Doctor Who : Before the Flood

Last week was a spectacle to behold. For the first time in this series (OK it is only three episodes old!) it felt like Doctor Who was back on our screens so we were very excited to see the conclusion to the story.

It was a disappointment.

Or at least most of it was.

The opening scene after the recap was unneeded, had nothing to do with the episode and seemed like once more giving Peter Capaldi something cool to do to remind you that even though he’s a older Doctor he can be just as cool as any Doctor. Just for everyone’s belly aching about “whacky and zaney” Ten and Eleven they never had whole segments of the Doctor talking to the camera about a lot of nonsense just so that he could play the guitar.

It went downhill afterwards.

Clara and the Doctor are extremely cruel, the companion’s job is meant to be the voice of reason so when the companion becomes as happy to sacrifice life as the Doctor is it doesn’t really make sense. Two people were put at risk because of their “theories” and Clara shouldn’t be the one having a theory at all. Yes get on and “save the day” in your own way and by thinking like the Doctor but if you truly don’t care about people either then you’ve ran your course as a companion. Instead of having a show about the Doctor and Clara running around having adventures all to often now its about the Doctor and Clara running into trouble and both not caring who they are going to kill as long as them two survive.

After what happened to have Clara then give Bennet a “keep going” speech because of his love of O’Donnell who is now dead in one of the Doctors experiments was tacky. Having everyone in love with everyone was stupid.

There is just so much I didn’t like about it and as always something that started off well just didn’t end well.

I like the Doctor being smart and I don’t mind the Doctor knowing he’s smart but there is something I hate about these two. It isn’t fun and it isn’t actually clever its just poor.

Not a fan.

There isn’t anything else I have to say unfortunately. Looking forward to next week though!

The guest cast was by far the best we’ve had in a long time still though. I just kind of wished it was better.

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