American Horror Story Hotel : Chutes and Ladders

The new season of AHS continues inside the Hotel Cortez following the struggles of its many strange characters.

I wasn’t fully convinced by the first episode thinking that there was a lot of positives but finding it a little bit hard work to get to the end of the episode.

If I’m honest I still find it quite hard to get to the end of the episode. It feels overly long and could do with having a good 10 minutes cut off it. There is a lot of fat around the edge that doesn’t add any kind of flavor to the episodes and just gets in the way and bogs it down.

The second episode manages to add possibly the best element so far to this new series whilst dragging on what I find the least interesting story element.

The least interesting story element is that of the Vampires The Countess and Donovan. I can honestly say that I’m pretty over them already, their parts tend to be artistic value over substance and the addition of Tristan Duffy (played by Finn Wittrock who was Dandy last season) did not add anything really new to it other then vague hints of the heartache that the Countess has felt. At least we now know its apparently real Vampires and not just crazy people pretending to be Vampires. It is nonetheless pretty boring.

The best part was the addition of Evan Peters new character James March, the man who built the Hotel Cortez, built it so he could torture and kill people inside its walls with the help of his laundress Miss Evers and then killed himself and her before the police could get to them. The whole story of March and his hotel as well as the first look at March still haunting the hotel and the relationship between him and Miss Evers (played wonderfully by Mare Winningham) was by far the best part of the whole episode.

Other then that there was nothing really special about the episode. Both Kathy Bates and Denis O’Hare mere presence made any scene they were in even though there was hardly a word said by O’Hare’s Liz Taylor this episode. Wes Bentley is fine but I kind of wish they hadn’t bothered giving him a family, the confused relationship between him and his wife (she hates him, she doesn’t hate him, she blames him for their son going missing, she doesn’t blame him. Man the kid doesn’t even look anything like Bentley so her “I can’t look at you without seeing him” speech was baffling) is a waste of both characters really. That being said their daughter Scarlett (Shree Crooks) is interesting but I just can’t get into the mystery of their son Holden (Lennon Henry) and why he’s there. The kid does creepy good though.

Its starting to feel like a real mish mash of the good, the bad and the really ugly.

We’ll see how it goes.


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