Freddy vs Jason (2003)

In 2003 the event all horror fans were waiting for happened. After Freddy pulled Jason to hell in 1993 we finally got to see what it was that Freddy did to him. The most charismatic Slasher killer meets possibly the most boring Slasher Monster.

You go into the movie hoping for a epic showdown between these two icons. In actuality you get a much more complex story, for one of them the story of survival for the other… The same old stomping around killing people. The Friday franchise gets mixed into the much more complex story driven world of the Nightmare series and everyone’s Nightmares come to life…

In more ways then one.

Who cares about Jason though when we have FREDDY!!!

I say that when in actual fact I was a Jason fan at the time the movie came out and got extremely angry whenever I thought that Freddy might actually win. I wasn’t a Jason fan because of his movies though, I’d seen two of his movies to this point which was Jason X which I’d seen in the cinema (I was about 12 at the time and it didn’t scare me though it terrified my 22 year old cousin who took me to see it) and Jason takes Manhattan (my mum let me and my sisters watch it as she thought it was too funny to scare us.) I hadn’t seen Freddy at all and my cousins love of Jason just kind of rubbed off on me.

NOW its the complete opposite.

If I’m honest with you I don’t think scary movies (whatever sub-genre they are) have ever scared me. Freddy never scared me but the idea of the Nightmare films always interested me. As someone who has very vivid and realistic dreams if anyone could make me stop and be scared for a moment it would be Freddy. Though Twisty the Clown from American Horror Story actually terrified me but that was a first, I still have to have the curtains closed when it starts to get dark for fear I might look out it and see his face staring in at me.

Anyway none of this has anything to do with Freddy vs Jason which mixed the concept of dreams and memories well into the fabric of the “Jason goes off on rampage shocker” movie. The first half which was all about Jason killing people under Freddy’s command to force people to remember him, seeing him try to attack people and not being strong enough, it all added a extra layer to what could have been quite a boring film. I don’t think people thought out a “Freddy vs Jason” I mean sure Jason got dragged to hell but how would they do a movie set in hell? If Jason escaped on his own (why would he? He wasn’t exactly intelligent) then how could Freddy attack him? I’m guessing Jason doesn’t dream so it is hardly like he can attack his dreams. The way they played it was great, having Jason brought back under Freddy’s scheme, having it turn on Freddy so he has to attack Jason, having the teenagers have to fight both of them and actually force Freddy into the real world to face Jason on equal terms. It worked.

I also had the biggest crush on Chris Marquette who played Linderman.

When the two actually started to go at it it just reminded me time and time again why Freddy was so much better. He’s more interesting as a character and he kicks ass. Robert Englund deserved all the awards you could give him for elevating a movie that would have failed miserably with a lesser actor to play alongside Jason. As for Ken Kirzinger as Jason he just didn’t look intimidating enough to be Jason, whereas Hodder looked big Kirzinger looked like Jason had shrunk in the wash. It didn’t do Jason as a character any favours though to be fair Jason needed a lot more favours then just to look better to match up to Freddy.

It worked though. OK it wasn’t a masterpiece but it worked. People say it’ll only work for fans of the genre and in some ways I feel like saying to them so what? This is like the meeting of two of the biggest icons of all time, if people who don’t like Slasher movies went to see the movie in the hope that it would be the next piece of cinematic Shakespeare then they deserved to be disappointed. It was the meeting of the Nightmare chasing after you and the Nightmare that gets you in your sleep. It stayed true to both series of films having the more involved story lines and better characters that the Nightmare Franchise used and then just the mindlessly giant body count that the Friday Franchise enjoyed. It didn’t NEED anything else, it didn’t NEED to make lots of people who didn’t already like the series like it. What would be the point of Freddy vs Jason if it didn’t play to every fanboy/girls heart?

You couldn’t have asked for a better collision.

Or you could and you would be disappointed with anything else.

The idea of Freddy vs Jason could live on to as many films as they’d choose to produce. You could carry on with another Englund Freddy vs Jason or you could have all new Freddy’s and just do it from the beginning again.

If another film never happens then… We have this. Its fantastically silly, wonderfully Freddy and ridiculously Jason.

You can tell by our reviews that we love Freddy and you might think by our reviews we didn’t like Jason. You would be wrong, we have nothing but love for two of the icons of our upbringing, the two bogeymen that were meant to haunt our dreams and then our every waking moment. The Friday franchise might have been…. More of a laugh in the wrong ways but that doesn’t mean we didn’t appreciate it or the creation of THE icon of Slasher movies REGARDLESS of the quality of his films or whether or not he’s actually the best.

Tomorrow though Halloween Season starts its reviews of Halloween. We’ve had Freddy and Jason now we’ll take a look at the original bad guy, Michael Myers*.

*Disclaimer to say that just sounded better then saying tomorrow we start Halloween reviews. I know Slasher movies had been around beforehand though it is widely acknowledged that the popularity of Halloween is what saw rise to the 80s Slasher Movies. We will be looking at some other films after the Halloween series to end the Slasher Month so don’t think we’ve just picked the three biggest names, it was just that they were franchises and we always wanted to review them altogether. Hence why we didn’t do them last year! 

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