Heroes Reborn : Under the Mask

I missed the third episode as I’ve been busy most of the week so I apologize for it being late.

It took two seconds to remember what happened in the last episode because the show just perfectly started off where everything ended.

This episode actually freaked me out a bit. One thing from things like this and X-Men is the reaction of “normal” people to those that hold power. I get that it might be a bit frightening to walk out your door realizing there is a whole population of people who could do something crazy and hurt you but to live in so much fear that you see those who are different as second class citizens? Its scary.

For a start the Collins.

I get that it must be traumatic to lose your kid, I get that it upset them greatly but I can’t see a day in my life coming when even with the trauma of losing a child I’d look at a file about human beings and just because they are different, dangerous or whatever I’d look at them like they weren’t humans and go out of my way to kill them. I mean all those people they killed in the first episode, at any point one of them could have probably killed either of them in a instant but they didn’t, they defended themselves and Luke was there listening to them talking about their fears of what is going to happen. He was friendly with Tommy who was very obviously just a scared kid.

Of course you could point out that the reason that is so scary is because it happens in real life without the need to have super powers to be classed as dangerous for who you might have been born to be.

Look at the war between races, sexes, classes and so on.

So that scared me. Two normal people who lost their kid and was able to lose their sense of humanity with it. I’m kind of hoping there is something more because I like to think all humans are instinctively good and at least Luke looked like he was having second thoughts BEFORE he seemed to suddenly develop powers of his own in this episode.

Then you have the E.P.I.C project.

The fact that the woman in charge KNEW that Molly Walker was being plugged into a machine, in great pain, just so she can do what? Wear a pair of glasses to tell if someone in front of her is a Evo? So the Evo’s are the dangerous ones but normal people with these glasses can now tell if someone is a Evo or not and choose to do what they want with that information? So they are torturing Molly so that other people can treat other Evo’s like cattle?

All that scene turned my stomach from Molly being strapped into the machine to her big speech about it all to the fact she found a guy in the crowd who was a untagged Evo and had him removed from the building. Maybe its just the fact that they all seemed really impressed, no one at all felt like questioning why they had to do this. I guess it is just the audience she’d brought in who would be interested in all this but at the same time its just scary. Once more scary.

Away from all that and I love some of the characters that have been introduced. Zachary Levi’s Luke, as well as scaring the life out of me, is so interesting and played so well. I truly feel sorry for him in a way I just can’t with Joanne who doesn’t even talk about their son like he was ever real. I know that is part of her story but it makes her cold, so cold in fact that she just scares me whilst I’m interested in what will happen with him. I kind of wished it was Joanne who started getting powers mainly because she’s so set on her plan that it would really truly make her double think, or is she so gone in her prejudice that she’d kill herself? With Luke he always looked like he had second thoughts about it all.

Tommy didn’t have much to do but it looks like him and his mum have upset the creepy penny dude. I like how simple they managed to have him figure out his powers and it just shows that with understanding people around they can figure out their abilities without harming anyone.

Noah and his sidekick Frady are hilarious. I loved how Frady just followed him around complaining the whole time whilst the mystery of what the hell Noah did is really the one thing that keeps me on the edge of my seat. Everything else is much more character based whilst this mystery doesn’t need to build character because its got the one character we all know and love already in it. The fact that it looks like it’ll be Noah that the other cameo appearances from old faces will encounter kind of makes me happy because it’ll always be in the background of a greater mystery and not detract from the other characters by putting them up against characters we’ve loved for a decade now.

I never knew that Miko was apparently a fully trained martial artist outside of the gaming world. I actually found myself really interested in knowing more about her history then what she’s going to do next.

Cle Bennet as Miles is probably my favorite new character though. Not only does he freak me out being so calm all the time he also can regenerate and if you chop a piece of him off then it turns into a clone. That is pretty cool.

All the bits of the episode that had Noah in it was great, the bits with the Collins interesting and the rest were a bit meh this week. I think the whole Carlos story is going to bore me but everything else should be interesting.

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