One Piece : Opening Declaration

Chapter 801

It might be late but not as late as usual. So I shall get up to date with One Piece right now.

So yes here we are finally moving on. Its strange that its only 16 pages long but so much happened. We got to see how everyone is getting on now, Dressrosa is prioritising a statute over everything else, Doffy is being kind of cryptic and has a whole group of people coming to free him and then Luffy is aboard the “Going Luffy” which is Bartolomeo’s crews boat.

Everyone is moving on, Dressrosa is coming to a close and everyone’s bounties have gone up, though amazingly Sanji is only wanted Alive. I wonder if someone at HQ has a crush on him?

I do love how after such a difficult period everyone seems to have just started to move on with positivity in them that they didn’t have that long ago. Everyone has the life they always dreamt about except for Doffy.

Not too sure where he’d be safest to be honest, there is gonna be a lot of angry people everyone around him.

More mystery being heaped onto the Family of D or whatever it is that Doffy is babbling on about which still makes me wonder just how many people have the D in their name and seeing that it seems to be some big crowded mystery why their parents either gave them the name of D or else cared enough about it to carry it on. If anything I’m more interested in that then Luffy becoming Pirate King! I mean I love Luffy and am 100% on board with his journey but whenever you think you’ve forgotten about the mystery of the D you have one comment that reminds you that you know nothing about why its such a mystery and feel like throttling that character for reminding you of it.

Then again Doflamingo is worth throttling whether he’s throwing random clues about or just being his normal self.

I STILL want to see what is so important about his eyes! I mean he always had those glasses on and now he’s drawn with shadows over them but no one seems to have mentioned ever that there is something strange with his eyes so I’m wondering why we never see his eyes.

Maybe the Marines would know but the people that were there when he was defeated by Luffy surely wouldn’t and someone would have mentioned “OMG HIS EYES!! THEY BE STRANGE!!” surely? Or am I just reading too much into the wonderful mystery of Doflamingo and his eyes?

Either way I feel so sorry for Chopper who they still haven’t given a half decent bounty to! Poor POOR Chopper!

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