Gotham : Strike Force

With the events of the opening trio of episodes out of the way, Jerome is gone and Theo Galavan’s plan to take over Gotham as the “hero” that everyone wants it is all change for the GCPD.

Starting with their own Strike Force.

It is safe to say that I have always loved the depth of the cast in Gotham. From the leads to the reoccurring to the guest stars I feel like not one actor was wasted and each was extremely impressive.

In walks Michael Chiklis as Nathaniel Barnes the boss of the GCPD.

He stole the show. His character walked it, took control, took respect and then went about setting up to bring peace to Gotham. Personally I think there is more behind him then just that, especially seeing Theo knows exactly what he’s up to I’m starting to feel like he’s going to be Theo’s puppet, but from the second he appeared on screen he made a mark.

Its Barnes that sets up Gordon as his second in command and gives him a Strike Force of young cadets to help him bring order. As they are fresh out of training they have yet to be corrupted so will do what is right instead of what is best for business. Some of those names that kept popping up from last year as corrupt assholes? All gone now, fired within seconds.

The dynamic at the GCPD has changed.

Looking at the Strike Force itself there are some interesting looking characters but I’m not sure whether the Strike Force will be as important individuallly as they are as a unit so we’ll have to wait and see. Chiklis though is one of many great casting choices in a series filled with the best choices already.

As for Theo this week he goes from planning and scheming to threatening and harassing Penguin of all people.

I didn’t like it to be honest, I felt they let Robin Lord Taylor down ever so slightly by making his character, who has always been briming with confidence, look quite weak willed. I’m talking about before he found out they have his mother. Its a interesting dynamic though, you look at how in control Penguin was last season, well this season Theo has taken his place. Seeing the old having to deal with the new will be interesting, so far Theo has been able to bend the Penguin to his will, though I really dislike Tabitha, the character not the actress I think Jessica Lucas is a great actress, holding his mother at ransom. I think this is going to be a interesting fight, especially with Barnes on Penguin’s case.

It also makes sense that we got a casting decision on Penguins father, Paul Reubens best known for his role as Pee-Wee Herman will be joining the cast. I for one think it is a inspired choice and can’t wait to see what this role entails. With Mama Penguin in Theo’s grasp I wonder what Penguin’s father is like.

The rest of the episode bubbled away. The main focus on all episodes, whether you realize it or not is on Theo who is slowly moving pieces around a chess board. Even with his speeches about what he wants to do and how he’s going to do it I can’t help but feel like we know nothing of his real intentions OR what he’s capable of. He’s got a great personality on him though, I found his whole looking at the camera and announcing who he was to be so fake that I can’t believe the people of Gotham really believe that he’s innocent of anything. He comes across as being fake whilst talking to people and I don’t get how everyone including Bruce who hates the world in general is falling for it.

He’s even planted his niece right next to Bruce who probably is going to forget that Selina was even alive very soon.

I felt like in Season One sometimes the plotting in the background was a bit too long. With Theo they’ve made the plotting and the politics of the series much more interesting. No matter what he’s doing he’s just a interesting character to watch so it feels more interesting. Also having it three big powers go up against each other, The GCPD vs Theo (though only Penguin knows its Theo) vs Penguin is a interesting way to take the series.

Elsewhere and I liked that we got more Butch in the episode. Drew Powell was one of the best things about Season One and I feel he’ll be one of the best things about Season Two. Ed asks Kristen out and they share a kiss. Alfred slaps Selina and we’re not meant to question why a man of any age let alone his thinks its right to slap a child to make a point.

A great episode. Using its momentum to build even more. The series is only going to get better.

One last thing.Carol Kane is a wonderful actress and her Gertrud Kapelput or Mama Penguin is one of the most lovable characters I’ve seen on TV in my life. If anything happens to her the characters (Theo and Tabitha, possibly Barbara or anyone in the future) hurts her I hope their characters get the most painful and gruesome death. She didn’t even mutter a single word in this episode but the amount of terror, sadness and yet, I kind of believe it to be belief that her son will save her, filled me with a world of hatred that I’ve never felt before towards characters on a TV show. Similarly Penguin’s despair at his mother being taken hostage was so raw and real that again I just wanted everyone involved in taking her to be in a lot of pain. I really look forward to seeing what the addition of Reubens to this family will do because I already think its one of the best double acts I’ve ever seen. Mama Penguin better make it out of this season alive.

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