Fear the Walking Dead : The Good Man

The final episode in the first season concluded on Sunday evening. The main cast went on their way to find the group that had been taken to the military facility.

I thought it was a terrible ending.

If I’m honest I had low hopes to begin with but this episode made me despair of the season. For how much I cared about The Walking Dead I don’t care for Fear The Walking Dead. I feel like it didn’t really know what it wanted to do. It spent too long at the first two episodes telling us about the day it all “broke out” it then skipped ahead to when the world was being put in detention camps and before you could make any sense of the world as it was now the military was moving out and Travis and his group were on a killer rampage.

The question of “The Good Man” possibly relates to Travis as he seems to be the “Good Man” as Rick was in the original. Whereas Rick was thrown into the world post outbreak we see how quickly someone like Travis had to adapt and I found it unbelievably silly. He’s the “Good Man” so does everything Daniel, a now known torturer who tortured a innocent military guy in his “war” against the people who took his wife, tells him to do. He then lets the man they’ve tortured go just for when he comes back and shoots Ophelia to beat him to death with his bear hands. Baring in mind he didn’t stop to see how Ophelia was, and by the fact they got her into the back of a van and she seems perfectly fine, this is the guy that point blank REFUSED to shoot a Walker but within hours? Days? Of that was able to beat a man to death with his bare hands. He’s trying to do what’s right and I get that but there is no form of consistency at all with him. If you can’t kill someone with a gun, miles away from them when you know, and Travis knew, what they were capable of how within a matter of days can you truly beat someone that badly for shooting someone whose father just tortured them?

Daniel seems to have taken everything in his stride. His wife is dead? He expected that. He tortured someone? Its his job. He lets out the thousands of Walkers and kills pretty much everyone in the military facility? Who cares?

That was my biggest problem. For something with the title “The Good Man” NO ONE ever truly questioned if it was the right thing to do to endanger a whole building of people. Not one of them looked back at the end of the episode and thought “shit I just helped kill innocent people” and their reasons for killing these people were to free three people. One who went there willingly to help others, one who is a drug addict and doesn’t want to be helped and the other ended up being dead anyway. Not to mention Liza, who went with them freely to help, gets bitten and has to be shot.

Other then to encounter different survivors I’m not sure what the point of these six episodes truly were. We learnt nothing, we kind of saw the outbreak and now understand why it spread as it did, but we knew that anyway. We’ve encountered a bunch of survivors who are unlikable, unrelatable and self absorbed. They’ve survived but I feel like I truly do not care if they do or don’t.

I was talking to Pete about why I feel The Walking Dead works so well and I think one of the main reasons is that a lot of the survivors were nobodies, they were the down and outs of society. A woman beaten by her husband, someone who was looked down on and never given a chance, outsiders, outcasts. The most idyllic characters were the Grimes and it soon become obvious that they were just normal people with their own problems. You don’t have that in this series. The Salazar’s are the only family I felt any sympathy for but with the death of Griselda it narrows down to purely Daniel as I don’t buy the BS that Ophelia is truly as naive and innocent as her father wants her to be. Feelings or none she was using sex as a way to traffic drugs to her family yet she gets upset at the thought of her father being a torturer after she lured the guy, who has been trying to help her, back to her home and let her father tie him up.

There is a web series that I will be covering, Anna writes the main series reviews and will continue to do so.

I feel a bit deflated by the whole final episode. I’m hoping the webseries and the second series fare better.

Before I finish though I would like to say a few things on the acting.

There were some great performances in the whole series especially by Alycia Debnam-Carey whose heartbreak as Alicia over losing her boyfriend was brilliant and I can’t wait to see in the second series, Colman Domingo, who might have only been in a few episodes as Victor Strand but stole the episodes he was in, and Ruben Blades, whose Daniel Salazar was one of the only watchable points of the show. If anything those are the three characters I care about and those are the actors/actress that made the show.

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