Jason X (2001)

After the good part of a decade away from our screens Jason returned in a all new adventure once more moving out of the normal Jason wakes up from wherever he’s been left and goes on a rampage by Camp Crystal Lake or wherever he’s unfortunately been moved to (which now includes New York) to Jason wakes up on Space ship and causes havoc.

The last Jason film really before the remake in 2009 and one of the least popular by far, not really explaining how he got from hell to a bunker in the first place let alone having to deal with all the space adventures.

Saying that for me Jason X was actually the first Jason movie I saw and therefore stays the definitive Jason movie for me. You can say a bit like Doctor Who and having Your Doctor for me this is My Jason.

I get it you know. I get why its not good. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that Slasher Movie monster put on space ship in the future isn’t exactly something that screams “Greatest Movie EVER!!!”

It was the first Jason thing I’d seen though and thankfully it had got rid of all the Friday the 13th baggage and went all out with terrible Slasher Movie.

In fact growing up I didn’t think it could get any worse. This was in the cinema, it was a big thing with people my age who had snuck in to see it (I didn’t know her but Anna just walked in apparently to see it) it was THE horror movie that everyone was talking about… Everyone said that everything before it was better then this and I imagined this wonderful amazing series of fills with this really creepy guy just killing everyone.

Well he did kill hell of a lot of people. It was a bit of a mess in all other aspects.

Looking back I think we’ve said it a few times but the film was crazy. From the fact that it was set in space anyway to the guy that created a android who turned into some geeks wet dream of bad ass female protagonist (I mean apparently who doesn’t want to have a girl with magnetic nipples?) to the fact that they nano-botted Jason into a cybernetic zombie. It was like Firefly meets Slasher movie.

There are genuinely bits I liked though (not that it made any sense mind you) like the use of the holograms to try and subdue Jason and he then started to kill hologram campers inside their sleeping bags. I liked the acting much better too and especially the main female (Lexa Doig playing Rowan) who was the best female protagonist the Friday films have ever managed to have. The scene where Peter Mensah’s character Sergeant Brodski goes face to face with him in his space suit was quite cool too.

Mixing of styles doesn’t really work with Jason though, trying to make Jason into something else also doesn’t work and if they wanted a full stop on this series of films Jason X was it. You can’t have such a stupid redo of a character and hope that he could come back in anyway shape or form. To give it its due though it was possibly the most terrifying Jason has ever been, not that Jason has ever really been terrifying.

The thing is over its history they tried to do too much with Jason whilst doing nothing with Jason. What this managed to do was basically make him boring, make him useless and kill any kind of interest in the character very fast. At the same time they never really changed the formula, it was always the same old story told over and over again just as the years went on he went from some shadowy figure to a outright legend who even the FBI was trying to kill. They didn’t keep him a threat to some people and not others, they didn’t do anything to make him scary.

Whoever then come up with Jason in Space either realised it and just went full out crazy or was just as crazy as everyone else.

I like it though. Its probably my favourite Jason movie.

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