SmackDown 15/10/15 Review

I’ve been working so this is the first chance I have had to watch SmackDown, just before I go to see local wrestling this evening.

So lets get ready for the NEW DAY!!!

Matches Quick Overlook :

Roman Reigns vs Bo Dallas
Winner : Roman Reigns

Cesaro & Neville vs King Barrett & Sheamus
Winner : King Barrett & Sheamus

Zack Ryder vs Kevin Owens
Winner : Kevin Owens

Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev
(Special Guest Referee Summer Rae)
Winner : Dolph Ziggler

Prime Time Players vs The Wyatt Family
Winners : The Wyatt Family

Charlotte vs Alicia Fox
Winner : Charlotte

New Day vs The Dudley Boys & Dean Ambrose
Winners : The Dudley Boys & Dean Ambrose (DQ)

Roman Reigns vs Bo Dallas
Roman Reigns wins by pin fall

It wasn’t the worst way to start off SmackDown.

I don’t get why they don’t do more with Bo, he’s much more interesting both in the ring and in general then the majority of wrestlers they have. He made me laugh from the minute he started mouthing off to Reigns to the moment he got beat by him. The thing is they make him look so weak at times and this isn’t the first time he’s just been fed to Reigns for a easy win. I get that he’s a jobber but they could be doing so much more with Bo as he’s just a lot of fun.

Also whilst sticking with the same personality they are slowly, whether its intentional or not, turning him a little more “darker” then he was with his inspirational messages not really being that inspirational any more.

To be honest though the biggest problem with the match was that it was extremely uninspiring. A decent little match but nothing special.

After the match Roman and Bray got a say in and for a change Roman’s little speech was precise and made bloody sense.

Cesaro & Neville vs King Barrett & Sheamus
King Barrett & Sheamus win by pin fall

Truly it feels like they just have nothing to do with these guys which is really sad.

The two teams are interesting, Barrett and Sheamus more so and they have a right little Bromance going on. In fact they could be quite a swell team if they really don’t have anything to do with them until Sheamus cashes in the briefcase.

Once more Neville was treated like the odd man out, the smallest guy in the ring up against (and tagged with) three of the biggest guys around. Barrett’s new leash of life really honestly rocks, I love his skipping about the place and shouting abuse at everyone. Him and Sheamus make a terrifying duo but they need to be booked to look it if that is what they are going to do with them.

The match was good but it still felt like it didn’t really get going. I love that Cesaro and Neville have kind of gelled right off the bat, its nice to see Cesaro using his strength to propel Neville, it gives Neville even more places to jump off of.

The thing is this could be interesting, especially with Stardust and The Ascension (who were sitting at ring side in the Stardust Section) involved. No doubt it won’t go anywhere though.

Summer Rae

Well I’ll give them that I think its a good way to have Summer go being the strong female that will kick anyone’s ass if they get in her way. Still just think she needs a clean break from it and to join the other Divas in the Revolution.

Kevin Owens s Zack Ryder
Kevin Owens wins by pin fall

A short match but a pretty good one. Zack Ryder ain’t someone to be forgotten about, he put up a good fight. Shame the match was so short because he didn’t really get to flex his stuff but it was all about building Owens momentum going into Hell in a Cell and having Ryback looking grumpy at ring side (which just didn’t work.)

Bit of a shame as I’d quite like to see Owens work up steam in a match and its always nice to see Ryder in the ring but never mind.

Nattie / Paige

Backstage and Paige’s split personality reigns supreme. Natalya out acted her without even speaking, Paige is annoying (for me yes, yes of course I know) and I wish Paige would just disappear and Natalya take her place. I don’t get what is going on but at least Natalya is on screen all the time.

Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev
Dolph Ziggler wins by pin fall

The match was good, better then quite a few of their matches recently. With no Lana or Summer to distract them at ring side you weren’t waiting for the next stupid thing to happen. Rusev was in the best form he’s been in since his injury and Dolph used his speed to shake the balance of the match.

Summer Rae as ref made me wonder why WWE don’t actually HAVE female refs. I mean its hardly like its that hard to be a ref and Summer did a great job (well when she wasn’t being biased) and I’d kind of like to see her ref the Divas matches if they aren’t going to do anything with her.

Rusev dominated the match, again something he hasn’t really done or not made look good since his injury, with no actual interference from Summer it was just allowed to move on. In the end getting pissed with a slow count he lost his focus and Ziggler was able to attack from out of nowhere to get the three count.

After a decent moving on point for Summer WWE dropped the ball by having her try and get in Ziggler’s pants next. He turned her down leaving her looking sad in the ring. Honestly she needs to just be cut lose from any angle these two might go in next and just go with the other Divas.

Please now END Ziggler/Rusev.

Dudleys / Dean Ambrose

Well they definitely work well together on the mic. It was funny.

Prime Time Players vs Luke Harper & Braun Strowman
Luke Harper & Braun Strowman win by submission

I miss Luke Harpers entrance. It makes me wish he wasn’t part of the Wyatt family. Specially when he’s tagging with Strowman who they’ve basically just given Harpers whole gimmick to. Its sad.

Away from them where have the PTP been recently? They were like the next challengers for whoever won the titles at the last PPV and yet we haven’t seen them.

Again it failed on so many levels. Mainly because we had this story of Braun being unbeatable and yet we see him against someone like Titus and you know that he can beat him and they even had him stand toe to toe with Braun to begin with. In the end it was another short match with Darren Young ending up being chocked out. For me they’ve failed to book Strowman properly and he just is boring to watch.

Charlotte vs Alicia Fox
Charlotte wins by submission

“You have to love the Divas Revolution” really King? Because I don’t. The Divas Revolution has done little for the Divas other then bring a few up from NXT and have fans decide that the other Divas no longer matter therefore why not just get rid of them and just have the NXT women?

The match was really good, like most matches tonight it felt a bit short but it was a good match for both Alicia and Charlotte. Alicia because it showed once again that she isn’t just someone tagging onto the Bella’s she in herself is deserving of a chance and for Charlotte it carried on her domination of the division onto the PPV..

I’m starting to feel like they forgot that we don’t need to be reminded of Lesnar/Taker every 30 minutes or even be bothered by what happened on RAW to people who aren’t on SmackDown.


Well Paige carries on with the stupidness backstage and just as she’s being told one day at a time by Charlotte we see the refs rush to help Nattie. How did anyone know that Nattie in her locker room had been beaten up? Silly.

New Day vs The Dudley Boys & Dean Ambrose
The Dudley Boys & Dean Ambrose win by DQ

So another match that kind of never really got going. It had a brilliant ending and of course New Day just did their thing whilst the others tried to beat them.

Even the resulting aftermath didn’t really do much.

That being said it was a good match and I love seeing New Day just wipe people out no matter who they are. Its a nice statement from them whilst being jokers that they can just go out there and kick butt too. I really liked the match but I did feel like it needed am much longer running time.

My Thoughts : 

I honestly don’t know what to say about it. I liked that there was less messing about and we got to see quite a few matches but at the same time I’d have probably cut out one or two of the matches to make others longer. It felt like because most of these matches had people who are in story lines just wrestling that they didn’t care about the matches so much more then building up momentum or cutting it down for people. The only story being told all night really was Paige and her split personality thing which I guess is interesting in a way because it gives the Divas a second story but fails because Paige is just annoying.

Quite a few of the better matches felt like they were over just as they were picking up steam. I’d have done away with the tag team match with PTP/Harper&Strowman and given more time to the Cesaro&Neville/Barrett&Sheamus match as well as the Owens/Ryder match.

It felt like it lived in the shadow of RAW which wasn’t that great itself this week.. I don’t really like split brands but when a show feels this much like a afterthought it makes me wonder if it wouldn’t be better right now to re-split the brands. With so many contenders for top spots not getting through it would probably now make sense. Guys like Cesaro and Barrett who work hard to build momentum for themselves then get booked into oblivion which is sad. All the hype for Cesaro in the recent months with the whole Cesaro Section stuff was beautiful but instead of grabbing onto that and building him up WWE let him be forgotten.

I think its time for Sheamus to win the belt though.

I don’t know I enjoyed the show which is the main thing I just don’t think it was the best that they could have produced and it really comes down to quality over quantity. I felt like this week on SmackDown they went for quantity over quality and therefore let some of their superstars, who haven’t had TV time recently anyway, down.

Sorry if something doesn’t make sense in the blog I’ve tried to write it whilst getting ready to go out AND doing some other things.

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