Jason Goes to Hell : The Final Friday (1993)

The only outing for Jason in the 90s came in the first film by New Line Cinema who had taken the rights to the Franchise. It was, once more, meant to end the series and set up for something a little different, that something didn’t come till the 00s and after yet another Jason outing but we’ll talk about that later.

After one of the worst Jason movies the whole mythology of Jason was explored (kind of) and a new formula was attempted.

There is a lot to be said for The Final Friday.

It starts off completely ignoring how Jason is even still walking as a grown man and not swimming in toxic waste in the sewers of Manhattan. It also starts off with the most elaborate plan in the world, for a walking zombie, which he basically is now, they had a whole FBI team working to terminate him. Shame it took them so long.

Now that was all over the top even for a Jason movie but it just gets worse from thereon in. Its like the people writing it were scared to miss out on other horror movie motiff’s so decided they’d use one and to hell if it made sense. So Jason now became more of a evil spirit possessing people whilst trying to be reborn of a Voorhees woman.

Of course up until this point nothing had really been said about anyone in his family other then his mother but if they were hoping that people would sit up and be interested to find out that, like Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees now had a extended family they were probably wrong. The plot got much to convoluted for my tastes and what worked for Halloween really didn’t work for Friday the 13th.

It wasn’t even like there was good direction or acting. From the moment the woman in the diner decided to load a gun in the most awkward TV gun loading scene I’ve seen to the moment a girl who had thus far not shown a ounce of badassery flings herself over the counter, loads a gun cowboy style and proceeds to spear the possessed Robert in the chest and then ending on Steve being pulled to hell with Jessica watching and instead of doing anything about it she sits there for a good minute, no expression of fear on her face, just watching.. You just don’t know what the hell is going on or who you are meant to be cheering for.

At some points it felt like the whole idea was thought up purely for more “gore” as Jason goes from person to person in a long black snake like thing coming out of their mouths, when he leaves a body they melt away which gives us a lovely scene of someone melting away close up. The thing is with someone like Jason, as Halloween and Michael Myers proved, you don’t have to do the gross or the macabre to have a good film. Jason is a monster, make him do monstery things.

I liked the movie though. Not probably for the reasons that I was meant to like it but I found it quite funny. Steven was one of my favourite Friday the 13th characters and he quite cheerfully went from situation to situation with no real thought of what was going on. I really liked that he seemed to start off as some dorky guy and ends up being the biggest bad ass the series ever saw.

It was the perfect end to the Friday Franchise. The movie wasn’t great, the acting was too funny to be taken seriously, Jason wasn’t even in it half the time and nothing at all in it was frightening, interesting or even gave me a jump scare (and I am easy to scare!)

What made the movie so interesting though was the blurring of lines between two of the most popular franchises in the world.

As Jason is dragged to hell the last hand we see, and the last voice we hear cackling away to itself, was that of Freddy Krueger.

This movie was meant to set up Jason vs Freddy which came out a decade later and after another Jason movie. The Freddy vs Jason movie acted more like Jason X never was made and works better if you look at it that way. It was by far the most interesting development in over a decade of Friday the 13th movies.

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