Smackdown 8/10/15 Review

I’m back! Mainly because we only just over the weekend found out that Pete has been taken to hospital so I have to write the reviews for him.

I hear certain people’s nerves snapping from here. It isn’t a long term thing.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Big E vs Dolph Ziggler
Winner : Big E

Team Bella vs Charlotte & Becky Lynch & Natalya
Winners : Team NCB

Rusev vs Ryback
Winner : Ryback

King Barrett vs Neville
Winner : King Barrett

Randy Orton & Roman Reigns vs The Wyatt Family
Winner : Randy Orton & Roman Reigns (DQ)

New Day / Dolph Ziggler

We get a whole New Day gloating session in the ring. That is the highlight of my life, I love a good New Day gloating session. Xavier Woods to be fair has a face you just want to hate but I love him.  I don’t know what I love about them the most. The facial expressions, the constant stream of nonsense, the synchronised nature of their promos or the dancing.

Then again the way Big E describes The Dudley Boys and then starts to dance and waft his coat around makes me happy.

Dog Ziggler isn’t very happy today. I’m not sure why he’s so butt hurt about losing his “chance” to be fair Cena does it every week and when Cesaro had his chance screwed up he got another shot so I’m not sure why he’s moaning. Though a match against him and Big E is awesome.

Big E vs Dolph Ziggler
Big E wins by pin fall

You know I love the fact that the commentators just don’t know how to react to Xavier and Kofi at ring side. Booker T couldn’t control his giggles when they started off, the commentating and the Dolph impression. It was so funny.

Big E is great. Big E is entertaining. Big E has enough styles in the ring to wrestle all night long and not get boring. Someone asked the other day on Twitter if you could watch one wrestler work all year long and that is the only wrestler you saw who would it be and after thinking it through I came up with King Barrett but I think Big E joins him very easily. I love how fast he is between the ropes, I love how much air he gets when he does his big splashes and leg drops. I love how he makes it look effortless.

You see you’d look at Big E and think that he’d ground the match and just squash Ziggler but he didn’t he kept up with him. Its a shame once more that Xavier and Kofi had to interfere because Big E is good enough to destroy anyone in the ring with him.

I kind of think it would be worth focusing Kofi and Xavier on the tag titles and give Big E the singles run. Then again there is a whole load of people waiting for something to do in the singles area so maybe he’s better off where he is?

Ruru / Summer Rae

I know that Pete refuses to talk about it but I’m happy enough to laugh about it. What the hell? I just don’t get it. But Ruru!

Team Bella vs Charlotte & Becky Lynch & Natalya 
Charlotte & Becky Lynch & Natalya win by submission

So another match we’ve seen nearly 100 times before and will see about 100 times again. Just substitute Paige with Natalya and add in Paige angsting backstage.

I said it on Twitter and I’ll say it again here. The biggest problem WWE have RIGHT NOW is that not only do their stories revolve around women being bitches and read to back stab each other at every given moment, it is LITTERED in the commentary.

They then did the whole “I didn’t have a friend becoming champion/hall of Famer” to try to hide the fact they basically just tarred the whole female section of the roster as backstabbing, petty bitches.

Match itself was brilliant. I think Natalya slid in very well in Paige’s place and deserves to have been added to the whole Revolution. The cheer she got was awesome.

I like how far the Divas on the main roster have come in this short period, they’ve adapted to the longer matches well and tell a great story in the ring against their opponents. Team BAD have been the team that have shone most for me though I have to say seeing Foxy carry Nikki out of the ring was worth everything. I really like seeing longer Divas matches and with much more regularity they just need to boost the numbers a little in the division and get some change up in the matches.


She doesn’t want to be part of PCB, she does now, she won’t next week… I give up with whatever it is CREATIVE are doing with Paige. She annoys me enough without a stupid story line.

Rusev vs Ryback
Ryback wins by pin fall

Kevin Owens is on commentary…. THAT IS THE GREATEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN!

I actually found the match quite boring. Rusev and Ryback are too similar, maybe not so much in the ring but as individuals. They’ve both got that unbeatable (yet easily beatable) screamy shouty thing going on and having them work together with no real story going into it just felt like too much for me.

Owens on commentary made the match for me but it shouldn’t. I feel bad for Ryback that his title reign was so terrible and the aftermath of him losing has been pretty bad for him too.

Ruru is doing just fine though.

The Wyatt Family

Yadda yadda cryptic stuff about sheep and killing and so on and so forth.

King Barrett vs Neville
King Barrett wins by pin fall

As a huge King Barrett fan I’m one happy person to see him return AND look so cheerful. I like the whole cheerful King Barrett trying to be friends with Neville stuff.

I also love watching these two go at it so kind of happy that they had a match, I’ve loved Barrett on Twitter and all the #Friends stuff, made me giggle. Big fan of both these guys.

The one thing I noticed is that by having him do the cheerful King Barrett thing, and not really playing on the KING part just having him come down with his crown, he seems so much more relaxed in the ring and just looks more intense. There is something pretty worrying about a guy who sits there grinning whilst stomping on your head.

Neville seems to be getting grumpier by the day too. With Barrett saying he’d like to enter the tag team division I wonder if a team up with Neville will happen?


I don’t actually understand a single thing that Stardust talks about any more but I find it hilarious. I don’t get what is going on with these lot though. The whole card thing is funny. I get that people love Cody but I think this is great for him. I want to know who he’s picked and why isn’t he with The Ascension any more or are they together and they are just busy right now? Either way can’t wait to see who is on the card!

Randy Orton & Roman Reigns vs The Wyatt Family
Randy Orton & Roman Reigns win by DQ

Pretty much the same match we’ve seen between these lot over the last few months. Would have preferred it to be Wyatt/Harper with Strowman nowhere to be seen as at least it would have been a slightly more interesting match. Can’t complain though as I got to see Orton in the ring which is always a positive.

I hope Hell in the Cell ends the feud though as I’m getting fed up of it all. More Dean and Roman onto something else and the Wyatts to do whatever, heck the Wyatts can keep on after Orton or find a whole bunch of somebody else’s to beat up on. Heck why not Wyatts vs The Cosmic Wasteland?

My Thoughts :

Slightly uninspiring though nice to see Barrett back in action. I did watch it last week and found it much more interesting then I did rewatching it for the review, shame I couldn’t remember why I liked it.

I won’t say too much though as I’ll leave my general comments for RAW which I’ll watch after its aired tomorrow (it finishes close to 4am in the UK and I wake up in the morning about 4am/5am so will watch it either then or about 7amish.) Mainly because most of my comments will be general in general (hehehe) because I haven’t said anything recently about wrestling so might as well leave it till my heads in the game better.


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