Scream Queens : Chainsaw

The first two episodes of Scream Queens were some of the best TV I’ve seen in ages. The murder mystery continues.

Every episode it seems it makes someone else seem guilty whilst making others look like they have a alibi. We know there are now more then one person running about in a Red Devil costume and killing people, we did know this last episode when Boone “died” just to be freed from the morgue by someone, well now two Red Devils are running about with chainsaws.

It is insanely funny, every scene is just full of stupid things. Every character has their own unique brand of madness from Chanel and being a idiot to Grace and her always wrong hypothesis, to Munsch and her “my man” shit to Chad and his Bro thing.

Grace will never be humble in defeat. She’s already in two minds about what she to Pete last episode and then tazers someone in the balls for daring to wear the Red Devil suit. I mean honestly what person doesn’t know their school mascot?

So there are x amount of Red Devils, we now know that they’ll work together as murderers as well as playing victim/murderer together. One of the Red Devils can now be Boone. This means that pretty much EVERYONE is a suspect. So and so can’t be the Red Devil because they were here at this time… So? They are still alive therefore COULD very well be in on it. Grace points fingers at everyone, so inevitably she’s going to be right at some point but that girl has a chip the size of planet on her shoulder, convinced everyone is up to something, that her theories HAVE to be right and that everyone is out to get her. If it wasn’t so funny when she’s wrong it would get annoying. She’s obviously the “last girl standing” candidate, not that I think all of Kappa House will be killed, but in obvious Slasher movie terms she’d be The One.

Denise is surprisingly the most switched on person, though she’s fixated on Zayday being the murderess. Now its a hypothesis I’d go for seeing she randomly has a chainsaw under her bed but I’m becoming more nad more conviniced that it isn’t going to be any of the girls.

Wes and Gigi are convinced its Munsch after she “moves in” with the Kappa House girls and forces Gigi to be her roommate, then joins Wes and Gigi for their Salad Date, has a really creepy White Noise machine that has the soundtrack of her like on if (Slasher Movie) and then appears at the bottom of the stairs after the Red Devil just attacked Gigi.

A bit of a push seeing the attack and her appearing happened within seconds BUT she is jealous of Gigi getting the man (or going to get the man) and she does hate Kappa so seeing there ARE x amount of Red Devils she could be one.

Then again it could all be a conspiracy by now. What if anyone who has ever had a problem with Kappa House has just decided to use the original murder to cover up their own? What if its just some kind of V for Vendetta type thing with thousands of students?

Plus Chanel #3 for some reason is the daughter of Charles Manson so it could be her? I mean she’d be right in the know about cults surely?

See what I mean? It could be ANYONE. I kind of like to think it won’t be the idiots, so no Chanel or Chad because I don’t think they are intelligent enough to actually orchestrate it. I’m also starting to worry with all the reminders of 1995 that it could be something as stupid as the girl in the bathtub wasn’t really dead and is killing people because they left her for dead… Then again it has nothing to do with Kappa House of this day, in fact I think the past stuff is all for show if I’m honest because why would anyone angry at what happened in 1995, not that there is TOO much to be angry about other then it was covered up, have anything to do with the girls of today who aren’t related to anyone from 1995?

You don’t think about this whilst watching it though because you are too busy laughing about it but honestly trying to sort it out in my head now and its such a complicated mystery I don’t think I’ll ever solve it.

Plus who else got really excited to see Charisma Carpenter in the episode as Chanel #2’s mother? I loved Carpenter and she played the perfect mother to someone who would end up being Chanel #2.

PLUS the greatest piece of comedy acting I’ve ever seen was from Glen Powell when Chad was “writing” his note to Chanel #2, the way he deadpanned it looking right into the camera and then sassily signed it at the end was so funny I had to pause the episode and get it out of my system first.

I still think the series is really good though I’ve heard a lot of people saying it needs to pick a audience and stick to it because its too Horror related for non-Horror fans to get into but too funny for Horror fans. I think that is the reason I like it, not that its niche or anything like that but because it lovingly pokes at horror films, more generally Slasher movies, and doesn’t take itself seriously. I don’t think you could do this type of thing and be serious but I’m not sure why a horror fan would dislike it other then its funny. I think its genuinely one of the best TV shows out there with a fantastic cast.

Which reminds me have I told you that I am in love with Niecy Nash? On Wikipedia Denise Hemphill is described as the “worst security guard” but I think she’s awesome. Denise is going to be the person that solves this you just wait.

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