Scream Queens : Haunted House

You’d think at some point this show would run out of people to kill? The thing is every week people seem to die but at the same time the cast doesn’t feel like its getting any smaller. Strange world really…. Though the bodies are all disappearing.

The Haunted House is probably the greatest thing ever.

There is a bit of me that HATES the Grace/Zayday take over of Kappa Kappa House, I mean I know that Zayday only decided to join BECAUSE of Grace and the idea of running for Kappa president but at the same time there is just something about those two when they start that makes me hope that the other girls end up siding with Chanel.

Don’t get me wrong Chanel is a bitch but she embraces that part of herself. Deep down she DOES care about the other girls but this is the way they all have been brought up, this is the way Kappa house seems to work and has done at least since 1995, cause leaving your friend in a bathtub of blood after giving birth is just as bad as anything Chanel has done. Grace wants to join Kappa House but only under her rules of how the house should run, I don’t get why she didn’t realize it was a load of shit with someone like Chanel at the top and just choose a different sorority to join instead of forcing change on this one.

Again sure it probably needs to change to be a nicer place but Grace and Zayday are just as uppity as Chanel and her minions just in different ways.

And I’m REALLY getting upset too much on something like that in a comedy horror TV show. I will stop.

Anyway back to the Haunted House. I think it was the perfect setting for all the dead bodies to show up again. It made me laugh when Chad and Chanel #6 (or Hester as she was formally known) went to the Haunted House to have sex just to find the bodies and tell everyone NOT to go because there were dead bodies just for everyone TO go. The fact no one thought the bodies were real was even more funny. Zayday on the phone to the police was hilarious and now she’s been kidnapped so Denise Hemphill’s number one suspect is off the list.

Talking of Chad and Chanel #6 did I ever say in the episode 2 blog that I thought they’d be perfect together because they kind of are. They are hilarious. I really like Chad for some odd reason I think Powell is one of the funniest guys on TV. His partnership now with Chanel #6 just makes me laugh but for two people who get turned on by dead bodies finding a whole load of them in a house didn’t seem to do the right things for them… Or at least at the time it didn’t.

The episode also had one of my favorite TV moments when Chanel surprised me by slamming some guy being a jerk to them and leading a beat down on the fuck boy. That is why I think there is so much more to Chanel then you’d think.

Also at the beginning of the episode I’m quite happy to see just how stupid everyone’s theories will forever be. When Munsch points out how impossible it is to say she tried to kill Gigi, Wes and Gigi both agreed they didn’t care and that they full heartedly believe that it was her that tried to kill them.

So we now learn that Wes, as well as being obsessed with horror movies, is also just as pig headed as his daughter who is STILL pointing fingers at everyone. Now though she’s half convinced SHE’S the baby from the bath tub, slightly convinced that its all about her coming back to join Kappa and just really damned stupid.

I’m so hoping that this baby in the bath tub has nothing to do with it, as I said in the last review it isn’t like there is any point for someone angry at what happened 20 years ago to suddenly kill off everyone in Kappa house to this day. I mean the kids COULD be the kids of the girls from 20 years ago seeing that they all apparently changed their names and whatnot but I just don’t see it.

Then again it could be just about anything couldn’t it?

I loved Chanelween, that was just brilliant, all the girls that were so happy to get severed legs and heads and mouldy pumpkins from her were just funny as hell. Everyone still has THAT moment per episode that points the finger at them and then gives them a alibi or makes them look innocent.

Next week looks to be a little more action filled.

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