Friday the 13th : A New Beginning (1985)

In 1984 the legend of Jason Voorhees was meant to come to a end in the aptly named “The Final Chapter” but like all good things when you realize it is still popular you make the mistake of bringing it back.

A year after “The Final Chapter” a new team of writers and directors brought back the Friday the 13th Franchise for a film that was MEANT to start a new trilogy of films without THE Jason in them. Meant to start it because the film was a bigger flop then all the others with the money intake, whilst still high, starting to fall.

A New Beginning was truly a New Beginning for the Friday the 13th franchise but what went wrong?

There are a lot of reasons given all over the internet to why A New Beginning wasn’t as well received. From the bigger focus on sex and nudity, the higher body count to just the fact that Jason wasn’t in it.

Funnily enough out of five Jason movies only three of them have starred Jason as the killer and it is hardly like we’ve seen him in the outings he has been the killer in. The legend of Jason is always much more horrifying then the movies that portray it. If you snuck a peek at one of the films as a kid one image of a man in a hockey mask and one murder is enough to burn the image of Jason Voorhees onto your brain. The simple fact of the matter though is that he’s very rarely front and center unlike both Freddy Krueger and Mike Myers.

This movie made him nothing more then a nightmare for one of the survivors from the last film, I believe Pete has described him in his review as the psychopath, and a easy way to hide a revenge killer.

One of the biggest problems with the Friday the 13th films is that everyone is there just to die bloodily at the hands of Jason therefore you never get to meet anyone and never care if they survive. Its one of those films that you feel guilty for enjoying just because of the death count, its mindless jump scares and death that makes you forget the mundane world but doesn’t challenge you to actually think for longer then a few moments. If you did you’d wonder why you were watching a movie without a plot. Jason is one of those strange characters with 0 actual character to him yet he lives with you forever more.

Unfortunately movies like A New Beginning go a long way to make you wish you’d never seen the franchise.

There are too many characters, all there specifically to die by the Jason-not-Jason. From memory, and that is how bad this movie is I stopped watching it about 5 minutes ago and don’t remember it well, we don’t even go near the lake this time which has been the big pull for Jason.. You don’t have to because obviously this movie isn’t about Jason at all its about a paramedic who apparently knew his son was living in a half way home just up the road from him and turns psycho when one of the nasty people living in said half way home kills him. Baring in mind his kids killer is in custody and it had nothing to do with ANY of the other people involved it was a convoluted story that I’m not surprised didn’t inspire fans to want more movies without Jason in them.

When we watched through Nightmare on Elm Street it felt like each new movie added to the mythology and solidified the character of Freddy. With Jason we don’t even really start with a proper character so by the time you get to the fifth movie and its another one that just uses Jason as a image and not the actual killer then you start to wonder how he became THE icon of Slasher movies.

Whatever the reason I doubt it has much to do with A New Beginning.

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