Doctor Who : The Girl Who Died

A really poor opening two-parter, followed by a good episode with a poor ending and we’re nearly half way through a disappointing series of Doctor Who.

Where can we go wrong with Vikings?

Well “The Girl Who Died” tested every single possibly way to make a bad Vikings episode.

Like Robots of Sherwood I’m guessing this was the “funny” adventure. Well it didn’t make me laugh. It had the most non-Viking looking Vikings I’ve ever seen on TV acting in the most non-Viking way I’ve ever seen. Like the first episode instead of feeling like we’d gone back in time it felt like we’d stumbled into a LARP group’s meeting, though at least LARPers put their heart into ACTING the characters, something lacking with any of the non-modern English characters this time out.

The cast of Vikins were terrible. Nollarr, Chuckles, Lofty, Limpy, Hasten and Heidi. Like the Doctors Seven Dwarves. It might as well have been Snow White and the Seven Dwarves as Vikings they really weren’t. Not only that we had to go through the whole “none of these Vikings know how to lift a sword so me and Clara are so much better then them” smugness that I wanted to give up half way through the episode.

I don’t get why this is a two part episode. Its a very self contained story with one element going over into the next episode. Both episodes could have been spread through-out the series instead of insisting that its “To be continued…” and then showing in the Next Time clip that the only element “continued” is the use of the guest star.

The guest star being Maisie Williams as Ashildr who was the only watchable part of the whole episode. The thing is they didn’t bother to explore her character, she was in the background acting like, dare I say it, Ayra Stark. It felt like they’d superimposed Ayra Stark into a Doctor Who episode and failed to even bother having the other characters interact with the story she was working with. She was the only good part of the episode.

The Doctor’s obsession with Clara continues with nearly the exact same dialogue lifted from the first two stories. “She’s very important to me…” cue angst as he doesn’t know if she’s alive or dead followed by hugging and “we’re so brilliant” speeches afterwards.

Clara went from being a favourite of mine to being unbearable to watch and I’m getting to the point where sadly I might have to give up with the second half of the series until she’s gone. The thing is I don’t dislike The Doctor, I did in the first story but that was because there was TOO MUCH of the angsting over Clara, it was the only thing his character DID, I like everything else about Twelve. Clara has overstayed her welcome and that isn’t a nasty thing against Jenna because I like her and she acts well but Clara is no longer a nice character. She’s turned into a mini-Doctor void of all emotions. This could possibly be a plot point of some kind but instead it just doesn’t feel interesting or important. The Doctor should be free to do his thing regardless of where Clara is, he should trust Clara to do what she has to do like Eleven did with both Clara and Amy and she should do her thing without coming across as a know it all.

There wasn’t a single thing I truly liked about it though I’m a bit sad for Tom Stourton who looked like a interesting character who ended up spending most of the episode in the back ground doing nothing. I wish he’d been used more.

As for the rest of the episode. The bad guys were immaterial, only there to make funny jokes. They were defeated by dancing and electric eels, again only there to make jokes. There was no point to the episode and the reveal of “Who frowned me this face” turned out to be so that the Doctor remembers he’s the Doctor and saves people.

OK. Worth the wait.

By the end of the episode he killed Ashildr just to make her immortal hence her being in the next episode which will have nothing to do with this episode other then having Ashildr in it. Again begging the question why not split the two episodes to the two different halves of the season?

Another poor episode. It didn’t even look good this time out.

One thought on “Doctor Who : The Girl Who Died”

  1. It is the first time and hopefully the last time that I ever have to see Vikings win a fight by dancing.

    I’m happy you said that Maisie’s character was like a direct rip off of Ayra Stark because its how I felt too!

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