Friday the 13th Part 3 (1982)

Well they sure loved their Friday the 13th movies didn’t they. A year after the second helping (which came a year after the first helping) we are back with the guardian of Camp Crystal Lake. He hasn’t been stopped yet and he’s still got his grudge against overly sexed up teenagers.

So far we’ve not seen the Jason that comes to mind but Friday the 13th Part 3 (or 3D, yeah it was one of them!) brings together a partnership that would stay with our nightmares forever more.

That is right, for in Friday the 13th Part 3(D) Jason comes across the infamous hockey mask.

Can anything stop the monster from Camp Crystal Lakes horrible past?

I really liked the third film.

Shelley is probably the main reason, I loved his character and found it sad that he died before anyone truly understood him, but that is life in the Friday the 13th film franchise! You don’t get a character you just get a lovely gorey death scene. Well. Sometimes. Most of the time you get a “OMG I’M ABOUT TO DIE” close up then later on your body is seen in the background tied to the wall or something.

Jason started to become more like the Jason you remember now. Though he isn’t the stalkerish type like Myers his presence is always felt from the screechy music that lets you know a murder is about to go down.

Unlike the Nightmare franchise that tried something a little different each time the Friday franchise knew what worked for it and kept to it. Other then a few difference here and there, a different setting, a different group of people (obviously) and a few new ways to kill people the films are pretty much the same.

Teenagers go somewhere were old fuddy duddys tell them not to go.

Jason/Mummy Jason shows up and starts picking them off one by one.

None of them know what’s happening until they stumble in on a dead body and are usually the next to go.

Rinse and repeat till one girl is left standing.

Girl goes to hospital – no one really believes her.


Luc was right about the first two films in that they are very repetitive but I think he’s overlooking just how much that worked for them. You knew what you were going to get going to see Friday the 13th, jump scares might not scare everyone but they scare enough people to make it popular. Its the perfect movie to go see if you are on a date around Halloween or at any time because you don’t have to actual pay any attention. After watching the first film or even ANY of the films within moments you’ll figure out that big scary dude is going to kill everyone and if you want to know more there is always that ONE SCENE where the story of Jason is relived.

There is only so much you can do with a machete, or a handy pitchfork.

There is a lot of humour in this film though. Mainly because it was meant to be 3D so some of the effects just look odd.

I liked it though I do tend to get this one and the first one mixed up in my head.

What can you say? Some reason Jason and his films just have this….. Charm about them?

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