Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)

Five year after Mrs Voorhees went on a murdering spree in Camp Crystal Lake another bunch of counsellors show up at a camp down the road to set up… Well… Camp.

In 1981 Friday 13th returned a year after its original outing. Part 2 actually introduced us to Jason Voorhees for the first time replacing his mother as the monster of the piece killing unexpecting teenagers.

With a change of director and writer Friday the 13th lived on with Jason running wild.

If I’m honest I’m not sure why I was asked to review the first two parts as my review for part two is pretty much the same as part one.

Other then the fact we are now introduced to the idea that Jason actually survived all these years and has grown up, managed to find himself some clothing and even is self conscious enough to know he has to put a bag over his head because he is deformed, there is nothing special about Friday the 13th Part 2.

In fact I feel like that will be the reoccurring theme here.

Friday the 13th relies more on jump scares then anything else and the lumbering beast Jason still hasn’t been fully formed in this movie, so once more if you are more up to date with the Jason movies and haven’t really seen the old ones you still won’t be seeing the Jason you are used to.

The deaths are a little more different this time out but nothing to really write home about. They try to be a bit more exciting with it all but the majority of the characters die within 20 minutes of each other and the end of the film is marred by a long chase scene till the ending.

Again the acting is what you’d expect, nothing fantastic or gripping. They were paid to play a bunch of teenagers enjoying themselves until they died miserably at the hands of Jason and that is what they did.

One thing you’ll be interested in though is the development of Jason. In this movie he’s quite limber to be honest and he uses traps and all sorts to kill his victims. It isn’t all stabbing people to death, there is a slight art to it. His number count gets higher, honestly though it only just gets started, but its a tad overly artistic. The guy who died in the wheelchair was being “stalked” from behind just when the camera turned around to show his face there was no one there and then out of nowhere a machete ended up in his head. I can’t even tell what direction it was meant to come from.

You don’t have to like the characters because they are all just going to be tormented by Jason in good old fashioned monster Slasher beasts ways and I think that is why I’ve always preferred Freddy, because his torture is so much more psychological then Jason who just, runs in this one, after his victims and then chops them up.

Well no he doesn’t even chop them up he just hits them with his weapon and that is about it.

You might think I’m being grumpy and don’t like the movies but it isn’t that. I enjoy a good slasher as much as the next person but out of ALL the major slasher brands Friday the 13th is about the single most boring when you think it over. If you don’t get scared by jump scares then there is limited entertainment for you with the Friday 13th Franchise. There is little humour and they don’t give you characters to care about. They are just self centred teens that want to have sex with each other.

At least this one has Jason in it.

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