RAW 10/5/15 Review

You all know that we’re just here waiting for Corporate Kane to show up. You know it, I know it, we all know it.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose & Randy Orton vs The Wyatt Family
Winners : Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose & Randy Orton

Neville vs Sheamus
Winner : Sheamus

Natalya vs Paige
Winner : Natalya

Kevin Owens vs Sin Cara
Winner : Kevin Owens

Kane & Seth Rollins vs The Dudley Boys
Winners : The Dudley’s (DQ)?

Team BAD vs Team Bella
Winners : Team BAD

John Cena vs Big E
Winner : John Cena

Brock Lensar / Paul Heyman / The Big Show

I’m not sure you can dislike Heyman. He could sell you your own life and when you realize he’s basically stolen money for something he doesn’t own you can’t help but shrug it off because he’s just so damned good.

Also how can ANYONE say Brock Lesnar anymore its obviously Brooockkkk Lesssssssssnar.

The build up to Hell in the Cell is officially beginning with Heyman’s focus now turning onto the Deadman once more. If I’m honest though there didn’t need to be a video package for both the end of the streak (which they can talk about all they want but we don’t need to SEE again) but for the fight at SummerSlam. The problem is even with Heyman being so damn fun to listen to you kind of didn’t need to hear it, and with Kane being on fine form recently with his split personality and feud with Seth that you wanted to hear from them.

Having the Big Show wobble out to face him isn’t exactly making me like the promo any more.

Seth Rollins / Stephanie McMahon

Seth uses the fact that Big Show has been suplexed to get out of his match with the Dudley Boys but Mummy McMahon is having none of it and he’s told to go and “figure it out.”

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose & Randy Orton vs The Wyatt Family
Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose & Randy Orton win by pin fall

What do you say? When you’ve seen this match a few times in the last few months there isn’t much you can add to it really.

Slowly Ambrose, Reigns and Orton are getting used to fighting Strowman which is slowly making him look less of a threat. Once more the Wyatt’s lose at the hands of Reigns which just makes the feud even more staler. It is purely working and keeping its steam thanks to Bray and the family gobbing off.

I still think it is a complete waste of Orton at the moment but then again they have nothing better to do with him. Here’s hoping that the Wyatt Family thing will just end at Hell in the Cell.

Neville vs Sheamus
Sheamus wins by pin fall

Way too short a match. Barrett is at ring side and seems to have returned to befriend Neville. So not only is the match too short because it would have been great to see Neville and Sheamus go at it but there was just not enough time to bask in the delight of King Barrett.

It was funny though.

Not sure why Barrett has come back just to fight with Neville but we’ll see what happens next. I mean surely the Stardust thing is still going on with Neville or is that just being ignored now?

Kane / Seth Rollins / Stephanie McMahon

There is nothing better then Corporate Kane right now. Nothing better.

After a back and forth between Kane and Rollins where we learn that Kane lives by the Motto’s plastered over his office we get Stephanie making a championship match for Hell in the Cell between the Demon Kane  and Rollins for the title and if Kane doesn’t win then Corporate Kane will be fired as Director of Operations.

So Kane is leaving the Authority?

Seth / Triple H

I like how Triple H is the cool guy all the time. With Kane he tries to be level headed and with Seth he tries to give him loads of advice in riddle form.

Natalya vs Paige
Natalya wins by submission

Its nice to see Nattie return, I’m always so happy to see her and the last few weeks have been great. This is what the Divas Revolution needed, the Paige/Nattie story is moving away from the Title Picture (I would have picked anyone else but at least Nattie is there even if she has to face someone as annoying as Paige) and means that we can have different matches now.

Not only that but I have always given Paige credit for being a good mat wrestler. Her mouth annoys me and she misses her cues and doesn’t sell very well at times but she’s a good mat wrestler and she’s up against the best in Nattie. Its a much slower paced match then we’ve been getting with the Divas recently as the majority of the other Divas are very athletic and fast.

I’m impressed that Nattie got the win and a good win at that. I loved the match, loved seeing Nattie back and honestly think this sub story might save the Revolution for me if allowed to grow naturally.


Well its good to know that if Ryback doesn’t win back a championship soon then he has a good opportunity at being a Vadar impersonator.

Kevin Owens vs Sin Cara
Kevin Owens wins by pin fall

Well its a weird match up but seeing I complain about there always being the same old matches every week I can’t complain but its a strange combination apparently being born out of something on the Pre-Show.

This is why the US Open Challenge matches work though, random match ups between people you don’t always think about pairing together. Sin Cara’s faster pace worked well against Owen’s attempts to ground him. The match was way too short though and didn’t give either enough time to really dominate the match, though you could say that Owens did. It could have been a bit longer and shown off that difference of style, plus it was the most perfect environment for Owens to be screaming whilst wrestling taking the piss out of the stupid Lucha chants.

After the match he goes after Kalisto before Ryback comes down to save the Dragons.

Stephanie McMahon / New Day

New Day get owned by the boss. Their sulking after being told they’ll be fighting the Dudley’s was wonderful.


A nice touch by WWE to get the whole roster out on the ramp and having Reigns and Cena in the ring with Breast Cancer survivors to talk about Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Kane & Seth Rollins vs Dudley Boys
DQ (of some sort)

Another strange match up but I like it.

The match was fun but nothing compared to the story we were being told by Seth and Kane. Kane obviously couldn’t get in the ring and do much because of his injury but he tried. In the end though Kane had to be taken backstage and of course he left with a grin on his face meaning we all knew who was going to be coming.

I blink and missed what happened at the end, the Dudleys went for a table and then something happened and someone got DQ’d before Seth goes to run off but its too late as Kane has been given enough time to strip off into his Demon Kane gear. Kane gets a 3D for what happened last week but both Seth and Kane are left in the ring.

A really good match which showed off all of Seth’s strengths in the ring as well as being fun for anyone who loves the Dudleys.

Seth is just as stupid as New Day, turning Table Poacher and trying to put Kane through it. Not a intelligent thing to be doing.

Team Bella / Team BAD

So we got to see them both arriving at the arena, as silly as it sounds that kind of is what we need to see from Team BAD. Just being pains in the backside of the other girls. As much as I support Team Bella I think Foxy needs to go her own way and Team BAD to be the only group of Divas until we have more Divas.

Before their match both of them got some mic time, we’re in Sasha’s hometown so the two teams of Heels (in the middle of a world of heel Divas) Team BAD are less heel tonight. Great back and forth between the two teams though and to be honest again  they could easily have a feud away from the title belt if Charlotte keeps it at Hell in a Cell.

Team BAD vs Team Bella
Team BAD win by submission

The teams honestly work brilliantly together. Naomi and Sasha are so fun to watch in the ring because they just jump around and some of their moves would make Neville jelly. Tamina is their muscle and I know a lot of people says she can’t wrestle but she can and its great to see her dominate when she’s in the ring. The Bella’s are much slower, though they can keep up from time to time, I love Brie the best in the ring out of these six as she just looks like she’ll kick a hole through you and then you have Foxy who looks like she’d kick your head off.

The match was brilliant and I’m so glad that at least ONE thing that the Divas Revolution has done is give us longer matches for the Divas which means we get to see them really work at it. They deserve the respect they are getting, don’t get me wrong my complaints about the revolution sucking come not from the Divas and the work they put in but from the fact that the problem with the Divas has always been creative and even with the revolution going on they are stuck with the boring and pointless stories.

A great match.

Charlotte / Becky Lynch

Why would Charlotte’s attention not be on Nikki? I’m still a bit pissed that the one match that actually made Nikki look good and like she could beat Charlotte on her own steam was the one match where Charlotte did fuck all yet won the title. Hoping for a much better match between them at Hell in a Cell. Leave Paige to Nattie.

Rusev / Summer Rae

Summer asked him to marry her. He said yes but she needs to get him WWE gold first.The story is getting more ridiculous by the second.

John Cena

Well his speeches are getting shorter and shorter. I kind of miss laughing at him. Short and sweet though he gets the crowd going and then starts his match up. I like it, I like it.

John Cena vs Big E
John Cena wins by pin fall

Well you think it’ll be Ziggler but Ziggler doesn’t come out until he’s dragged out by New Day. At first I thought seeing the stupid Rusev thing was before it that it would be Rusev that attacked Ziggler. Big E takes the challenge though and we get to hear the trombone thankfully seeing Stephanie stopped it earlier!

Unlike the match against Xavier Woods which felt like a complete joke in the end this match was main event material. Big E just dominated and he looked great, along with Cesaro and Barrett Big E is a obvious name for the future. He looked great and I love the big splash off the side of the ring which just looks like he pancakes people to death.

The match was fantastic, the distraction of New Day worked against E who got caught by Cena and AA’d. After the match New Day attack Cena just for Ziggler to come to his save and then super kicking him, this brings down the Dudleys and somehow these “funny idiots” end up dominating four men. It was like a car crash around New Day.

Is this the moment that New Day truly become a force to be reckoned with?

They need to beat The Dudley’s at Hell in a Cell without outside interference or cheating before I say it is but that was a big statement.

My Thoughts :

Well the Wyatt/Ambreignton thing is going way too long now. There is nothing new there, the matches feel the same, we didn’t get any promo from either, the addition of Orton just makes the matches slightly more interesting but doesn’t really do anything and with Team Reigns always picking up the win its hard to see why these three guys take the “threat” of the Wyatt’s seriously enough they want to fight them all the time.

We get a mini-version of this match on SmackDown too with Reigns and Orton vs I think they said Wyatt and Harper but I could be wrong. I know its Reigns and Orton.

I’ve said it over a number of weeks that they’ve missed the mark time and again with this feud. At times they are so focused on making sure Reigns and Ambrose look strong they fail to realize losing matches doesn’t make them weak and therefore at every turning point Ambrose and Reigns have beaten the Wyatts (or if they haven’t at a PPV or on a main event they have the next show during the week) yet Bray comes out acting like he’s winning some kind of war. Even the mind games stopped working on them months ago, from a good beginning for both Bray and Roman to make them kind of relevant at that time after two feuds that kind of went nowhere for both of them its just taken a turn for the worst and doesn’t seem to be abating. And I’m sure a few times we’ve had the “last match” between Reigns and Wyatt just for Wyatt to do his “Anyone but you” speech after being beaten and Roman giving a toss when actually he beats Bray on a daily basis.

I’d kind of like to see Orton beating up on Barrett as they seem to have nothing that interesting to do with Barrett either. I mean sure I liked his cheerfulness, and his “we’re still friends ain’t that right Neville” on Twitter was funny but he could be a threat instead of a joke and its sad to see from his beginnings on the main shows to now how misused he’s been at times. There isn’t much in this for him to rehash his rivalry with Neville so just don’t go there again.

The Divas Revolution actually looks to be going somewhere with two stories developing nicely that could mean, given the right build up for maybe Becky turning or Charlotte (seeing Charlotte is the natural heel) and there being three Divas stories. The disrespect story line with Nattie and Paige, the whose better story between Team Bella and Team BAD and then a possible feud with Charlotte and Becky which would surprise the world that the WWE main roster would take Becky seriously.

The thing is I struggle to think of another Diva that could step into the title picture right now and help separate these three stories so it kind of has to be a turn from Becky or Charlotte or else we’ll just start getting the same old matches once more.

Mighty impressed with Nattie in recent weeks, showing the others how its really done and she still, along with Naomi, should be the voice of discontent NOT Paige. I’ve heard some people say that Paige’s big blow up the other week is the same as CM Punks Pipebomb, like hell it was! Paige, and yes I don’t mean Paige herself I mean creative using Paige, is one of the biggest problems with the Divas. For some reason fans like this whole “Anti-Diva” thing even though its as hollow as one of their story lines. They like her being the voice of the other side of Diva land. She isn’t though. When Anna moaned about Paige in one of her original reviews when she was covering me a Paige fan got all up in her face because Paige deserves title shots and airtime according to him just because she’s popular. The problem is Paige got popular the same way that Charlotte and Becky did, They got the respect they deserved and proved their worth in a different manner because they were allowed to. The other Divas didn’t. The other Divas don’t deserve to be ignored because Paige’s fans are the loudest because that isn’t what a revolution is about.

Paige is constantly in the title picture (not now but you know what I mean) and she’s constantly getting the better matches (not being in better quality matches but longer matches, more involved matches and stories.) Naomi started the revolution with her heel turn which some people said failed but from everything I saw DIDN’T fail. Fans in the arena didn’t cheer her as much as they do Paige? And? They are dead half the time during Divas matches anyway and the other half are chanting for Divas not in the match or for Brock Lesnar. Online Naomi’s heel turn was a good thing and her voice of discontent was a REAL voice that people believed in because she had been treated badly, the story failed because Creative didn’t work on the momentum she built and give her the belt. Funnily enough if rumors are true then she’s STILL been treated unfairly backstage by creative for no reason other then they don’t like her. Paige then “taking over” rang hollow. Stephanie then orchestrating a Revolution by bringing in the NXT generation rang hollow. The revolution then died a slow death via the same matches, no focus on a real story, no focus on developing heel/face characters, no focus on anything other then saying “we’re giving them more air time what more do you want?” Now the revolution has wound down a little and Paige is back to being the voice of discontent because she’s NOT in the title picture. She’s not the voice of the Divas being misused or just not used at all she’s AGAINST them.

That would be a perfect story IF THEY DID IT RIGHT. Right now they kind of are and kind of aren’t. Its like they are scared to take the final leap of faith and have someone call Paige out on her bullshit. Nattie wants respect sure but she’s not actually pointed out that Paige is talking out of her ass. THAT is the next step for the revolution, that and the total disbandment of Team Bella, Team PCB and maybe Team BAD… Though I think Team BAD work.

The matches are great, the women are getting much more like the level of respect they deserve but creative need to get CREATIVE with them. Look at them like they look at the male superstars. The women have proved beyond a doubt that they are better then anyone ever gives them credit for. Give them a cooler looking belt, let them be women wrestlers instead of Divas (and the men be men instead of Superstars) and someone tel Paige to scream a little less in matches an the Divas Revolution might actually go somewhere.

In fact Charlotte is the perfect person to change the belt because you could have her go heel on everyone’s ass and then bring in a belt that looks like the old heavyweight belt in honor of her dad or something. I get the point of branding Divas/Superstars but the WWE Title isn’t called the Superstar Title (though it does look stupid) so lets do something different with the Divas.

I COULD write just as much about the Rusev story line but the fact is I care about the Divas and the Revolution not being a waste of time. The Rusev story is way past being saved by anything.

New Day though?

They went from being a bit of a joke to being the highlights of the show to actually dominating a whole bunch of guys you’d never think they would and they did it well. The New Day is a threat but it’ll be interesting to see how far they go. I’d quite like them to stay together regardless of their tag team status, having Big E end up in the main event with Kofi and Xavier as tag team champions or even ending up with them all having singles titles they’d work. Their gimmick can be played in all different ways too, right now they are quite funny but it could get darker or you could turn them face, its all about what they say and how they say it a bit like Daniel Bryan and just simply changing his “Yes” to a “No”.

I loved Big E’s match against Cena and I am so with the commentators that he’s the future of this business and its a shame that Rollins hasn’t been able to match up against the great wealth of talent just below the main event and instead has had to face off against people like Sting and Kane. Lesnar is always a challenge that will pop his ugly head up once or twice and it was played well at a time just after they utilized Reigns and Ambrose completely wrong against Rollins. You have so many guys now though that would work so well up against Rollins like Cesaro, Big E, Ziggler, Barrett, Reigns, Harper, Ambrose that you just don’t need to bother putting him in matches against the likes of Kane. There is a explosion of talent just waiting to happen but they seem reluctant to give Seth a proper challenge.

That being said I love Corporate Kane and the “Face your Demon” angle with that feud plus I think its a nice way to use Kane and he’s getting Seth over so well. So what do I know? The Sting story died on its ass though, no one really honestly wanted to see it.

A really good RAW.

We need more Barrett though.

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