was hilarious as was when he was outside the ring and kept getting hurt and went over to get his hurt bits (one time quite literally) kissed better. The Hammer was just as funny though his similarity facial wise to Bo Dallas meant that there was near constant Bo Dallas chants. He did give us the Inspirational smile and thumbs up though, sorry to say Justin you will NOT be replacing my Inspirational Hero any time soon no matter how much you BO-Lieve.

For a match to determine the number one contender there was a lack of wrestling at times whether it was showing off at the beginning, trying to cheat nearer the end or the ending itself.

That being said it was a fun match. When they got into the wrestling both were more then amazing. I preferred Tyler Hawke who just looked deadly cool. Some good top rope action too, and his missed chair shot that rebounded back onto his head sounded and looked horrible and he sold it well.

I did love when both of them crawled back into the ring and made for the chair just for the ref to slam his foot down on it.

JD Knight came out at the end of the match to try and cheat Sysum out of the match, Sysum kicked out of the attempted pin but after another distraction not soon after by Knight Hawke was able to plant a chair on Sysum and make it look like he’d been hit with it to get the DQ win.

This means that Tyler Hawke will have a PWA Heavyweight Championship match against Danny Walsh next month at the November show.

Last Thoughts :

I thought I’d have problems with such a small venue and my anxiety and phobia of crowds but actually it was a lovely feeling all evening long and it was a lot of fun.

There was not a single bad match, there was not a single weak wrestler every single match and every single guy (or gal) at the event were great.This was the first time I went to one of their smaller shows and you could just feel from the moment you stepped in (a guy complimented my mum on her choice of t-shirt) to the moment the matches started to the moment we left (the same guy asked us if we’d enjoyed the show as we left and friendly said he’d see us next month) it just oozed with love for wrestling. The fans were great, the wrestlers you could see loved it and it just made the whole evening fly by.

I said in the review my two favourite matches was the 6-Man tag match and the Tag Team Championship match. All of the guys involved with those matches were just great fun to watch and it wasn’t like there was a weak link in the chain in either. All the teams worked well together and they were just brimming with personality.

My only problem is getting home from the event with Plymouth City Bus deciding that the Eggbuckland area doesn’t need buses on a Sunday though we walked back into town this time out and the next bus wasn’t until 11:15 so there is a good possibility that if we DO go next time we’ll stay for the meet and greet because we know not only do we have all the time in the world but we would rather be doing something then waiting on the Royal Parade for a bus. I add this onto the end mainly because it means we will 100% be going again in fact after texting everyone the date of the next show we’re all planning on going again next month as long as nothing else comes up between now and then.

Again I have nothing for praise for them they have a great little community around them too and its nice to see just how happy everyone there is.

So unless I come up with a bad excuse not to go we WILL be at the November show as well.

Once more I would like to apologise for terrible photos, one day I’ll actually get around to taking good ones.

Thank you once more to PWA for a lovely evening!

Their Event page for the November show :

Facebook :
Twitter :

And as always here are some of the better poor quality photos I took. Enjoy!



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