One Punch Man : The Lone Cyborg

“Kokō no Saibōgu” (孤高のサイボーグ)

I automatically fell in love with One Punch Man last week and I’m happy to carry on reviewing the anime series into the future. There is so much to love about Saitama and his wonderful baldness.

Again the episode was in two parts really. We get a introduction to Genos who is a cyborg, he starts off the episode fighting a Mosquito woman (and her horde of Mosquito’s) before having to be saved by Saitama, he then becomes Saitama’s disciple no matter what Saitama wants, bores him to death with his back story before Saitama gets attacked by a hit team sent out to capture him and take him back to the House of Evolution.

Things are getting better all the time.

Firstly I would like to say that I love the opening credit scene, it didn’t have one last week being the first episode but I loved it this week. It got me excited, I was sat there jumping in my seat waiting for the show to start up again.

Right so with that said the actual episode?

Mosquito girl and House of Evolution all seems really interesting. I love the strangeness of their powers, the names they get and all that. Good to see what Genos can do too, in fact he looks way more cooler then Saitama yet he’s weaker then him.

This is where I’m going to love the series so much more, that mashing of personalities. Saitama isn’t that nice of a person he also has no patience and is a bit of a idiot at times. Genos is so serious with the real “hero” back story full of revenge and blood and so on. Seeing how those two will mesh together to form a unit will be interesting. I wonder if Genos will ever see Saitama for what he is? If he’ll get annoyed with him or if they will just carry on the way they are indefintely as Genos thinks everything Saitama does is important?

As for Saitama vs anyone the greatest thing is when you watch the match ups you think he’s dicking about for no reason and to the villains point of view he’s going to look like a idiot that isn’t taking it seriously. WE ALL know its because he’s so strong he knows he’ll beat them all in one punch but for them it’ll just make them more and more angry.

There are so many funny and interesting ways this whole series could go that I’m just excited every week by the prospect of a new episode. I already love Saitama and now I love Genos and I can’t see it going any other way but pure love of them any time soon. I love how Saitama got so bored listening to Genos he made him give him the “short” explanation and can’t wait to see them interact more.

The episode was great and Mosquito Girl was the coolest thing EVER!


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