Freddy’s Dead : The Final Nightmare (1991)

The Sixth film in the Nightmare on Elm Street series claims to be the final installment. Set ten years after the last movie and with all the teenagers/children of Springwood dead Freddy is going to find that he needs to spread his wings if he wants any more victims.

Released in 1991 The Final Nightmare was the first Freddy film outside of the 80s and had the biggest opening weekend of all the Freddy films before Freddy vs Jason. A all new cast, same old Freddy, same old Nightmare.

There is not much positives I can give you on the film. Compared to everything that came before it The Final Nightmare suffered from convoluted plots, terrible acting and bad direction.

Springwood is child/teenager free. In the 10 years since the last movie it seems that Freddy has managed to kill them all and he sends one teenager out into the world to bring back some more. When Carlos, the last teenager of Springwood, gets out he just so happens to stumble upon Freddy Kruegers daughter who was adopted and suddenly has a urge to go back to Springwood.

If to highlight the point that the plot is over the top and makes no sense when we finally go to Springwood the adults of Springwood instead of having moved on, moved away or done anything to help themselves they have just sat there slowly going mad and teaching those who visit about Freddy.

The importance of Freddy’s daughter is that she’s the only one who can help Freddy leave Springwood so he can start killing more children.

One of the biggest problems, other then the fact the deaths themselves have become boring and over the top, is that Freddy was used much more for laughs then he was to scare people. There was no longer a Nightmare but more a parody of what the movie franchise first was. It even included the plan of bringing him out of the dreams to defeat him. There was nothing original or new whilst also managing not to feel like any kind of continuation of the series at all. It felt like because this was to be the final installment they’d throw everything at the wall and see what stuck. Nothing did so they just picked up back up again and put it all in. I’ve seen many descriptions of scripts that were apparently all turned down, all better then what we ended up with and if it had turned out to be the final outing for Freddy it would have been one of the biggest shames going.

No longer was Freddy Krueger used as a boogeyman in our dreams that can actually harm us instead Krueger himself was nothing more then a joke and the younger Kruegers, the younger versions of him that Maggie see’s in his memories, were every single kind of stereotype for a psychopath you could possibly fit into a character.

Not only that but the mystique of how Freddy became a Dream Master was killed when we learn that in actual fact floating supernatural entities gave him the power to carry on killing people in their dreams.

It felt like the writers wanted to write Freddy out without leaving any questions to who or what he is.

They missed that the most important element of a Slasher film or Horror film in general is not the understanding of the character or even the character itself. The important element is lots of dying and at least a tiny attempt to scare the audience. Even if you don’t scare easy the attempts to scare us are what make these films enjoyable.

To top the film off we have a ridiculous fight scene at the end of the film between Freddy and his daughter which pretty much killed all the remaining fear you might have had for Freddy.

The Final Nightmare is a film I wish that never was made as at the time when watching it I felt it destroyed a series of films that I had loved. I still would rather not remember it had been made then watch it.

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