Friday the 13th : The New Blood (1988)

After the critical success of Jason lives it feels strange that it took till 1988 for Jason to return to our screens.

This time we go proper supernatural. I don’t really count zombification supernatural so a psychic is the most supernatural thing so far in Friday Franchise.

It is also the first movie to see Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees. For most this is seen as the movie that created the iconic “definitive” Jason, it just took seven movies (two of which he didn’t actually kill anyone) for that to happen.

Well… It was something. I personally found the group of teenagers to be much more likeable in some ways. They were still stereotypical of the Jason movies but only a little bit.

I’ve started to feel like the big problem in these movies, which there isn’t much point in reviewing in any great way because the majority of the time they are the same movie over and over, but the big problem with these movies are simple.

Why has no one asked Jason to join the party?

I mean he is a gentleman who missed all his teenage years at the bottom of a lake. Surely someone could invite him for a drink or something (I think they do in Jason vs Freddy but if they did then I’d like to make a case for that being different.. He was under the influence of Freddy therefore didn’t realise he really wanted to drink with the kids at the rave.)

In all seriousness I actually liked The New Blood. As I said I preferred the teenagers slightly more, I found Tina slightly interesting though the whole angst with Dr Crews and everything was too much and not very well done. I thought Jason got more inventive with his kills and used his brute strength to much better effect.

The effects on Jason were… Weird. It was like we were meant to believe this giant bulk of a monster was little more then a skeleton with slight pieces of skin here and there. Taken off his mask and he looks like a monster now, no longer deformed but like something that has been revived a good million or two times from the dead. He did spend a lot of time going back and forward from some tool shed to find many new toys to play with.

What I never get with these movies is that within seconds of laying eyes on each other Tina and Nick (replace that with any romantic lead couple in a Jason movie) fall in love to the point that Nick will abandon his friends to hang out with someone who is a self proclaimed nut job.

Other things we are meant to just believe is that Tina goes from not being able to control her powers to being fully able to use them to fight Jason in a blink of a eye.

Things like that just make me shake my head in disbelief.

Overall though it was a good movie and I’m not sure why its so disliked. The Friday movies are hardly anything to write home about at the best of times an to be honest maybe this movie was more of what Jason movies should have started out like. They try to do way too much with Jason at times whilst at the same time doing so little. I’m sure they use the same press clippings every single film as well.

It is just a completely crazy film from beginning to end.

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