Friday the 13th : Jason Lives (1986)

Jason was back in 1986 and yes this time we meant Jason. After the failure of The Final Chapter it was decided that in Jason Lives they’d actually bring back Jason Voorhees himself.

The sixth instalment of the Friday the 13th series is the first one since the first one to actually get good reviews and it made me very happy to find out that I’m the one that gets to review it.

The Sixth Friday the 13th film but only the 4th to star the iconic monster Jason.

It is easy enough to see why it got better reviews if I’m honest. For a start it didn’t take itself too seriously, I don’t think any Slasher film truly does, and if they do they are bound to fail, but this time out it embraced the whackiness of it all. Something that “Nightmare” had managed to do the whole time whilst still being scary(ish).

It was also the first Friday the 13th film that actually managed to OPEN a camp and have CHILDREN in it.

I know, I know. What is a Friday the 13th film that actually has a fully functional camp? WITH CHILDREN?! Usually the teenagers are all killed whilst fucking (literally and non-literally) around getting the camp ready.

It is also the third film to have Tommy in it. Suddenly Tommy has been in nearly as many films as Jason himself.

There was a crazy old drunk man, idiots paint balling, people still having sex… Yet the smallest of changes to the formula worked to make it interesting.

For example actually seeing Jason stalk people, OK not always actually stalking stalking them but you see him wandering around the woods looking determined, you see him actually kill people (though still not actually killing them as such) and you see him chasing them. He isn’t something in the shadows but a horribly shadow-y juggernaut. Its the tiniest of changes that were needed to make it more then just a film about people ding for no reason.

There is a lot more to this movie then the others and we even end with Jason stuck underwater, cementing his now zombie like form to the world by showing that he won’t drown. He also had his head shredded by the fan on a motor of a boat whilst little kiddies watched from shore.

I liked it more I think because more happened. Slightly too much happened but it was still much more fun seeing things happen then to just have everyone have sex or talk about having sex for 30-40 minutes followed by everyone dying in the next 10 minutes with lots of ‘scary’ music and that is about it.

Tommy survives once more. The man survives just as much as Jason, maybe they should be soul mates, or maybe Tommy should realise that Jason only really hangs out by Camp Crystal Lake and just bugger off away from the lake for good?

Of course Jason is still alive (for a man that was killed by spinning blade to head he managed to keep his head) and the franchise marches on.

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