RAW 13/10/15 Review

I class this as my first real review since taking over from Pete because SmackDown was a bit terrible. Can’t wait to see what Kane gets up to today!

Matches Quick Overlook :

Dean Ambrose & Randy Orton vs New Day
Winners : New Day

Nikki Bella vs Naomi
Winner : Nikki Bella

John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler
Winner : John Cena

The Dudley Boys vs The Ascension
Winner : The Dudley Boys

King Barrett & Sheamus vs Neville & Cesaro
Winners : King Barrett & Sheamus

Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman
Winner : Roman Reigns

Rusev vs Ryback
Winner : Ryback

Kalisto vs Kevin Owens
Winner : Kevin Owens

Team Bella vs Team CB
Winner : Team Bella

Seth Rollins vs Kane
Winner : Kane


Well we find out that The Authority are going to be late so Kane is in charge and the firs thing he does, other then smiling and being so adorable that I just want to cuddle him! is make a Lumberjack match against himself and Seth Rollins.

Tonight is going to be a fun night!

Dean Ambrose / Randy Orton

Its been a while since Dean cut a promo in the ring, or at least its been a while since I can remember he had mic  time that wasn’t in the back with Roman being all bromanced up! We get the announcement that Dean and Randy are in a match against the remaining Wyatt’s at Hell in a Cell. Now I’m really pissed I can’t see it live.

I miss Randy talking. Not only because I love his voice and it just makes me smile but because he’s actually really interesting to listen to.

Just as it was getting good between Orton and Ambrose New Day arrived to give us a wonderful speech on how great they are and how RANDY ORTON IS A GROUPIE!!! The joke is funnier when you listen to it.. I just want to call Orton a Groupie from now on. Though AmBROS didn’t impress Ambrose I think Ambron is a great name for the brand new bromance!

New Day had a point though just how many groups does Randy want?

It was a great opening segment. Ambrose and Orton work well together and New Day just make you laugh. It wasn’t one long speech from someone we’ve heard from 100 times in the last few weeks and when it needed to end it ended with New Day coming down. New Day’s speeches are always funny, I couldn’t exactly tell you what they said off the top of my head because it all sounded like babble but they are just funny. No Booty tonight though from memory, I usually spam Twitter with Booty references when Big E says it then again I am extremely distracted by Randy Orton just recently so might have missed it.

Just as New Day were finishing and Kane announces that Ambrose is incorrect, the inmates aren’t running the show he is and therefore if New Day want to prove they are more dominant then SHIELD or The Authority (Version : Randy Orton)….. Or Evolution….. Or Legacy (damn Orton IS a groupie!) then they have to fight Orton and Ambrose now.

Dean Ambrose & Randy Orton vs New Day
New Day win by pin fall

I am a big Ambrose fan. I’m not sure if you remember that I am but I am. Recently its like they’ve forced the “lunatic” side of him into a formula in the ring that stopped him looking like he was just beating up on people. That might not make sense but it felt like wrestling by numbers. Getting him away from the Wyatts for the night and tagging up with Orton brought a bit of that unpredictability back to life in him.

Have I ever mentioned how much of a Orton fan I’ve always been? Again I am. I love his drop kicks I really do. And I love his garden stomp which was rudely interrupted by Dean Ambrose.

They were a fun team though, it looks awkward between them but you need that kind of thing because they are very similar characters and they wouldn’t trust each other or want the other one to have the fun.. They spent a good deal of the match just beating up on New Day, not that New Day just got beat up they did stomp the hell out of Randy Orton at one point but it was a subdued match from Xavier and played much more to this whole “can they trust each other” story with Orton and Ambrose.

Kinda sad we didn’t see a RKO. This is the kind of match they needed Xavier and even though he was subdued he managed to get involved perfectly in this match. Nothing but love for New Day though, they really are on fire right now and deservedly so. I find them so entertaining not only on the mic but in the ring too.

Ambrose and Orton? What isn’t to love?

Lesnar vs Taker Promo

They have to hype the match at Hell in a Cell some way. With neither Lesnar nor Taker at half the events between the announcement of their match and the match itself we’ll have to deal with promos like this. For SummerSlam you only needed that one little moment in the ring with the whole locker room pulling them apart, Hell in the Cell hasn’t had a moment yet and it looks like it’ll rely on us filling in the drama gaps for them unless Taker shows up on RAW at some point.

Nikki Bella vs Naomi
Nikki Bella wins by pin fall

I’m pretty sad that Team BAD are nothing more then “Team we wheel out when bored of Team Bella vs Team Problems” because Naomi and Sasha both should be at the top too right now. I like Tamina but story wise right now she’s better as a bodyguard type character.

They played a package before the match of Sasha vs Bayley before the match which meant stupid fans in the crowd spent half the match chanting for Sasha which gets my goat because yeah I’d like to see Sasha in the ring but #GiveDivasAChance and #DivasRevolution is about ALL Divas and if fans, and yes I include all the ones upset about my Paige rants, don’t get behind all the Divas then it’ll go back to being only one or two of them ever getting a chance and yes those one or two might be your personal favourites and you might think them more worthy but by putting a “more worthy” label on someone PURELY BECAUSE THEY GOT A CHANCE IN NXT TO DO SOMETHING SPECIAL WHICH THE OTHER FEMALE WRESTLERS WOULD PROBABLY LOVE TO DO TOO then you are just as bad as creative.

I loved the match. I love both Nikki and Naomi. Right now Team BAD need to stand in the middle ground of the Divas because Sasha is so over and with Paige crazy and Team Bella their normal selves it just doesn’t work to have them being the heel faction. This worked out pretty well in the match with Brie trying to put the spanners in the works of Team BAD and Sasha having to take her down, even Naomi slowly went from cocky in the ring to just athletic once more and they lost due to distraction really.

Naomi and Nikki work in the ring well because Nikki grounds Naomi but when they need that extra energy Naomi has it in buckets. Its why I hated that they threw cold water over their feud which was actually really interesting and had had some good, if short, matches. I’d hate for Naomi to get shuffled further back in the pack.

Great match and I do love a Rack Attack me.


I don’t get the unconventional Diva shit. I don’t get it at all. She’s just like every other Diva. I think she reminds me of my sister who always said she was “different” from the “popular” kids at school because instead of wearing the same clothes as them she wore the same thing in black, had black make up and was pale. That doesn’t make you different.

John Cena

Once more short and sweet. Just gets on with the wrestling.

John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler
John Cena wins by pin fall

I said on my SmackDown review I didn’t get why Ziggler was acting like he’d never get another shot at Cena because its very obvious that he’s going to get another shot.

The match was good, I enjoyed it a lot though I felt it went on a bit too long. I found my mind wandering (though that might have been to do with delight at having a grammar asshole on Twitter reminding me why I hate people. It also just didn’t feel like it had too much going for it at times. It wasn’t quite as fun as other matches have been. I did like that Cena had to stop the whole match so that he could point out two people getting engaged in the crowd, that was kind of funny but it didn’t help with making the match feel like it was too drawn out.

Still I like seeing the open challenge. Its fun.

The Dudley Boys vs The Ascension
The Dudley Boys win by pin fall

Short. Sweet. Not worth even thinking about. In fact I spent the whole match, which was over in a blink of a eye, having a peculiar conversation on Twitter.

King Barrett & Sheamus vs Neville & Cesaro
King Barrett & Sheamus win by pin fall

I love all four of these men,

These two teams are great, I loved how Cesaro just seemed to be used as a spring board for Neville so we no longer had to see him fly just from the ropes but from Cesaro too.

It was a interesting match but one that was cut a bit short which was a shame, it could have gone another few minutes but a Bull Hammer from the outside and Sheamus picked up the three count. Neville really holds himself well up against people like Barrett and Sheamus, usually I’m never really convinced that many of the smaller guys moves look like they would faze any of the bigger guys but Neville really shakes that off and makes the matches his own.

They don’t really have anything to do with these four at the moment so its nice to see them all in a match together. I really want to see more of the New Improved King Barrett though and maybe that is why I felt the match was too short, he didn’t really do anything new and exciting but he’d been building up to being something more interesting which is a shame.  He did re-tweet that he’d like to do something in the Tag Team Division and him and Sheamus would be a hilarious match up if they didn’t have anything to do with them especially as there could be a great fall out between the two of them when Sheamus finally cashes in and we could have a great story there.

Yes OK I want Barrett to be World Champion. I love King Barrett.

Braun Strowman Promo

There is nothing even a little scary about Strowman. His voice is amazing and he cuts a mean promo but that is about it. In the ring he’s just a wall, he works well enough and I like watching him but he isn’t scary in the same sense that when Harper was doing similar stuff to him HE was scary. His face is adorable as well, he looks like a little bubby that needs protecting. Making up scary videos for him just doesn’t work. I like him though and he is a perfect addition to the Wyatt’s.

Roman Reigns

Well its also been a while from memory that we’ve had Roman come down to the ring and confuse me.

He suffered from the Seth Rollins problem which was coming down to the ring to recap his whole life story since MitB. The fans started to chant boring and Roman’s played to that saying it wasn’t boring but the problem is that it was boring because we don’t want to be told what happened we want him to talk about what he’s going to do. Wyatt came to ringside to throw in a few threats before sending Strowman down for his match against Reigns.

I don’t get why they give Reigns and Rollins these long monologues about what they’ve done when they are perfectly good enough to just randomly talk about anything else and be much more interesting. This feud has been going on since MitB we DO NOT need Roman to remind us of this fact. There is STILL no drama in this feud.

Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman
Roman Reigns wins by count out

We have a problem and that problem was seen in full glory this time out.

When Strowman was introduced he was so unstoppable that even Randy Orton failed to do anything to him. Heck even the Legendary Chris Jericho (that was a joke by the way, if Orton can’t stop someone even as a giant Jerichoholic I doubt Jericho will stop it) couldn’t. Slowly AS A TEAM Roman, Dean +1 have been able to take him out a tiny bit.

NOW Reigns is able to keep him at bay for quite a while before getting a count out victory. It makes no sense. It completely killed all of the Strowman build up. What a scary monster.

Plus the slap to the face of Wyatt in a long line of moments like this just makes the family look as weak as little ducks.


Every time that Bray ran in to attack Roman at the beginning of the feud Roman knew he was coming and would beat him up. Every time they are in close proximity Roman slaps him or gets the last say. Its the complete OPPOSITE of writing a good and engaging story for the Wyatts.


There was another Kane moment earlier on that I forgot to write about but he’s still trying to tell Hunter and Stephanie about the main event and they still don’t know that its Rollins vs Kane.

Rusev vs Ryback
Rusev wins by pin fall

Well. They’ve brought real life into the show now. There have been loads of rumours that Rusev and Lana in real life are engaged and it was broken over the weekend that this is indeed true soooo… WWE… Played with it? They had Summer act like nothing ever happened till the very end. Ziggler just looked a tiny bit pissed off. It made no sense. No of this ever made sense.

Regardless the match was short and sweet and was much more enjoyable then the one on SmackDown. Ryback looked much more dominant and also it went much faster.

I’m just in shock at how badly this whole Rusev story line has been handled.

Kalisto vs Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens wins by pin fall

Well Kalisto started off well enough. I don’t get the point of why the hell they had Owens in a match against Kalisto at all. I know its all because of last week but did anyone really think that the match was going to be anything but one sided and slightly boring.

OK so Kalisto got to do some of his moves and look cool but there was also a terrible looking “reversal” on the outside that was sloppy and the majority of the time the second Kalisto jumped at Owens he just caught him and threw him away. Owens sold every move really well but it was just a really bad mismatch that didn’t work out very well.

Its a shame to see Owens already being wasted a little with his first title belt on the main roster, the re-match to Ryback hasn’t got any real steam to it and to then be on RAW fighting one half of a tag team whose biggest accomplishment recently has been in triple tag team matches in a feud that had nothing really to do with them and didn’t do much with them is a shame. Owens vs Big E for the belt could be interesting, anyone with a bit of personality up against Owens is going to be fun so they really need to look at who he’s against after the PPV.

Team Bella vs Team CB
Team Bella win by pin fall

Paige was on commentary not really saying much that she hasn’t already said. At least I kind of get it now, its not a “these are my friends” thing any more its a “I’m the Queen Bee of PCB and they need me” thing. So even more like Nikki Bella. They’ll be interchangeable soon…

Who am I kidding they already are.

The match was good, unfortunately a few poor matches before it had kind of sucked enthusiasm out of me. Nice to see Brie pick up the pin on Charlotte even if it was due to distractions at ring side. I liked the match I just felt like it came at a bad time.

Kane / Seth Rollins

Kane finally tells Hunter that he’s facing Rollins and Hunter tells him to find Rollins a new opponent. Rollins is happy with this news as he thinks Kane is a goner from the match…

Next Week :

Next week apparently Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar will all be on RAW. So my earlier worries about not having enough oomph going into the Hell in a Cell match might be dispelled next week.

Seth Rollins vs Kane
Kane wins by pin fall

Aww I loved this match.

The Lumberjacks did a great job, I do love how they keep in character for these matches as well so you have two sides with Heels and two sides with Faces all standing about. The ramp side Lumberjacks made the perfect Heel Team themselves what with having Sheamus, Barrett, Rusev and Stardust all sulking about out there.

Rollins is a great wrestler and he had a great match its just a shame that so many of his matches don’t utilise him to the best of his abilities. I loved him being stuck in this environment though and it was a nice look at the match we’ll get at Hell in a Cell.

Most people aren’t too happy with Kane being in the match, one or two of them I know for a fact were over the moon to see Sting in a match against Rollins so I’m not sure why Kane is any different. For a start from what I know Kane is younger, and in my humble opinion has always been a better wrestler then Sting regardless of what he’s achieved. This was a good match, Kane has had a load of good matches or half matches recently. It got me excited for Hell in a Cell and worked better then having someone like Sting stalking Seth.

Did I mention I loved this match? And of course the Lumberjacks all fall out and start a brawl but that is why we love Lumberjack matches so much right?!

My Thoughts :

Right I start with the Divas because I feel like it needs to be said.

We can all go on about wanting “Women’s Wrestling” instead of Divas. We can sit here and go #GiveDivasAChance and bang on about #DivasRevolution. We can also then point fingers at creative, moan and bitch about story lines etc all we want. If FANS themselves don’t #GiveDivasAChance, if fans fill out arena’s and chant for Divas not in matches because this Diva is better then that Diva the ONLY THING we’ll achieve is proving creative right.

Like the male wrestlers there needs to be a mix of good, bad, loved, hated etc Divas. Sasha might be exciting, she might be brilliant, she might be a lot of things but the number one thing is when she isn’t in the match wanting her over whoever is in the match will only mean those people in the matches get pushed back FOR her.

I know when I tried to explain this beforehand people didn’t get it but yes WWE have to push people who make them money, that is undeniable, but you CAN NOT expect a division as SMALL as the Divas to get any recognition or love if the fans prove to creative that all we care about is Sasha and Paige. Like F1 fans learn domination by ANYONE is boring. So what Nikki doesn’t have the belt, what happens when creative feel like they’ve given the fans what they want for long enough, take the belt off Charlotte and give it to Sasha or Paige and then spend 12 months giving you five minute matches between the two whilst the others disappear.

Yes maybe some of the main roster Divas still need a bit of work compared to the NXT girls but not giving them a chance because you prefer the NXT Divas is the complete OPPOSITE of what you should do. Its getting a bit tiresome online hearing people go on and on about how they should just have the Bella’s disappear or why do they keep Naomi around when they’ve basically replaced her. Lets see BECAUSE YOU NEED MORE THEN A HANDFUL OF WOMEN WRESTLERS TO MAKE WOMEN’S WRESTLING INTERESTING.

Rant over. For this week anyway.

We’ll move onto a smaller rant.

The Wyatt/Roman feud is the complete opposite way to ever do anything with the Wyatts. Why? You don’t make the leader of  a family like Bray look completely weak. Pete said it once before that its like WWE are scared to show Roman lose or Roman be vulnerable but its stupid. Roman CAN lose perfectly fine without becoming lesser for it. Wyatt only works when he’s mouthing off in the background and is untouchable else what is the point? There was none.

The slap to Bray just looked ridiculous and at this point there is no point bubbling this over past Hell in a Cell.

Other then those two things it was a good show.

I’m hoping that its the end of the Rusev love triangle shit because it was terrible to begin with any now with no real explanation as to why story wise Lana would be engaged to Rusev we’re going with Lana being engaged with Rusev. Its all a little silly.

Some great matches. Loved the two Divas bouts, The Dudleys vs The Ascension was really unneeded and the big international tag team with four of the greatest wrestlers ever in it (I am not biased you’ll be happy to hear) should have been longer. The Rusev/Ryback re-match only served to sever ties with Rusev and Summer and the Owens/Kalisto match seemed like an excuse to have both the Dragons and Owens out for a match.

The Lumberjack Match was fun though.

With Rusev/Ziggler hopefully over for now and apparently a break coming up for Cena I really do hope that there is a big shuffle up with the talent. I’d like to see Sheamus cash in soon and break away from this “Authority” story. Have them lot go after someone else for some other reason. Sheamus can then move on and fight some of the handful of guys that deserve to be at the top like Owens, Barrett, Cesaro and even Reigns who would be better then half of Rollins opponents in recent months.

The US belt will need to be replaced and with the news that Tyler Breeze is touring with the main roster at the moment I’m kind of hoping someone somewhere will come up with a Breeze/Owens feud. Think about it, if Breeze comes in for a Open Challenge, people who don’t know Breeze will think its a joke. He’s great (or at least me, the person whose Twitter photo is me wearing a Tyler Breeze t-shirt) in the ring and if he beats Cena to get the belt and Owens gets annoyed because its someone else from NXT coming in and stealing his thunder sort of you can have a great battle between them two.

All I want is for Breeze to be on the main roster AND for him to start calling people Uggo’s. I’m sorry I love that man and I haven’t watched NXT in well over a month (I don’t actually know why though I never found it as entertaining as some people make out and much prefer the main roster) and miss him in the ring and just being a pain in the butt. His lead up to his match at Takeover Brooklyn was brilliant I loved him pissing off Regal.

I digress.

Good RAW. Can’t wait for SmackDown.

I don’t know what is happening with Pete at the moment but I believe I’ll be doing the WWE blogs at least till next week. If Pete isn’t back before then I won’t be able to do Hell in a  Cell live so that blog will be late. I’ll do RAW and SmackDown blogs during the day after they air, SmackDown in the evening as I work Friday’s. I’ll do my best to keep up.

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