One Punch Man : The Strongest Man

“Saikyō no Otoko” (最強の男)

I have always wanted to read the manga. As you can tell by me STILL being late on One Piece chapters… That never got around to happening. My bad I know, my bad.

The anime though, now the anime I shall watch! I love Superheroes and comic books and all that so to see a new superhero is exciting!

Man is it funny.

“I trained so hard I went bald” what?!

So yeah there is this dude called Saitama, we meet him at the beginning fighting a pollution monster called Vaccine Man, well I say fighting he basically pissed Vaccine Man off by saying he’s a Superhero for fun and then hit him once and beat him. We flashback to Saitama (with hair) beating a man called Crablante who is half crab because he ate so much crab. We then see him in the present beat a giant and his brother before watching him day dream about a real epic fight against Subterraneans before waking up and scaring them.

That was it. I did miss out one dude who had turned himself into half a car…

I mean its comedy gold!

The main premise is that he trained so hard in three years after beating Crablante because he wanted to be able to defeat foes in one punch, the problem is that now he can there is no challenge. It isn’t interesting. Its like any other job. Where is the fun of showing up and doing your job within seconds? Saitama is out to find stronger opponents and feel the rush of a fight, unfortunately this episode out he didn’t get it.

Its actually strangely refreshing to see someone get bored of their job of being a Superhero because they can’t get a good fight. I never questioned how Superheroes got through the day when they defeat bad guys so easily at times… Then again they usually have day jobs and other problems to deal with. Usually being a mutant of some sort. Or alien.

Come on the episode wasn’t even that brilliantly put together, it was one long fight with various different crazy looking villains but I was jumping up and down in my seat like a three year old watching Spider-man for the first time, and trust me my niece fell in love with the Spider when she was three so I know what I’m talking about! Saitama’s woes are actually pretty relatable because you do your best to be good at something and then when you are finally so good at it you don’t have to think about it it becomes a bit disheartening because you don’t get that feeling of achievement you once used to get. Then again I think someone like Crablante should be rewarded for managing to turn half crab just because he ate a lot of crab, now that must be some life.

What a strangely brilliant anime!

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