Gotham : The Last Laugh

Episode three of the second season of Gotham feels like a season finale with the big players within Manix making a big play.

It is slightly better then the actual season finale of last year and was worth the slow build up. Since episode one, and as I said it would, it has gotten better and better by the second.

This is of course down to the wonderful Cameron Monaghan playing Jerome Valeska, Gotham’s own short lived version of The Joker. He isn’t the Joker, we know this now as he dies as part of Theo Galavan’s plan to become the hero that Gotham needs. The set up for this plan is perfect and plays to Jerome’s crazy side perfectly whilst also giving a great boost to any Joker in the future as some people who watched Jerome die on live TV slowly started to have a mental breakdown. If they ever do bring in a Joker like they seem to want to or if sometime in the future this whole cast gets dusted off to do a Batman of some sort, in general anyone in the world that is going to play the Joker from now on has a real Joker to live up to. I never wanted him to be The Joker because the Joker’s story is a important part of Bruce Wayne and it would be too early to have him be The Joker but that doesn’t mean that Cameron Monaghan wasn’t perfect for the part. He even died with The Jokers smile on his face.

Jerome and Barbara hijack a fundraiser for a children’s hospital and holds all the guests as hostage.

You’d think there was no possibility of more foreshadowing but Penguins “Chaos for the sake of chaos”, Bruce’s “we’re a team” as well as the whole Jerome and Barbara, Joker/Harley thing and of course the “death and madness” right at the end was all proper foreshadowing but it didn’t feel forced and it didn’t feel too much in fact it felt just about right.

The whole cast just come across as effortlessly playing their characters, in therefore their part in the story.

It was a great episode, too good to be just the third of the season and one that they will have to work hard to top subsequently.

The first three episodes have wiped the slate clean though. Some dangling threads, like the question of whether or not Jerome would be the Joker, have been snipped, whilst others have just started. I don’t know why but it feels like they’ve given us three random episodes, really good episodes at that, in between two seasons. Season one and everything about it has now come to a end, the only thread dangling that doesn’t have to be there is that of Barbara’s though I have a feeling she might end up coming to a nasty fate if she plays Tabitha and Theo off against each other the way she tried to play James and Renee.

So with that you go into the next few episodes having very little idea of what exactly is going to happen next. I like that feeling. I can’t wait to see where Theo’s plan gets him either. It feels nice to actually want to see what happens next too.

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