Friday the 13th The Final Chapter (1984)

In 1984 Jason Voorhees returned in a film that was meant to kill him off forever.

Ultimately he didn’t stay dead as we know. The film itself was once more met negatively but was successful enough for another Voorhees film to appear a year later.

With another new cast, a completely different feel and a creepy assed kid, Jason came back to once more add as many bodies to his body count as he possibly could. This time out it wasn’t just teens in his way, there no longer was any real reason for his attacks but boy did he go about his business.

I don’t think I can say anything that the others haven’t already said about Friday the 13th.

Jason isn’t scary, Jason isn’t imaginative, Jason isn’t seen to stalk his prey or to play with them. He has no real reason to do what he does no matter what stories are told, as is seen by him attacking just about anyone in this movie.

Something a little different happens in this movie, I mean there can only be so many camp sites and so on around the lake right? So why not have people move into holiday homes there? There is one group of young adults, a mother with her daughter and son and some other odd people hanging about the place.

Jason comes and picks them off one by one leaving only the boy and his sister alive at the end. I think. I might have missed someone else surviving but I doubt it.

Friday the 13th is what Friday the 13th is. A terrible Slasher movie that everyone likes because of reasons.

What reasons you ask?

Who cares what reasons.

Dude in a hockey mask is fucking shit up and you ask why I like it?

My biggest gripe with this whole movie is Tommy the psychopath. Yes I call that kid a psychopath and I’m not sure why his mother didn’t do something to stop him a long time before this. I mean he makes creepy assed masks, which you can kind of forgive but the worst of the worst is the fact that he brings a stranger into his house like he’d known him forever and took him up to his lair of psychotic and showed him all his stuff.

I mean surely his mother realized he was crazy right?

In the end he and his sister survive because he shaves off his hair and pretends to be Jason before stabbing him in the side of the head with the machete and then bludgeoning him to death before becoming a creepy kid in the hospital.

Real different from the normal every day Friday the 13th stuff we’d seen till now. For a start there was a bigger focus on characters having a character, not that they were particularly memorable but they had actual characters for a change.

Though it did give you a interesting spin on it all. After all Tommy is a bit of a weird kid and the look at the end said it all. What happens if a kid like that see’s a monster like Jason and gets so traumatized that he’d become like Jason? I mean that is the question surely? Probably not. The kid was a mini-monster in the making anyway. Or at least wasn’t going to live very long with his over friendliness.

Whatever the case Friday the 13th as a series gets worse and worse by the outing. The Final Chapter should have probably stayed its final chapter.

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