A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

We are going a little out of sink with the movies. When looking at these series we will be looking at the remakes too so it was only fair that we end with the 2010 remake that starred Jackie Earle Haley as the iconic Master of Dreams in the first film to star Freddy Krueger and not have Robert Englund play him.

The remake decided to go down a completely different path once more. It said goodbye to the old mythology behind the character and created its own and reinvented Nightmare’s in its own way.

The movie isn’t held in high acclaim but for me it did what the majority of other remakes failed and actually tried to do things differently.

Which is funny because whenever I see a review they accuse it of being “paint by numbers” and the “same old same old” which I think is completely wrong. They took the original story and added in Kruegers back story but kept it closer to what Craven had wanted in the first place. Gone were the witty one liners and all comedy. The prostetics were updated to look much more realistic and scary, they went for the original plan of making Krueger a child molester instead of a child killer and went down a darker and more modern horror design.

The story was much more fluid then any of the original movies and I feel like some of the dislike of the movie came from the fact that it wasn’t new. Of course it wasn’t new because it was a remake. I feel like if we never had a Nightmare franchise and this movie then came out in 2010 it would have been better received, as it is it felt like a lot of critics wanted it to be much the same as before which wasn’t well received because it had gone too far away from being a horror/slasher movie and started to become overly comedic.

So the phrase you can’t win comes to mind.

Personally I felt it was really respectful to the original movie series and to the original concept of the series as well. Freddy did end up being much more scary and I for one would have loved a whole series of films with Haley as Krueger. The problem with all slasher movies and horror movies is that once you have a formula sorted out (Freddy kills in dreams / Jason kills with a giant machete etc) there isn’t too much different to do. The way Krueger hunted was still unique with every kill, he even still came out with some great one liners but growled at the kids instead of just talked to them which made any kind of joke he might have been making so much more creepy. The Nightmare worlds he brought them to were perfectly designed and there were loads of moments, loads more moments then the original ever had, that did a good job of making me jump.

Maybe as a society we just became too used to slasher movies for them to really work.

The one thing I think that was done the best was looking into Freddy’s past. From the beginning right to the end there was this need to find out what it is that Freddy had done or indeed what he wanted. The story didn’t become convoluted like the original was keeping it simple but staying pretty much the same. We didn’t need long lost daughters or creepy Nightmare birth scenes just the knowledge that this was a guy who had been one of the worst kinds of people and had been murdered by their parents.

Some of the best parts of the original movies were used. Kris was murdered in her bed next to a guy who then gets blamed for her death and dies in confinement. A lot of the imagery from the original movies were used and used better. The movie was able to bring a darker side to it all without turning to gothic imagery.

In the end I’m still confused to why I seem to be the only person that loved the film. Truly bringing Freddy back and doing the one thing that Wes Craven wanted. Making Freddy scary.

One thought on “A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)”

  1. I liked the remake more then I did the originals. I didn’t get the backlash. I don’t get what is to dislike, its a strange reaction to something that was 100 times scarier then anything the original did to say it wasn’t as good.

    Something I also never knew was that Freddy was just a child murderer in the originals. I don’t know why but even before the 2010 reboot I thought he was a paedophile and don’t know why.

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